HFamous gymnasts do it after the end of their sports career, and what does the most beautiful football player in Russia look like? The final part of the article about beautiful girls in sports. The first and second read the parts on the links.

Margarita Mamun

Margarita Mamun seven times became the world champion in rhythmic gymnastics, and in 2016 she won a gold medal at the Olympic Games in Rio. On September 8, the girl married the swimmer Alesandra Sukhorukov, whom she met for three years.

In an interview with BeautyHack, Margarita said that she always does makeup herself, and uses Morrocanoil oil to restore her hair. Rita also explained why it is important to be collected in life and at competitions: “In gymnastics you need crazy concentration – you need to work with your body, with the apparatus, and if something does not work out, quickly decide what to do next. At the same time, they can shout something to you from the podium, the music can be interrupted, or some kind of wrong one can play … And only concentration and composure can save you in such a situation. ” Read the full interview here

Yulia Gavrilova

Yulia Gavrilova She is 28 years old, 18 of which she has been practicing fencing. In 2010, the girl won the World Championship, and in 2016 brought her country a gold medal at the Rio Olympics. Three months ago, Julia became the mother of little Mira and has already started training.

BeautyHack, the Olympic champion, said that she cares for the skin with Yon-ka oil-based products and uses the scrub along with The Bodyshop loofah mitten and Biotherm body moisturizer. Read about Julia’s other favorite remedies here

Angelica Timanina

Last year, Angelica announced the end of her sports career. Since the age of five, the girl has been engaged in synchronized swimming, in 2009 she won two gold medals as part of the Russian national team. In 2012, the athlete won an Olympic medal in London, and in 2014 became the world champion in group and combination competition.

After leaving the big sport, Angelica took up surfing. “I became interested in surfing in Bali, where I was treating a sports injury. We went there with a friend for two weeks, and in the end I stayed for three months – I studied at a surf school. It was love at first sight! Now I am practicing professionally. Who knows, maybe it will result in something more, “- said the girl in an interview for BeautyHack a year ago, and in this she already won the first stage of the Russian surfing championship (read the full version of the interview here).

Elena Sudakova

Luka’s mom and the creator of the children’s clothing brand Lu kids has already mastered three professions and is seriously interested in yoga and vegetarianism. Elena Sudakova For 14 years she was engaged in rhythmic gymnastics, was a pupil of the famous trainer Irina Viner (she also trains Margarita Mamun), became the European champion and master of sports of international class, but was forced to leave the big sport at the age of 19 due to injury.

At the same age, she was offered a contract with Cirque du Soleil, but Lena chose a modeling career, which is developing very successfully. The girl collaborates with brands Loewe, Balmain, stars for Vogue and Interview magazines and manages to teach yoga in the center Mind & Body

Especially for BeautyHack, Elena told how she monitors nutrition and shared her beauty secrets. Great interview – here

Yana Kudryavtseva

Another famous gymnast in our selection who won the Olympics in Rio. 20-year-old Yana got a silver medal in the individual all-around discipline. At the age of 15, the girl became the youngest world champion in her sport, breaking the record of Alina Kabaeva.

In 2017, Yana officially ended her sports career. Now she conducts original master classes for future girls-gymnasts and not only. Yana announces all events in her Instagram, which is already followed by 316 thousand people.

Anna Rizatdinova

Anna lives in Kiev and has been doing rhythmic gymnastics for 19 years. She won a bronze medal at the Rio Olympics last year. Now the girl is in a position (in November she should become a mother), but she continues to train, posting the results on Instagram. He is also engaged in his own project – an online home workout school. Dream body workout

Martina Hingis

The Swiss tennis player is 37 years old, most of which she devoted to sports. At two years old, she first picked up a tennis racket and won her first major victories while still in junior status: she won the junior Roland Garros and Wimbledon. Martina was the first racket in the world for three years (in 1997, 1999, 2000) and won the Grand Slam tournament five times.

Martin still plays, and she is also the face of the Tonic Active sportswear brand.

Ekaterina Makarova

Russian tennis player Ekaterina Makarova won four Grand Slam tournaments. Playing for the national team, Ekaterina won the Federation Cup in 2008 and reached the quarterfinals at the London Olympics, paired with Elena Vesnina. Ekaterina’s immediate plans include participation in the Kremlin Cup, which will be held in Moscow from October 16 to 23.

Karolina Plishkova

In June 2017 Caroline received the long-awaited status of the first racket in the world. During her 11-year sports career, the Czech tennis player has won the Federation Cup twice (in 2015 and 2016) and won 14 WTA tournaments. The tennis player is the face of the Swiss watch brand Hublot, and billboards with her image adorn Times Square in New York.

Alisha Sacramone

Alisha was born in 1987 in Boston. At five, the girl went to her first dance lesson, and at eight she began to engage in rhythmic gymnastics. By 2010, the American gymnast had earned ten awards, becoming world champion and Olympic medalist.

Seven years ago, Alisha ended her sports career, and in 2016 she became a mother. Now the former gymnast is actively training to get in shape after the birth of her daughter. Follow her progress in Instagram

Ksenia Kovalenko

Russian footballer Ksenia Kovalenko 22. She already has three awards, impressive for big sports: in 2016 she became the Champion of Russia, and in 2017 she received the Cup of Russia. Ksenia has been playing football professionally since the age of eight and says that women’s training practically does not differ from men’s. The only difference is in technique and speed. Now the girl is the face of the sports brand Adidas.

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