20 stars who don’t get along with each other


WITHShackles, intrigues, investigations in Hollywood are not uncommon. The BeautyHack selection includes 20 stars who are unlikely to ever find a common language.

Madonna vs. Gwyneth Paltrow

The Oscar-winning actress and pop queen is often spoken of as sworn friends. Madonna and Gwyneth had a warm relationship for a long time, they even called each other sisters, and in 2010 they simply stopped talking to each other. Someone blames the singer’s divorce with Guy Ritchie for this, believing that the girlfriends have no common topics for conversation, others claim that Gwyneth spoke impartially about Madonna in the press. Be that as it may, a source close to both stated: “They do not speak to each other. I can’t say exactly what happened to them, but you know, Gwyneth can be so jealous and envious. ” We draw conclusions ourselves.

Paris Hilton vs. Lindsey Lohan

Lindsay and Paris once had a lot in common: one played “mean girl” in the movies, the other in life, and loud joint parties only strengthened the relationship. Love made its own adjustments – Lindsay stole her lover’s friend, billionaire Stavros Niarhos, from her friend. Paris deleted the actress from her life, but from time to time leaves caustic comments on her pages on the Internet – for example, she called Lohan a pathological liar when she spoke about the reason for their quarrel.

Taylor Swift vs. Katy Perry

The tabloids called the singers best friends, but in 2014 the relationship deteriorated sharply – Swift released an album called Bad Blood (translated as “enmity” or “dislike”) and admitted that she dedicated it to another singer. According to her, the conflict occurred due to high competition – at that time both stars were at the peak of their careers. Katie allegedly tried to lure several people from the country singer’s team. She also decided to be the first to go to reconciliation: she sent a letter and a real olive branch to Taylor’s dressing room.

Jennifer Lopez vs. Mariah Carey

More than ten years ago, journalists asked Mariah what she thinks of Jennifer Lopez – the answer surprised everyone: the singer said that she did not know who she was. After that, the media relished a non-existent conflict for a long time, and Jennifer herself tried to resolve everything peacefully, citing Mariah’s forgetfulness: “We met many times. We, of course, do not know very well, but there is no conflict between us. ” The story could have ended there, but Mariah said again, “I still don’t know who it is.” Why J.Lo did not please her, no one understood.

Rihanna vs. Ciara

Disorder also occurred in the relationship of r’n’b divas – in one interview, Ciara complained about Rihanna’s rude behavior at a party: “She did not behave in the best way – it was not the most pleasant meeting”. Rihanna, without hesitation, wrote on Twitter: “My poor C, did I forget to tip you?” Then accusations, insults and even threats of physical violence fell down behind the stage, and, by the way, millions of fans watched the scandal all this time. When the singers realized that they had crossed the line, they publicly confessed their love for each other and apologized: “We need to discuss everything in person.”

Selena Gomez vs. Demi Lovato

Selena often “cleans up” her list of friends on social networks – she deleted Taylor Swift, Jenner sisters, Vanessa Hudgens, and even her mother. Demi Lovato also crossed her path. The stars were friends for a long time, until Lovato forgot to wish Gomez a happy birthday. At least, it was this reason for the quarrel that Selena herself called, and before that she did not hesitate to say that Demi was jealous of her beauty, popularity and success on the love front.

Alyssa Milano vs. Shannen Doherty

“She’s so wicked – a real witch,” complained Alyssa Milano of fellow worker and screen sister Shannen Doherty. About the absurd disposition of the second has long been legendary, but it took Alissa three years to understand this – the stars celebrated the holidays together and spent a lot of time together. Suddenly, Shannen and Alyssa stopped saying hello, then exchanged barbs through clenched teeth, and as a result of disagreements, Doherty left the project after the third season. You can find out what other characters from the series “Charmed” look like now here

Miley Cyrus vs. Sinead O’Connor

These singers have also declared war online. It all started with the fact that Miley publicly admitted – to create the video for Wrecking Ball she was inspired by Sinead. The singer did not like such a comparison: “I am glad to hear that I have become a kind of role model for you. But in reality, you just hide your talent behind a naked body. ” Celebrities wrote angry messages to each other for a long time, until Miley got tired of it and she confessed: “Sinead, I don’t have time to ask you for forgiveness, they are waiting for me on Saturday Night Live.” Impudence?

Christina Aguilera vs. Kelly Osbourne

No one understood how the conflict between the singers began, but the reason was for sure ridiculing the appearance. “She called me fat for years,” Kelly once admitted to reporters, and Aguilera, in turn, called her a poor, sad and angry child. Ironically, Osborne soon lost weight and radically changed her image, while Christina, on the contrary, significantly gained weight. Not without a grain of gloating, Kelly said: now Aguilera finds her true face.

Angelina Jolie vs. Jennifer Aniston

Quiet feud between Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston has been going on for more than ten years, although the cause of the conflict – Brad Pitt – is already in the category of the former for both of them. As you know, the actor left Jennifer after five years of marriage for the sake of “Mrs. Smith” – Angelina Jolie. The fans were divided into two camps, and the designers even released T-shirts with the words “Team Jolie” and “Team Aniston”. And all would be fine, but once Jolie found a correspondence with his ex-wife on Brad’s phone – the actresses still cannot bury the ax of war.

Text: Anastasia Speranskaya