10 September 2021

TOSenia Wagner is taking an exam in beauty logic: excellent students – fives, failing students – for retake!

1) BB cream

You: apply it to the base like a tone.

Actually, this is not a crime – and you will not be punished like Raskolnikov. On one condition: if the base is a regular moisturizer. If we are talking about professional primers with silicones, then with such a basis you deprive the BB-cream of its main strength, because its main difference from the usual tone is in additional care functions (BB stands for beautyfying balm). What do most brands with their BB promise us? That’s right, hydration. But can a moisturizing ingredient break through the silicone base? Not even if he is the Hulk in the world of beauty components.

What will help you? Ingenious BB creams that are so comfortable that no base is needed with them. For example, beloved by most bloggers and makeup artists – from brands 3Lab, Dr. Jart, EstĂ©e Lauder and Erborian.

2) Eyebrow pencil

You: lead continuous lines along the eyebrows, clearly mark the contour, press hard on the stylus.

Leg, leg, cucumber, so the little man came out. Leave the lines to the graduates of Stroganovka. To make the eyebrows look natural, it is better to use the “strokes” technique for a pencil – that is, not to draw lines along the eyebrow, but to shade the hairs with light, short, abrupt movements.

But to be honest, the pencil is the hardest of all brow tools. That’s why…

What will help you? Switch to gels and eyeshadows for a natural and trendy make-up. The best (and varied!) Eyebrow products are from Benefit. It is no coincidence that in 1976 the brand began with the “eyebrows” – its founders, twin sisters Jean and Jane Ford had a special passion for this part of the face.

3) Red lipstick

You: apply it directly with the stick on the lips without a pencil. Or do not use it at all, because you are afraid. And in general, this is vulgar!

Our prejudices about the “bitchiness” of red lipstick come from the Soviet past, when it was a shame to stand out. Today, red lipstick has been completely rehabilitated – even 18-year-old girls are painted with it and, if everything is done correctly, they look fashionable, not defiant.

In order not to become a clown from a horror movie, follow three simple rules: apply lipstick on a pencil of the same color (do not trace your lips around the contour, but shade them completely), if the lipstick does not have an applicator, but a stick, then use a special brush (it will be guaranteed smoother!), after application, as if “bite off” the napkin – so that the excess lipstick remains on the napkin, and not on your teeth.

What will help you? Well, and the right artillery, of course, helps. Look for not capricious and persistent red lipsticks in tubes with applicators, they are easier to apply. Inglot, Nouba, Lime Crime Make up, Chanel, Make Up For Ever, MAC

4) Mascara

You: The first mistake – you paint only the tips, which makes the eyelashes “heavy” and the mascara crumbles. Slip two – you don’t dye your lower lashes, which makes your makeup look less natural and your eyes look smaller. The third slip – you do not close the mascara well, air gets into it, it dries quickly and crumbles.

Paint eyelashes from the roots, carefully rotating the brush, for the lower eyelashes, use a separate rubberized brush with a separation function, and, yes – as soon as the mascara begins to dry, then swing it. Attempts to “dilute” it with something will not lead to anything other than conjunctivitis.

What will help you? Carcasses that give a spectacular result without flowing, and do not saturate for a long time. For example, Eccentrico by Giorgio Armani or Maxi Lash by Guerlain.

5) pink blush

You: apply them from ear to nose. Darling little girl!

The rule “the more the better” does not apply to blush. Of course, if you are using a dry product, you can apply an extra drop, taking into account the fact that some of the product will crumble anyway. But if the blush is creamy or in a stick, an overdose is fraught with transformation into Parsley. And most importantly, not all of your cheeks should be “blushed”, those places where you get a natural blush, for example, while jogging or out of embarrassment (usually these are the apples of your cheeks).

Another way is to pinch your cheeks lightly in front of the mirror. Blushed? Now you know where to “land” the blush.

What will help you? Blush, in which the pigment is bright, but at the same time competently merges with the skin. My favorites are Giorgio Armani liquid blush, Romanovamakeup cream and almost all MAC blushes.

I wrote about seven common mistakes in makeup here

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