10 September 2021

ZHairpieces are the most fashionable accessory of this year and the opportunity to legally wear jewelry from the 90s dear to your heart.

Two years ago Elena Krygina presented her collection of minimalistic hairpins (we wrote more about this here) – then they flew with lightning speed: the girls carefully, but confidently decorated their hair with accessories in the form of geometric shapes, corals and leaves. In 2019, the trend has transformed, depriving us of all prejudices: now hairpins can be massive, colored and combined in unlimited quantities, regardless of hair length and hairstyle.

In the US, the trend is actively promoted by a star stylist. Justine Marian… Hairpins of her brand Kitsch wears all progressive Hollywood: Ariana Grande – at her own concerts, Hayley Bieber – at Coachella, Ashley Graham and Kendall Jenner – on the set and in everyday life. And she also came up with the idea of ​​making accessories in rhinestones in the form of flashy inscriptions Boss, Icon, Vibes – the more of these will be worn at the same time, the more fashionable! Besides Kitsch, the trendiest accessories are available at Asos and Farfetch.

But those who are closer to the heart of minimalism were left with the right to choose. Laconic hairpins and invisible hairpins can be found, for example, in the Moscow Sakharok stores and in Krygina Beauty Store

If you have curly hair, clip the bobby pins closer to your temples to make them more visible, or place them in the back, taking some of the hair away from your face. Another option: fix voluminous hairstyles with hairpins, leaving them in plain sight, or pin them to braids (for how to weave them correctly and quickly, read here).

For those with smooth, straight strands, you can experiment with the arrangement of jewelry along the length. If you are afraid to overload your hairstyle, choose ordinary invisible ones – there can be an unlimited number of them!

Short hair

Average length

Long hair