5 great foundations for dry skin


Tan on-line remedy based on lotus flower water, a BB cream with an excellent care effect and other discoveries for dry skin – in a new article by the editor-in-chief of BeautyHack Karina Andreeva@kandreevaa

Karina Andreeva

Karina Andreeva

Chief Editor of BeautyHack

I have a skin prone to dryness, so I approach the choice of foundation with extreme caution. It is important that it does not emphasize flaking and ideally creates a second skin effect. Perseverance is not in the forefront for me, but, of course, it would not be superfluous. The five products below are tested and approved. Buy any and you won’t go wrong!

Foundation Vitalumiere Aqua, Chanel

If we talk about products that have been on the market for more than a year, this foundation immediately comes to mind. I love him with all my heart from the first drop. I tried it 5 years ago, when I was in my first year of journalism. I had not yet worked, and on my face traces of lack of sleep were not from hard working days, but from study sessions during the sessions (and from parties, of course). By the way, this tool was perfect for both daytime and evening makeup. I was immediately struck by the water base – in the composition of lotus flower water, a derivative of brown lotuses and a derivative of hyaluronic acid. Later, while working at Allure, I met him in the cosmetic bags of many stars and in the cases of star makeup artists. And during the preparation of one of the first materials for BeautyHack, I talked with the leading makeup artist of the brand Ernest Muntaniol, who said: “The best way to refresh makeup is a well-chosen foundation – if you renew it in a couple of hours, you will not get a plaster effect on your face. This cream contains a lot of water. Gives a semi-matte, semi-luminous finish and blends well. Remember: the more water in the formula, the better for dry skin – the cream will not accentuate peeling. The formula contains a mineral screen and a UVB sun protection filter that protects the skin from harmful sun rays (SPF-15). This is important for our region and climate ”. Today it is still a pleasure for me to start the morning with this remedy and to realize that five years ago I made the right choice!

Price: 3 675 rub.

BB-cream Nude, Erborian

For a long time I was in search of the best foundation. I like some of them, but then they start to get bored, so I changed them to something new almost every month. But after trying this BB cream in January, which I heard about more than once from many makeup gurus, I fell in love once and for all and have been using it for several months now. Why do I love this remedy? Firstly, the Clair shade is a godsend for girls with very fair skin. It does not turn yellow, does not give the effect of a “pale face”, but in the first ten minutes it adjusts to your natural tone. Secondly, the product is ideal for those who, like me, suffer from dryness (how I take care of dry skin – you can read here): BB cream does not accentuate the flaking, but rather works like a day cream and moisturizes the skin. Contains six-year-old Korean ginseng root that stimulates microcirculation and activates natural collagen production; ginger, which cleanses and tones the skin; also licorice, which relieves redness and works as an antioxidant.

Thirdly, there is no need for a primer before this tool – the cream is evenly distributed with fingertips or a beauty blender in a matter of seconds and really lasts up to the promised 12 hours, after which it can be easily removed with a cleansing gel.

Fourth, the cream is very convenient for flights. It gives a “second skin” effect, allowing it to breathe and refreshing the face. I have heard more than once: “How good you look without makeup after the flight!” It’s great that others do not even notice the presence of BB-cream on the face, but it is, and it will help you out more than once – it will definitely hide minor imperfections.

Fifthly, the SPF factor is 25: just what you need in your holiday cosmetic bag (especially if you are going to the sea!).

Price: 3 500 rub.

Tonal cream Water Blend, R210, Make Up For Ever

As a rule, I come back from summer vacation with a tan and until late autumn I try not to use dense foundations. BB cream or super light texture is my choice. Gently and imperceptibly evens out the skin tone, especially when the tan leaves it. I told you about my favorite Erborian BB cream for all occasions here, but another faithful companion of mine is a foundation for face and body (which is important (!), for the neck, décolleté and collarbones, it is also suitable) Water Blend Make Up For Ever. I tried it for the first time a couple of years ago when I was working for Allure magazine (that year, by the way, it received the admittedly Best Of Beauty award). For what I love:

1) For a watery texture – the product is 80 percent water. Simply put, it’s like water mixed with pigment. But it does not spread on the skin, but is instantly fixed.
2) For ease of application: if you want – with a sponge, if you want – with a brush, if you want – with your fingers. In a hurry, I prefer the latter option.
3) For the fact that it does not weigh down the skin and does not feel at all on it.
4) For persistence (applied from morning to evening and forgot).

Suitable for those who do not have any special skin problems and active rashes: unfortunately, the product will not cover them. But for the owners of skin prone to dryness – on a note: the foundation does not emphasize peeling, and this is a great bonus.

Price: 3 220 rub

Cushion Derma-Cushion, Gray Beige, Dr. Jart +

One of my favorite BB creams for a long time has been BeautyBalm Dr. Jart +. It seems that now I have found an alternative to him. When you use the product, there is a feeling that you did not just apply a foundation, but as if it were a good moisturizer at one time. At the same time, the coating turns out to be weightless (I used the sponge pad that comes with the kit), and the skin is radiant (a highlighter in the form of a cross is hidden in the heart of the cushion). If you mix both shades, you get a fashionable gym skin effect (as a person who loves sports, to be honest, the result is indistinguishable: as if the truth just got out of cardio training). For a thicker and more matte finish, apply only the beige part of the cushion – the product masks skin imperfections well and even relieves irritation. The composition is excellent: low molecular weight hyaluronic acid and marine plankton extract for deep hydration, calamine (a compound of zinc oxide and iron oxide) to relieve redness, Moringa oil for protection from negative environmental factors. SPF 50 – as a wonderful bonus (not everyone can take foundation with them on vacation, but it will be very useful at sea in the summer).

Price: 4 715 rub.

StabletonalcreamHaute Tenue Everlasting Foundation, Clarins

Whenever you need a super long-wearing foundation, yet perfect for dry skin: this one is suitable for all types. I remember when I tested it for the first time, I started my day at 8 am. The plan was: a full day with several appointments, a workout in the gym and a movie in the evening. I won’t be lying if I say that even after the sport I didn’t have to renew my tone: it didn’t go anywhere. In the composition – matting bamboo powder for shine (but not greasy!). By the way, the cream perfectly masks imperfections without creating a mask effect: I use it when rarely, but acne appears aptly. The product has a thick, dense texture, it is easily shaded with a brush or beauty blender. At the same time, it does not make makeup heavier and is practically not felt on the skin.

Price: 3 349 rub.

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Text: Karina Andreeva