10 September 2021

Not so long ago, I introduced you to a personal list of skin care products that I used to zero in due time and continue to purchase them. Today I will share the top five in the makeup category – in fact, there are many more, and I will continue the list a little later. But choosing from all the variety, these are the means that I would take to a desert island (if I suddenly had to go there!).

Palette eyeshadow Naked 2, Urban Decay

“I know I’d go back to you” – remember the phrase from the Selena Gomez song? In my case, it is not about unhappy love, but about the Urban Decay palette. As a person who has more than 50 shadows in his collection, I’ll be honest: I come back to Naked 2 again and again and always take it with me on trips, and only then, as far as possible and free space, I add the rest.

I love her because you can really do makeup with her for any occasion and for any eye color. It is truly versatile. And big. And despite the presence of other palettes, I use this one so often that I managed to use it up to zero.

12 colors for every taste (from light to dark, from nude to bright) and two textures – matte and shimmer. Pink shades are often used solo and combined with a black arrow, and to create a smoky I use black, brown and light with shimmer. There is where to roam! Perfectly shaded, super-firmly held (and with the base Primer Potion – and completely reinforced concrete!). What else does a beautygolic need to be happy?

Price: 4 780 rub.

Lip gloss Eclat Minute, Plum Shimmer, Clarins

Means with a soft applicator in the form of a pillow with me for almost the fourth year. I love it, first of all, for its excellent hydration (in the composition of shea butter and olive tree). With it, the lips become more voluminous (you can feel the 3D effect), acquire a beautiful shine, and the skin is smoothed. My natural color is quite dark, so I chose a shine with a plum undertone. Replaced my dark lipsticks. By the way, it goes well with black eyes, and also visually whitens teeth. It is eaten within two hours, comes off evenly, leaving a light and flavorful stein effect. And thanks to the candy aroma, it is a pleasure to renew it.

Price: 1 600 rub.

BB-cream Nude, Erborian

For a long time I was in search of the best foundation. I like some of them, but then they start to get bored, so I changed them to something new almost every month. But after trying this BB cream in January, which I heard about more than once from many makeup gurus, I fell in love once and for all and have been using this tool regularly for several months now. Why do I love him? Firstly, the shade is a godsend for girls with very fair skin. Does not turn yellow, does not give the effect of a “pale face”, but in the first ten minutes it adjusts to your natural tone. Secondly, the product is ideal for those who, like me, suffer from dryness (how I take care of dry skin – you can read here): BB cream does not accentuate the flaking, but rather works like a day cream and moisturizes the skin. It contains six-year-old Korean ginseng root, which stimulates microcirculation and activates natural collagen production, ginger, which cleanses and tones the skin, and licorice, which removes redness and works as an antioxidant.

Thirdly, there is no need for a primer before this tool – the cream is evenly distributed with fingertips or a beauty blender in a matter of seconds and really lasts up to the promised 12 hours, after which it can be easily removed with a cleansing gel.

Fourth, the cream is very convenient for flights. I am not a supporter of make-up on the plane, but often after arriving you get “from the ship to the ball”, so this cream is used. It gives the effect of a “second skin” and allows it to breathe, refreshes the face. I have heard more than once: “How great you look without makeup after the flight!” It’s great – people around do not even notice the presence of BB-cream on the face, but it is, and it will help you out more than once – it will definitely hide minor imperfections.

Fifthly, the SPF factor is 25: just what you need in your holiday cosmetic bag (especially if you are going to the sea!). And paired with Glow Crème (I’ll talk about it below), you can get the desired Photoshop effect.

Price: 3 500 rub.

Concealer Eye Concealer with Botanical Extracts, 2, Sisley

A product with a very high overlapping power – it will mask both bruises under the eyes and skin imperfections. It is best to squeeze onto a metal tip and use it to distribute under the eyes in a circular motion – this will improve blood microcirculation. The concealer’s formula is enriched with nurturing ingredients that help reduce puffiness: just right after a long flight.

Price on request

Mascara Better Than Sex Too Faced

It was always very difficult to find “my” mascara: my eyelashes are naturally black, thick, but they still lack volume and length. And I also want the mascara not to crumble during the day, but at the same time it was removed quickly and without irritation. With this mascara, I had love at first sight, and all wishes were heard and embodied in it. A soot-colored mascara based on collagen is great for lengthening and curling lashes. I loved the hourglass-shaped brush, which allows me to paint over every lash and get to the very roots. It can be easily removed with a cleansing gel and really does not crumble (and this is extremely important when traveling to the sea, where it is always warm and the make-up has a risk of “swimming” from the heat). The dream has come true!

Price: 1 750 rub.