5 products for a flawless tone and their analogues


RAnastasia Speranskaya, senior editor of BeautyHack, tested a smoothing primer, foundation with a radiant effect, a highlighter similar to liquid gold, and other products for perfect skin for any budget.


Foundation for makeup Touche Éclat Blur Primer, Yves Saint Laurent

Remember the smooth effect in the popular photo editing app? With this primer you don’t need it – the skin becomes flawlessly even and smooth, and any foundation (even not the one that suits you) fits perfectly.

A transparent gel with microscopic golden glitters that perform a reflective function, blends well, does not leave an oily sheen and does not accentuate flaking. That is why it is suitable for all skin types – including sensitive skin. Despite the ability to “wash pores” and delicately matte, the primer contains four oils in the composition – they additionally soften the skin and help the decorative products stay on it longer. Read about other long-lasting makeup primers. here

Price: 3 870 rub.

Primer for face Prime and Fine Goodbye Pores, Catrice

Erase pores in a more budgetary way too – try Catrice Smoothing Primer. It will not add a luxurious radiance to the skin, but it will cope with smoothing perfectly.

The texture of the product is not similar to Touche Éclat – it is rather a light pink paste that turns into a powder when shaded. Silicones in the composition dominate, but you should not be afraid of them – this component is always used in products of this type to gently fill the enlarged pores and prolong the durability of the tone applied over it. For dry and problem skin, I still recommend Touche Éclat – Catrice primer will cope with oily sheen, but can emphasize peeling and imperfections.

Price: 399 rub.

Tone cream

Concealer Luminous Silk Foundation, Giorgio Armani

The legendary tone, which has long settled in the cases of the best makeup artists, is good in everything: it covers up imperfections and makes the skin fresh and radiant. If you don’t like dense tonal foundations, but like a natural finish, I recommend it.

The main plus is that the product is completely invisible on the face, especially if you apply it with your fingertips or with a damp sponge (it is better not to overuse the latter). Composition – for “five with a plus”: there are moisturizing components, and organic filters from UVB radiation. Read more about the components of the product. here

Price: 4 340 rub.

Foundation Alliance Perfect, L’Oréal Paris

Alas, there is no full-fledged analogue of Luminous Silk, but Alliance Perfect stands out in terms of naturalness and freshness of the skin in the budget segment. Only the lazy is not familiar with this line of L’Oréal Paris – the collection includes not only tonal foundations, but also powders, concealers and even highlighters.

“Perfect Fusion” is not just a pretty name, but a true truth. Special pigments have been added to the composition that adapt to your skin tone. At the same time, the tone does not look like a dense mask on the face, but lays down very “airy”, covering light imperfections.

Price: 499 rub.


Concealer All Hours Concealer, Yves Saint Laurent

If your skin starts to shine during the day, and your usual concealer “floats”, waving a handle, try a product from the All Hours line. Dark circles under the eyes, redness around the nose and other imperfections – this concealer does not care. It not only lays down in the thinnest and inconspicuous layer, but also holds firmly, without falling into folds and wrinkles.

When shading, the product becomes powdery – here the smallest particles come into play, absorbing excess sebum. The promised durability is 24 hours, but I haven’t tried to test the makeup for such a long time. But the average working day withstands with a bang!

Price: 2 515 rub.

Concealer Fit Me, Maybelline

When the most popular line of Maybelline products appeared in Russia, beauticians rejoiced – everyone had the opportunity to try Gigi Hadid’s favorite foundation and a best-selling concealer that erases under-eye circles like an eraser.

Less durable than All Hours, but also perfectly covering all imperfections, the concealer blends well and adjusts to the natural skin tone. During the day, the product does not roll, but if after work you want to run into a responsible event, it is better to update the concealer layer – since it is layered invisibly and easily.

Price: 305 rub.


Moisturizing tint for lips and cheeks Rouge Coco Lip Blush, shade Corail Naturel, Chanel

An ingenious product from Chanel that serves two roles – lipstick and cream blush. And he performs talentedly – pulls for a beauty Oscar! The gel-like texture blends into a subtle moisturizing finish: it doesn’t dry out lips, and gives a light, healthy glow to the cheekbones.

I listen to the advice of makeup artists and blend the tint with the pads of my fingers using hammering movements, but first I put three small strokes on the “apples” of my cheeks. It spreads like a moisturizer – easily, quickly and without visible boundaries. Most likely, its composition played a big role: jojoba, mimosa and sunflower oils make the tint weightless and take care of the skin.

Price: RUB 1 785

Cushion for lips and cheeks Lip & Cheek Cushion, shade Midnight Text, Soda

A different performance and a less saturated shade, but when shading, the effect is the same – cheeks a la bulk apples and a healthy glow of the skin. The first association that appears when opening the pink soft-touch lid is a peach cloud! The airy cushion is impregnated with a light tint that leaves a translucent “wet” finish on the skin.

If I apply Chanel Lip Blush to cheekbones, lips, and even eyelids, then Soda Cushion goes to the “apples” of the cheeks and the bridge of the nose. It turns out a perky and natural blush, as if you have been walking in the sun for too long.

Price: 439 rub.


Liquid highlighter Teint Couture Radiant Drop, Givenchy

The most natural way to add radiance to your face is to apply a liquid highlighter to the raised areas or mix it with foundation. On especially gloomy days I do both: a drop in Luminous Silk, two drops on my cheekbones and temples as a finishing touch.

Teint Couture in a light golden shade also gives the skin a subtle tan. It is not for nothing that the brand’s creative director for makeup, Nicolas Degenne, advises adding a couple of drops to the day cream as well – the textures mix perfectly and the face starts to glow from the inside.

Price: 3 410 rub.

Liquid highlighter Glow Mon Amour, L’Oréal Paris

L’Oréal Paris Highlighter is thinner and more bronze, yet flawlessly blendable. Oddly enough, it blends perfectly with the tone of the same brand and improves its texture. You don’t have to worry about the excessive “metallic” shine – when shading, you get the radiant skin of J. Lo, as if you had just returned from the Bahamas.

A pleasant bonus is coconut oil in the composition of the product. When applied with fingers, it is felt: the peeling is smoothed out, and the face begins to glow.

Price: 910 rub.