BThanks to these products, I stopped thinking about foundation in everyday life, picked up the perfect night care (without oily skin in the morning), forgot about peeling and generally simplified my daily beauty routine as much as possible – if one of your treatments is a face serum, everything else will follow.

All the tools I write about below have been tested for about a year. Each is a part of my “gold reserve” and, perhaps, in one of them (or several at once) you will find a solution to your problem.

Night Elixir “Instant Skin Reboot”, L’Occitane

This serum is perhaps the best L’Occitane has presented in recent years. I know that only in our editorial office she has at least three fans! We, as if spellbound, admired the glass bottle with golden tints: the main component of the product – immortelle essential oil – is enclosed in granules floating in an oily liquid.

But the main thing is, of course, the result from the use. Despite its dense, even oily in appearance, consistency, the product behaves like water on the skin. In the sense that it is instantly absorbed and does not leave a film. Immediately after application, the skin is so soft that you have to restrain yourself so as not to touch it. I prolong the pleasure by applying the serum with massage movements: rub it clockwise on the forehead, “stretching” from the chin to the cheekbones and from the nose to the temples. If the skin is dry, the result can be seen after the first application: in the morning a healthy glow appears and the tone is evened out.

My verdict is this: if you are just looking at anti-age care, start with this serum – it is aimed precisely at working out the first age-related changes and the consequences of living in a big city.

Price: 5 400 rub.

Serum, tightening pores, Pore Control, Clarins

The serum is so good that after a month of use I went and bought the exact same for my friend as a present. That’s because I swear it’s FaceTune in a 50ml bottle. I do not really believe in the possibility of narrowing the pores with skin care cosmetics, but it is quite possible to improve the skin’s relief and even out the tone!

The consistency of the product resembles a very light cream, it is absorbed immediately after application, does not leave a sticky layer and works instantly: it is as if it was passed over the face with a magic eraser and all irregularities were erased. This effect is partially achieved by reflective particles that give the serum a pearly hue. But the main active ingredients: tamarind and strawberry tree (inhibit the production of sebum and exfoliate dead particles).

If I’m not doing makeup, be sure to apply the serum before moisturizing. But even in cases where you need an ideal long-lasting tone, the product is also useful: it perfectly evens the skin instead of a base for makeup.

Price: 4 550 rub.

Moisturizing day serum Hydrating Day Serum, Inglot

About a year ago, the Inglot brand launched several serums and facial oils, further expanding the care line. And the first pancake was not lumpy at all. I liked the day serum because it is great to use as a makeup base. Light, fragrance-free, it tightens the skin before our eyes, removes swelling and refreshes the tone. It’s nice that with this effect, the skin also receives a loading dose of vitamins (more specifically: C, E and F). There are no fragrances in the composition – the product does not smell, so people who are sensitive in all respects will be satisfied. Apply in the morning with a hammering motion, then a cream (did you know that a serum improves the effect of any care applied on top?) And a foundation.

Price: 3 700 rub.

Renewing moisturizing serum Retexturing Activator, SkinCeuticals

Bestseller of the brand, loved for its quick moisturizing effect. True, for the sake of it, you will have to endure a noticeable stickiness on the skin after application. For this reason, I only use the serum in the evening: I distribute five drops on the face, neck and décolleté, and on top I apply a night cream.

Hydroxyethyl urea is responsible for moisturizing and regenerating cells: the component helps water molecules stay in the upper layers of the skin and at the same time helps to remove dead particles.

The consistency of the serum resembles water, odorless and very liquid, therefore it is applied with a pipette – so that you do not overdo it. I advise you to use the product before and after peels and laser treatments to speed up the process of cell regeneration and soothe the skin.

Price: 5 724 rub.

Lifting serum Lifting Serum, Cholley

This is a serious remedy (in Cholley it is even called a rejuvenating drug), which, in an amicable way, should appear in the bathroom by the age of 35, when the problem of a floating oval and wrinkles on the neck and décolleté seems not so far away. I shared it with my mother for a while: she was waiting for a real anti-age effect, but I was interested to try – is the serum that promises a lifting effect so good, provided that you are no longer 19. The verdict was delivered in a couple of weeks: it’s worth it replenish intimate beauty supplies. The skin was grateful for this care: the serum is absorbed quickly (the drier the skin, the faster) and instantly refreshes and softens.

Mom noted that the skin immediately becomes very smooth, on top of even the densest day and night creams spread easily. The composition is more than thoughtful, as always with the Swiss brand: oligopeptides, hyaluronic acid and biocomponents branded for Cholley – extracts of horse chestnut, chamomile, horsetail, cinquefoil, rosemary.

What is very important: the product can be applied to the area around the eyes and lips (not all serums are so versatile).

Price: 7 650 rub.

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