TOWhat products do the stars use for perfect styling and how to repeat Natasha Poly’s makeup from the red carpet? The second part of the material is about girls who don’t have beauty slips. Read the first link.

Sienna Miller

Sienna’s official Instagram account has only one photo, but there are other profiles entirely dedicated to the actress’s style. At the beginning of her career, the girl chose the image of the “80s star” and easily adheres to it, sitting on suitcases at the airport or at the Golden Globe ceremony. Sienna is being prepared for the events by Wendy Rowe, Burberry’s art consultant. It was she who taught the actress to do the correct contouring in the cheekbones and nose. Sienna’s wheat blonde is handled by the masters of two salons: Sally Hershberger in New York and John Frieda in London. If the girl has not experimented with a shade for a long time, then she changes her hairstyles regularly. Her favorites are classic waves, complex braids, a low, careless bun.

Selena Gomez

Selena’s Makeup Artist Hang Wangngo carefully monitors that the singer does not have disastrous exits on the red carpet, shootings for magazines (in September, she was placed on the cover of Time, as the first Instagram user to which 100 million people subscribed) and even during her birthday celebrations on her own kitchen. The stylist is responsible for the singer’s hairstyle and hair color (including during the tour) Marissa Marino… At the beginning of this year, she invited the girl to cut her hair and make a bob – it turned out something in between, and undeniably successful, between the “girl next door” and the glamorous diva.

Irina Shayk

At the end of March, Irina Shayk became a mother for the first time. He and actor Bradley Cooper had a daughter, Lea De Shane. Already in May, the model for the first time appeared in public at the premiere of The Shining in Cannes. The triumphant return was successful – the press discussed for a long time the figure of the star and the lemon dress from Versace, which successfully emphasizes it.

In real life, Irina does not experiment with makeup and hair. The hair is looked after with L’Oreal Paris Extraordinary Hair Oil and does not change the haircut. For official outings, the model does nude makeup, sometimes highlighting her already plump lips with scarlet lipstick, and collects her hair in a low bun.

Alessandra Ambrossio

Victoria’s Secret has already announced the time and place #VSFashionShow 2017: Screening will take place on November 28 in Shanghai. Alessandra has been working with the brand since 2001 and this year will traditionally take part in the show. The brand loves Alessandra for her consistently excellent figure (during her modeling career, she managed to give birth to two children) and the feminine images that she creates for her Tom Pesho… The model’s thick hair comes from KĂ©rastase’s Volumactive and L’Orèal Professionel’s Next Day Hair texturizing spray.

Emma Watson

Into the Gloss Emma toldthat always, whether it’s getting ready for a Sunday walk or film make-up, imposes a light or translucent tone. For example, during the filming of Beauty and the Beast, the actress specifically asked the makeup artist to leave her freckles so viewers could see them. “Freckles are normal and very beautiful! And you don’t need to be ashamed of them at any age. ” The best images of the actress can be found in her second account. @the_press_tour… And we wrote about the beauty routine of the actress here

Natasha Poly

Natasha Poly has dedicated a separate hashtag to her make-up hacks – #npolymakeup… He was picked up by fashion publications and makeup artists and willingly share the images of the model for filming and red carpet. With Natasha’s evening make-up, everything is simple: the emphasis on the eyes (she makes “cat” arrows) or on the lips (scarlet lipstick for the Oscar de la Renta show at New York Fashion Week). Another trick – the star pulls her hair behind her back, revealing her face as much as possible. She takes care of her hair with Extraordinary Oil from L’Orèal Elseve (Natasha has been working with the brand since 2012).

Gigi Hadid

Erin Parsons, Maybelline’s international make-up artist, prepares Gigi for filming and events. The model has been collaborating with the brand since 2015. With makeup “Gym skin” Gigi can be seen not only on the set, but also in real life. For a subtle glow, Erin applies Charlotte Tilbury Supermodel Body Tanning Gel to her skin.

And the girl’s hair is looked after by the Californian sun and salon master Sally Hershberger: the balayage on the crown is their handiwork.

Blake Lovely

Blake is known for her California tan and perfect blonde. Responsible for hair Rod Ortega (he and only him!), who also works with Amal Clooney and Eva Mendes. And Blake’s makeup is always a handiwork Elaine Offers… Other clients of the makeup artist are Katie Holmes and Julianne Moore. Elaine says that you can achieve the same fresh look as Blake by using NARS bronzer in the shade of Casino.

Cindy Crawford

Cindy and her daughter Kaia Gerber (who is already something achieved in modeling) look like sisters. Cindy turned 51 this year, and her hairstyle and figure have not changed since the 90s. In an interview for Instyle magazine, Cindy said that people always want an instant effect from leaving, but do not focus on constantly working on themselves. “I started training at the age of 20, I get enough sleep, I have never smoked – it all works together. You may not see the result in a week or a month, but over the years you will definitely understand the difference. ” Makeup artist Cindy Sonny Kashuk’s advice – apply oil before makeup. The model’s favorite product is oil from Meaningful Beauty.

Natalya Vodyanova

Natalia Vodianova looks equally beautiful at the Love Ball charity evening, which is organized every year by her Naked Heart Foundation, and during the Green Marathon without a gram of cosmetics (we are in this convinced).

Even for the red carpet, Natalia chooses nude makeup: bb-cream, mascara, blush and a light lip balm!

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