6 styling mistakes you make


TO what can the abuse of styling products lead to, how to choose the right comb for styling and why does the hair need to be allowed to cool? WELLA National Expert Igor Kimyashov – about the most common mistakes you make when styling your hair.

Mistake # 1: you choose the wrong comb

First you need to determine the main types of combs that are used to style your hair. The first is brushing: it can be made of natural bristles, mixed (with natural and artificial bristles) and metallic. The first is ideal for fine to medium hair structures, and can be used to both straighten curls and create natural volume. The metallic version is for thicker and curly hair. It straightens well and copes with curls thanks to the thermal effect.

The second type is massage combs. They act as an accessory for styling and perfectly comb tangled hair. And to create volume at the roots, take a “skeleton” comb – it is made according to the principle of massage, but it lifts the roots well. Styling your hair with it is not difficult at all: lift the roots with a comb and direct the hairdryer under the strand.

Mistake # 2: you style wet hair

If there is even the slightest moisture in your hair after blow-drying, and you are going to use an iron or curling iron, you can simply burn your hair. In addition, styling on poorly dried hair will not hold well, and the volume will disappear instantly.

But the hairdryer can be used when it is convenient for you, even immediately after washing. The main thing is to blot excess moisture with a towel without rubbing them. Then the strands will not be damaged, and the volume will last longer. Beauty hacks for creating voluminous styling look here

Mistake # 3: you don’t use the hair dryer attachments

But in vain: a narrow nozzle for a hair dryer helps to control the flow of air – you can direct it to a specific strand or section of your hair without blowing up the rest of your hair. This is especially useful if you are trying to create volume at the roots.

A diffuser – an alternative to combs and other styling tools – ideal for wavy hair. It is easy to get volume along the entire length with it, but be prepared for the fact that your hair will be a little wavy. The diffuser can also be used to create volume at the roots, provided that the styling is curled: just lower your head down and dry your hair, leaning the nozzle perpendicularly and grabbing small strands. Rotate the diffuser left-right depending on the direction of installation.

Mistake # 4: You Apply Too Much Styling

Excessive styling is fraught with the fact that at best, the styling will quickly “fall”, at worst – you get the effect of dirty hair. This is especially true for foams, mousses and gel-textured products.

Often I recommend using several products at the same time: for example, a thermal spray or gel along with varnish. And here it is important to apply the optimal amount – then everything will work for you and your hair. It doesn’t matter how much you used – it is important how much.

Hairspray, heat protective styling spray and hair gel Wellaflex, Wella

In any case, you will not need more than two: we use one before blow-drying and apply on wet hair (mousse, gel or spray), and the second – on dry hair, when the styling is ready (varnish, gel, cream or wax).

Mistake # 5: you keep your hair cool

It is very important to let your hair cool down after styling – this is due to the laws of physics. Under the influence of hot air or when using an iron, you define the shape of the hair, and when it cools down, fixation occurs. In this form, the curls will retain their shape for a long time.

Therefore, after blow-drying, and especially when using a curling iron, let your hair cool completely immediately. This way the hairstyle will last for a longer period.

Mistake # 6: you are using your styling products incorrectly

Most often, a mistake is made when using varnish – this tool is applied, as a rule, to the finished styling. There is simply no point in spraying it on hot hair, and even more so, you should not work with hot tongs or an iron immediately after that – you will burn your hair.

The effect will be the same as when styling wet hair with hot tools, only in this case the result will be fixed and will hold, but the curls will be damaged. The same mistakes are made when using an iron when they want to get textured strands: they spray a liquid spray, and then straighten it right away. Even if the effect is beautiful, for the ends of the hair it is like killing.

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Text: Anastasia Speranskaya