6 off-the-shelf models that changed the industry


VThe EU is far from the only way to stand out in the fashion industry. There are examples when, getting on the cover of American Vogue, models get off the ground with more serious problems like race. About six brave girls with unusual appearance – in the material BeautyHack.

Beverly Johnson

Beverly is one of the most famous models of the 80s. The girl became famous in 1974 when she got on the cover of Vogue USA. It seems to be nothing out of the ordinary, but then Johnson became the first African-American woman to receive such an honor. Thus, 22-year-old Beverly paved the way for many women in the modeling business. In addition to modeling, Johnson starred in films (in the filmography of more than five films), wrote several books (including the memoir The Face That Changed It All: A Memoir, released in 2015). Beverly is now 66 years old, and her life can be followed in Instagram profile: his model is very cheerful!

Kate moss

Now the beauty industry cannot be imagined without the name Kate Moss. But in the 90s, at the beginning of her career, the girl absolutely did not fit into the generally accepted standards of the modeling business – her predecessors were Elle Macpherson, Naomi Campbell, Linda Evangelista and Cindy Crawford. With Kate, the era of “heroin chic” began, the symbols of which were thin, fragile models with androgynous features. At 19, Moss hit the cover of VogueUK (she later posed for the magazine 37 times) and signed with CalvinKlein. In 2013, Kate celebrated 25 years of modeling career with the British Fashion Awards.

Winnie Harlow

Career 24-year-old Winnie Harlow began in 2014, when the girl became a participant in the show “America’s Next Top Model.” The model with vitiligo immediately attracted the attention of the host of the program, Tyra Banks. Winnie made contact with the agency The Society Management and is now one of the highest paid models of our time, proving that vitiligo is just a visual feature of the skin that cannot affect the quality of life. On this occasion, she even recorded a video on Youtube. “Vitiligo: A Skin Condition, not a Life Changer”… There is no reason not to believe Vinnie, following her career in Instagram, where the girl has 5.6 million subscribers.

Ashley Graham

The hashtag Ashley came up with for her Instagram profile, #BeautyBeyondSize already supported by more than 400 thousand girls around the world! Graham became one of the first plus size models who managed to build an amazing career: now Ashley poses on the red carpet of the Oscars, stars for all the leading publications (Vogue, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar), and in 2016 she became the first non-standard model to star in for the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. And the girl is also happily married to the operator Justin Erwin (last year they noted 8th anniversary).

Liu Wen

From the very beginning of her career in 2005, Chinese Liu Wen she actively starred for Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar Сhina and quickly became a star in her homeland. But it turned out to be more difficult to achieve the same glory in the West. In 2008, the girl signed a contract with modeling agency Elite and worked hard (74 shows per fashion season) to become the first Asian model to participate in the final Victoria’s Secret show (2009), and later took the fifth place in the list of the highest paid models by Forbes opinion. Another unusual breakthrough – in 2017, Liu Wen became the first model of Asian descent to pose for the cover of American Vogue – and also an anniversary one!

Nastya Zhidkova

Model Nastya Zhidkova was born with a genetic pathology – albinism. The girl has very fair skin, hair and eyelashes. Unusual appearance became defining in the development of her career. Now Nastya is constantly traveling, collaborating with six modeling agencies at once and is especially in demand in Japan and Thailand. And Nastya also has her own telegram channel, where she rarely, but from the heart, talks about everything in the world: from caring for her own skin to an overview of Moscow places with the most delicious coffee.