WITHfunds from 799 to 4,000 rubles, which BeautyHack readers have been using for many years!

Compact powder Prisme Visage, Givenchy

Natalia Mikhalyuk-Nehme

Dozens of years pass, the Prisme Visage packaging changes, and powder remains the favorite of many girls. I will start with the design of this bestseller in the world of decorative cosmetics. The packaging is great! It is a pleasure to use powder. The scent of roses is unforgettable.

It is very convenient to carry powder in your bag to touch up your makeup throughout the day. All thanks to a soft flat brush that fits inside without touching the product itself, and a mirror that opens 120 degrees.

The four shades of the “puzzle” are multifunctional: they can be used separately as a bronzer and matte highlighter (especially handy when traveling) or mixed together to matte skin and fix makeup.

Powder is not felt on the skin, but at the same time it creates a reliable translucent matte finish, perfectly evens the tone and hides imperfections. In the package, the product has a dense texture, does not “dust”, it is consumed very economically. And given the fact that Prisme Visage is 11 g of powder, the purchase turns out to be very profitable, in my opinion.

Every time, accidentally touching my face with my hand, I feel an extraordinary silky skin in my head, the thought flies through: “You are special …”.

Price: 3 950 rub.

Powder Ambient Lighting Finishing Powder, Hourglass

Alena Borisova

Powder is the final touch of the entire composition, completing the makeup chord. And here it is important not to spoil the result.

I have a lot of requirements for powders, and for a long time I was looking for my ideal to no avail. I love that the skin looks “sleek”, radiant from the inside.

And yet I found it: the famous Hourglass Lighting Finishing Powder in Dim Light. The smallest grind, that very delicate radiance, there is no mask effect, it is hard to overdo it with it, it seems to merge with the skin.

This is not just the final stage of makeup, this is my little secret for a flawless complexion.

Price: about 3,067 rubles.

Compact powder with antioxidants Almost Powder SPF 15, Clinique

Maria Shlyapnikova

My favorite concealer is Clinique Antioxidant Compact Powder SPF 15, I have been using it for three years now and am not looking for a replacement. Suitable for those who like comfort all day long. Lightweight and weightless, absolutely not felt on the skin, suitable for normal and combination types. Its main advantage: it does not dry out already dry areas and eliminates oily sheen. Perfectly evens out the tone, hides redness and pigmentation. Nice bonus: SPF 15 – protection from the sun’s rays is especially important in the spring and summer. It is economically consumed, functional and easy to use.


Price: 2 950 rub.

Compact powder Alliance Perfect True Match, L’Oreal Paris

Daria Smetanina

For a smarter powder that adjusts to skin tone, check out L’Oréal Paris Alliance Perfect True Match.

Soft and silky texture, stylish and comfortable packaging – yes, that’s all about her.

The powder is completely imperceptible on the skin and does not clog pores. A flawless and natural make-up is guaranteed!

Price: 980 rub.

Facefinity Compact Powder, Max Factor

Natalia Dubrovina (@ nataliya.dubrovina)

I found “my” powder and have not cheated on it for many years. This is the iconic “classic” product from the Max Factor line. Facefinity Compact is unique in that it has the properties of a liquid foundation. But let’s move on to the characteristics:

– 5 shades, fine texture

– Sponge and mirror included

– Smooth satin finish on the skin

– There is SPF 20, and this is always a separate plus for me

– Paraben and fragrance free, ideal for girls with sensitive skin

– Easy to apply

Of the controversial points, I would single out two: briefly mattifies oily and combination skin and can emphasize peeling, if any.

I would recommend a powder for all skin types, leaves a matte finish.

When choosing decorative cosmetics, the aesthetic side is also important for me, therefore an important plus: convenient packaging. The glossy gold powder case is perfect: eye-catching when you gleefully take it out of your bag to touch up your makeup.

Price: 799 rub.

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