33 trendy hairstyles to decide on before 33


TOcascading haircuts, bangs, mohawks, boxing braids and ponytails – what have you not tried yet?

Where to do it:

HAIRDRYER Dry Bar (Bolshaya Dmitrovka, 16/1, all addresses can be viewed here)

Price per installation: 1 400 rubles. (weaving), 2,000 rubles. (daily), 3,500 rubles. (“Boogie Woogie”).

Brow & Beauty Bar (Bolshaya Dmitrovka, 16; Malaya Bronnaya, 38)

Price per installation: 1 500 rubles. (branded curls BBB), 2 200-3 200 rubles. (daily), 1,500-2,700 rubles. (weaving / bundle).

Hairdresser “Ryabchik” (Maly Kozikhinsky per., 8/18; Pokrovka, 31)

Price per installation: 2,500-3,600 rubles, from 5,000 rubles. (weaving), from 12,000 rubles. (braids).

Beauty bar Tsveti (Prechistenskaya nab., 15/2)

Price per installation: 2 500 rubles. (regardless of the complexity and length of the hair), 1 900 rubles. (express styling on dry hair).

Salon Beautick (Kutuzovsky prospect, 33)

Price per installation: 2,900-3,600 rubles, 3,000 rubles. (weaving).

Tips from stylists:

Alexander Kuklev, top stylist of the Milfey beauty salon:

“Recently, tight braids on one side of the temporal zone have become relevant. But who said that we need to stop there? Add color with Kevin Murphy’s Color.Bug crayons. They will wash off the first time you wash them.

If you want the effect of surfing the ocean all day, go for beach waves. Curl your hair and spray Oribe’s Apres Beach Wave and Shine Spray. Loosen the tourniquet, tilt your head down and, whisking your hair with your hands, apply the spray again. The styling will get its finished look during the day. “

Alexander Todchuk, stylist:

“If you have short hair, you don’t have to brush it in one direction. Do not try to “argue” with the direction of hair growth, which is laid by nature. On the contrary, accentuate it with matting paste and a light gel. In short haircuts, tousled bangs and strands chaotically going in different directions are now welcome. “

Alex Contier, stylist, owner of the Kontier Paris Coiffure chain of French beauty salons in Moscow:

“Make tourniquets. Divide the entire mass of hair into three sections – from the forehead to the back of the head. Twist the hair on the sides inward to the ends, wind at the base and secure with hairpins at the back of the head. Do the same with the middle section. The styling can be fixed with a salt spray ”.