5 hair products I buy over and over again


WITHear shampoo, shimmer styling spray, root volumizing mousse and other products that I use to the last drop.

Shampoo to add volume to hair Extra Volume Shampoo and smoothing conditioner Smoothing Conditioner, Moroccanoil

The Israeli brand Moroccanoil has been saving my hair from dryness and dullness for about three years. Extra Volume Shampoo and Smoothing Conditioner cannot exist without each other, and my hair cannot exist without them. I use them every two days in the morning. I’m sure Moroccanoil has a lot of fans, and I’m solemnly topping the list!

Any type of hair requires moisture, since under the influence of many negative factors, they lose moisture and dry out (therefore, they look lifeless). The shampoo contains high quality professional artillery (regenerating, nourishing, reconstructing). Your hair will thank you after the first application. The composition of the product contains argan oils and nutrients, including the extract of fluffy linden buds (it provides a natural increase in hair volume and makes them denser, without weighing it down). The extract of this tree nourishes each strand with natural proteins and sugars, plumping and imparting a healthy glow. The shampoo does not lather very well, so gradually add water to create a thick lather (this is the only way to rinse your hair well).

Obedient hair is the dream of every girl, so the use of conditioner is also necessary (after all, it is so nice to comb it with ease without damage). Smoothing conditioner makes strands smoother and more manageable for later styling. When used together with shampoo, it restores the natural balance of amino acids, which helps to strengthen the keratin structure. After shampoo, lightly squeeze hair and apply smoothing conditioner from mid to ends. Let it soak for two minutes and rinse thoroughly. The conditioner also contains argan oil, which will give a healthy look and smoothness (it will last for at least two days). Hair after drying will shine and shine.

Shampoo price for extra volume: 2 250 rubles.

Smoothing conditioner price: 2 600 rubles.

Dry shampoo for dark hair Dry Shampoo Dark Tones, Moroccanoil

I wash my head every two days, but the volume will not be seen the next. At this moment, I do not despair, because dry shampoo comes to the rescue. It is like a cleansing spray that instantly refreshes and revitalizes hair, reawakening yesterday’s styling. It contains ultra-fine rice starch that makes the spray a powerful cleanser. It absorbs sebum and styling residues. Hair looks clean and voluminous, as if you just washed your hair and styled it. I shake the bottle, spray shampoo spray on the hair roots and parting, massage the scalp as if using shampoo. Then I lift the strands with my fingers and wind the curls on the brushing (I have it 35 mm). Voila – fresh hair look with salon styling.

Dry shampoo was released in two types: for dark and light hair.

Price: 2 200 rubles. (205 ml.)

Mousse for giving root volume Directional Volumizer Hair Manya, Kemon

I recently did the staining shatush, hair “played” in a new way, and styling has become an indispensable item in the morning routine. I think all girls with long, heavy hair know how difficult it is to style them and, moreover, create volume at the roots. For proper natural root volume, I use Kemon Mousse. It does not make the strands heavier or stick together, at the roots they even become “airy”. I shake the bottle, spray the product on the roots of damp hair, then style it with a hair dryer and a round comb for maximum volume. If I want a more casual look, I just brush my hair with my fingers while drying. Conveniently, along with excellent fixation, volume and density, the product also protects hair from heat.

Price: 1 600 rub.

Styling spray with shimmering shine Shimmer Shine, Kevin.Murphy

It is a pity to use this spray oil, because it adorns my beauty shelf with its appearance. Shaking the transparent bottle, my eyes are mesmerized by the golden shimmering sparkles, which waltz down to the bottom. Already for the sake of such fun, this spray needs to be bought (but this is far from its last advantage).

The product is consumed very slowly – two sprays on the hair roots are enough for me. And now they are already beginning to overflow! I use the spray after styling with mousse, their scents mix and give off a sweet sillage. Most importantly, they don’t interrupt my perfume!

The product with a very light texture does not weigh the hair down, so the styling lasts until the evening. It contains baobab seed oil (intensely moisturizes, tones and stimulates blood microcirculation), bamboo extract (nourishes the hair and strengthens its structure, giving shine and elasticity) and 6 Australian fruits (it is from them that a very pleasant sillage remains). The spray oil can be applied to the body to accentuate the tan and leave a pleasant shimmer.

Price: RUB 2 610

Hairspray strong hold Niospray 3D Styling, Nioxin

I do not often fix my styling with varnish, but when I have to run on business in the morning and be at an event or meeting in the evening, it is important for me that my hair keeps its shape all day. Many varnishes do not fulfill their function: I have to say goodbye to the styling that I did in the morning just a few hours after leaving. Quite recently I managed to find a faithful companion for my hair, which fetters them in a “strong embrace” and does not let go until the evening.

Nioxin Hairspray is suitable for those with medium to coarse hair texture. With it, you can even change your hairstyle throughout the day. Niospray has a unique ProThick technology, which I can’t help but tell you about: it got me interested when choosing a varnish. The composition of the product contains a complex of sealing polymers – it is they who create an unsurpassed volume, enveloping the hair and creating a bond between them, as well as retain moisture and protect against negative environmental influences. When fixed, the curls become denser and rise. Polymeric microparticles increase the diameter of the hair, so everyone will envy a luxurious voluminous hairstyle. I never get tired of collecting compliments!

Price: 1 215 rub.