5 face products I used completely


RBeautyHack editor Yulia Kozoliy – about creams, masks and emulsions for the face that fit her perfectly and, at least, deserve your attention.

Moisturizing cream Botanical Kinetics Hydrating Soft Crème, Aveda

I do not consider myself one of the most loyal fans of Aveda – not all products are suitable for me, and my husband does not unequivocally assess their organic fragrances (against which I have nothing). But everything worked out with the basic series. In general, the philosophy of the American brand is close to me: in its portfolio there is an Ecocert certificate, which confirms that 90% of essential oils and 89% of raw ingredients in all Aveda products are of plant origin. And perfumers and aromatherapists work on each scent – such attention to detail is always about love!

The perfect green jar for me is this light-textured moisturizer. I used it for a couple of months last warm fall, when the skin did not need sos-help. The consistency of the product is something between a delicate cream and a gel, so it spreads easily and immediately gives a moisturizing effect. I apply foundation on top – while the skin is maximally nourished, the tone lays down in an even layer, does not roll off.

Price: 4 400 rub.

Refreshing iris cream treatment, Weleda

Over the years of beautyism, I have developed one important rule for myself: do not cheat on your favorite brands. Why look for something like that outside your comfort zone if you know that in your favorite corner there is a cream or oil waiting for you, with which you will certainly have a long-term relationship. With Weleda, I have just such a story: for the first time choosing a cream by the color of the package in a Berlin department store (alas, everything was in German), I could no longer stop and now I only use their body oils, for example. And the face creams at Weleda are of course good too! Choose yours according to your skin type and needs. This one, with jojoba oil and iris concentrate in the composition, suited me perfectly. Lightweight, designed for normal to combination skin (I have the second type), moisturizes, evens out the color and is suitable for application in the morning and evening – I am always for versatility.

Price: 1 081 rub.

Moisturizer for dry to very dry skin of the face and body, CeraVe

When my friends ask for advice on a high-quality inexpensive cream, I have only one answer – CeraVe. The brand’s entire line of products (and by the way, there are very few of them) is good! Here are a couple of bare facts: CeraVe was invented in 2006, at first they launched only three cares, gradually expanding the brand’s range to a full-fledged care series. Each product is based on ceramide lipids, which support the protective functions of the skin, fight dryness and reduce moisture loss.

The cream for dry and very dry skin is dense, therefore, if you have a combined type, I advise you to use it in the cold season – it instantly removes peeling and nourishes the skin with high quality. It is odorless and does not leave a shiny film.

Price: 339 rub.

Mattifying emulsion, lightening skin tone SPF 20, White Plus, Clarins

Clarins is another favorite brand. I use a large number of products: from creams to lip balms (the best!) And foundation. I advise you to take a closer look at this emulsion just now, at the beginning of the warm season. Firstly, SPF 20 in the composition of the care product is at least convenient. Secondly, the product really solves all the stated tasks: evens out the tone, mattifies locally problem areas, brightens, moisturizes the skin and immerses you in some incredible cloud of comfort. The last is most likely responsible for the scent of the emulsion – a delicate floral fleur that remains on the skin. The emulsion is liquid, but due to the dispenser it is convenient to use it – it is difficult to overdo it with application.

Price: 4 650 rub.

Calming mask Masque apaisant hydratant, Avene

I love this product so much that, using the second bottle, I save every drop. Named a mask by the Avene brand, Masque apaisant hydratant works as a sos treatment when the skin needs to be soothed, refreshed or brightened. I was told that the care does not have to be used as a mask, you can not wash it off, applying it at night. Then in the morning you will look much more rested, and there will be no oiliness on the skin – the product has a very light consistency. The second option for use is to apply in the morning for 15 minutes, rinse off and start makeup. The basis of Masque Apaisant Hydratant is thermal water (in the first place in the list of ingredients), so it is great for removing redness.

Price: 974 rub.