6 perfect tone products that I buy over and over


RAre enlarged pores, redness, circles under the eyes – familiar problems? It takes a lot of effort and money to create the perfect tone. I talk about my favorites in the section “Until the last drop.”

Correcting face cream CC Red, Erborian

The miraculous transformation from green to beige is how Erborian Correcting Cream transforms me from Fiona to Cinderella. This CC cream is an advanced concealer with a toning effect (it has a very fast and high quality fusion with the skin tone). Particles of a special green pigment, which, in contact with the skin, transform and reduce the appearance of redness and the effects of acne. The composition also contains an extract of tiger grass “Centella asiatica” (soothes the skin, helps to improve its elasticity), glycerin (moisturizes, prevents dehydration) and vitamin E (antioxidant).

I have oily skin and the consistency and texture of CC Red is lighter than BB cream, so the product does not float off my face. It is not for nothing that the corrective cream is called “weightless”: on the skin it is as light as a veil! I like that the product moisturizes the skin very well (you can say goodbye to peeling), evens out the tone without clogging the pores. I apply it under a BB cream or foundation: just put small peas in the places that you want to mask. I drive in the cream with my fingers for the best effect (the sponge eats the product).

Don’t rely on CC cream to perfectly correct redness (this is color correction, not masking), so it is better to apply additional products on top of the deficiency – for example, concealer.

Let me remind you that the natural tone is still the leading trend in makeup. Therefore, even one CC cream will be enough to make the skin well-groomed, hydrated and rested.

Price: 1 730 rub.

BB-cream Nude, Erborian

Recently, my friend and I talked about problem skin (both suffer from minor flaws) and thought about a huge selection of decorative cosmetics and care products.

We came to the conclusion that it would be better to spend a lot of money on care and then give up everyday makeup (at the moment I paint every day).

After this conversation, I began to read about the Erborian brand: the brand combined Korean traditions and European technologies. Their BB cream is a hybrid product: care with an element of decorative cosmetics (a kind of symbiosis of a foundation with a cream), for which I do not mind the money spent.

Now with this BB-cream and in sorrow (when acne appears), and in joy, in general – always! Although he is not famous for strong masking properties, one can say “thanks” to him for a lot: it refreshes the face, moisturizes the skin, heals inflammation and protects from UV rays. The texture is reminiscent of a wonderful blend of foundation and moisturizer. Within 10 minutes after application, the BB cream dries and adjusts to the skin tone. Two or three peas are enough to “tint” the face. The consistency of the cream is quite thick and dense, it does not spread and lasts until the evening. Thanks to its texture, owners of oily skin buy BB-creams, in contrast to dense foundations, they help to create a natural nude makeup without blemishes (which can “float” from the face in the evening).

The consumption of BB-cream is normal (especially for me, the most wasteful girl): 15 ml was enough for a month and a half.

I apply the BB cream with massage movements of my fingers and leave until completely absorbed (no need to rub). They start with the T-zone, then apply to the U-zone, and when everything is absorbed, all that remains is to mask the visible defects with concealer (if necessary). The finish of the cream is natural (not matte, and not shining), which looks great on the face. During the day I do not feel that there is a BB cream on my skin at all, and this is a huge plus. I can already imagine how in the summer it will help my face “breathe” confidently!

Price: 1 390 rub

Base under makeup Step 1 Skin Equalizer, Make Up For Ever

Many people say that it is impossible to hide skin imperfections with the help of products (they still remain visible on the skin under the tonal foundation).

But for myself, I found the perfect “photoshop” in a tube, with which redness is not visible at all.

To smooth pores, one pea is enough, which is given out by a convenient dispenser-nozzle. The product itself is thick in texture, so it is convenient to distribute it with your fingers, brushes do not help me in this matter: they apply too much primer and do not give a very good result (it starts to roll).

It is better to use Step 1 Skin Equalizer locally and in a very thin layer: I mainly apply it on the cheeks and T-zone with “smearing” movements, so that the product seems to “penetrate” into the pores (but not clog them). Most importantly, you need to get used to speed and apply the primer quickly, because it dries instantly.

