20 trendy hairstyles for fine hair


BeautyHack has compiled a selection of successful celebrity hairstyles who naturally inherited thin strands. And stylists and trichologists told how to care for such hair and what means to do styling.

Salty Dog Cocktail Beach Spray, Evo helps me turn thin hair into a voluminous hairstyle. This spray creates a natural effect on the hair, it looks clean and healthy.

Rashida Jones

Elle Fanning

Kate moss

Gwyneth Paltrow

Ivan Anisimov

Ivan Anisimov

Top stylist image agency Embassy of Style

Styling short hair or medium-length hair is not difficult, especially since slight negligence is in fashion now. It is better to use special products for such hairstyles – for example, pastes. You can find them even in the male versions, they will be no different. I love More Inside by Davines, Pure Texture Molding Paste by TIGI, Eruptek by Sebastian. Use hairspray and gloss spray to highlight the color. And no mousses – they make hairstyles very heavy, create a “dirty” effect.

Kate Hudson

Cameron Diaz

Poppy Delevingne

Elsa Pataki

Marina Roy

Marina Roy

Star hair stylist, make-up artist, TIGI brand ambassador in Russia, founder of the Marina Roy Hair School

Girls with thick hair can do curls in the direction of the face. But for thin hair, this technique will not work: after a while, the curls can be invested in one another and the volume of styling will be lost. In this case, it is better to lay in different directions: one strand – from the face, the other – to the face. Sometimes, if the hair is thin and at the same time a very high forehead, all the strands can be twisted to the face – get the maximum volume of the hairstyle.

Joan Smalls

Keira Knightley

Alexa Chung

Nicole Kidman

Carey Mulligan

Olga Fedorova

Olga Fedorova

Dermatocosmetologist, trichologist, specialist of the clinic TsIDK

Most often, hair without volume is rather thin, porous, and uneven in texture. Smoothing the scales makes them look thicker and healthier. Amino acids and proteins help to cope with this task – look for them on shampoo labels. Make sure that there are no silicones, parabens and other film-forming agents among the ingredients – they envelop the hair, depriving any hairstyle of volume.

Naomi Watts

Mia Wasikowska

Dakota Johnson

Karlie Kloss

Anna Portkova

Anna Portkova


For those with fine hair, I recommend using cosmetic oils, but only as a rinse off mask. They may be too heavy for loose strands.

Do not use a hairdryer after applying the oil to wet hair! Under the influence of temperature, the oil heats up quickly, but cools slowly. Embedding under the hair scales, hot molecules facilitate moisture evaporation. This leads to dryness, brittleness and delamination of the ends. The hair will look thin and the hairstyle unsuccessful.

Reese Witherspoon

Zoe Saldana

Bella Hadid

Michelle Williams

Photo: www.marieclaire.co.uk, instyle.com, byrdie.co.uk