The product not only perfectly smoothes the relief, but also mattifies the skin, forming a non-greasy satin finish. Thanks to its active ingredients and elastomers, the primer acts as a filler to minimize the appearance of pores and wrinkles. This miraculous effect is due to the presence of silicones in the composition, it is they who give the skin softness, velvety and help smooth it.

I do not recommend using it on very oily skin and in the heat, because sebum is released from the pores, which will “push” this base (it will not look neat on the skin, it can roll in places).

The primer is perfect for my oily skin. If you are a dry type, then you need a moisturizing base, because the primer will accentuate the flaking.

Price: 2 600 rub.

Tonal basis
Ultra HD in shade Y215, Make Up For Ever

Special effects are feasible only for foundation: matte skin, radiant face – just pick the perfect foundation for yourself and enjoy!

Thanks to foreign beauty bloggers, the Ultra HD tonal base was found on Instagram accounts.

At the base there are reflective pigment microparticles (even out skin texture), plant extracts (nourish and eliminate signs of fatigue), and hyaluronic acid capsules perfectly moisturize.

The tonal fluid was created for professional photography and video shooting: the camera does not seem to “see” the base, so it seems that the skin is natural and without makeup.

The texture is very light, although the product creates a dense coverage with a high degree of masking. The finish is satin (a slight glow of the skin, as it were from the inside). The foundation lasts for a long time: one touch is enough to cover the entire face. It does not tighten and does not make it greasy, does not fall into the pores, while covering not pronounced flaws. I have been using it for a year now, having tried it on my skin type in different seasons. Autumn, winter and early spring are the ideal time to apply this tonal fluid (it lasts 10-12 hours without rolling), but closer to summer it “sits” on the face for no more than 7 hours, starting to “float away” a little. Under a hot summer evening, the skin becomes uncomfortable and a little hard, I begin to feel the tonal foundation, so I want to quickly wash it off and apply it in a new way, or be without makeup at all. Therefore, Ultra HD will remain my faithful companion in the cold season.

Price: RUB 3,030

Concealer cream in shade Custard, NARS

Circles under my eyes are my worst enemy, because I sleep little and work a lot (an active lifestyle “on the face”). Therefore, you have to be friends with concealers from conscious years. For a long time I managed to try many products, but none of them were as persistent as Nars concealer cream in Custard shade (ideal for the eye area). I can also apply concealer on redness, while the color adjusts well to the skin tone.

In texture, it is dense and creamy, so I distribute it with “hammering movements” very quickly on the foundation, as it dries quickly (the skin around the eyes does not dry out). The tool needs very little, then it will cover the shortcomings and lie flat, without clogging up in folds.

At first, it seemed that the stopper on the tube was too greedy and gave little money, but in fact it only gives as much as needed so that it does not work out too much.

TOThe onsiler cream creates a rather moist, not matte finish, so I definitely fix the makeup with loose powder.

Price: 2 400 rub.

Crumbly powder Poudre Universelle Libre, Clair, Chanel

Natural makeup is in trend, therefore loose powders are also in trend, which make the skin matte. I have never used them before, but, having found the ideal one for myself, I can no longer refuse. Poudre Universelle Libre has minimal consumption, so it has been on my shelf for a year now.

Chanel decorative cosmetics have an unforgettable scent, and even the powder gives off a light rose scent. It is audible only when applied, but in these couple of minutes you feel like a fairy in a rose garden.

My lightest shade I could find is Clair. It is light beige without yellow and red undertones, which is very important. The composition contains reflective and color-correcting pigments that create a radiant complexion, and silica microparticles make the skin matte (therefore, there is no oily sheen). The finishing coat is light and weightless: it is not in vain that it is a powder-veil, designed to fix makeup and lightly highlight the face. Most importantly, the product does not weigh down your makeup or stains (even on a sticky foundation).

Applying powder with a torch brush (this is more convenient because the brush gives a lot of control over the application due to the sharp end), the borders of the chin and neck are shaded, so the tone will be ideally adjusted. It is best to apply the product with “patting” movements all over the face, and with circular movements – on the T-zone. Then be sure to go with a powder brush along the massage lines of the skin to smooth out irregularities and remove excess. After five minutes, the powder “shrinks” and ceases to be noticeable.

In total, the Chanel line includes 4 shades of this powder-veil (from the lightest to shades that go into a golden undertone and pinkish).

Price: 3 700 rub.