7 best peels for hair


Trichologists say in one voice: if you want to grow long hair – buy a peeling for the scalp. Without this “fighter”, do not even dream of winning the war for centimeters. BeautyHack editors have tested the peels and selected the best candidates for the shelf in your bathroom.

Peeling shampoo for sensitive scalp Bain Riche Dermo-Calm, Kerastase

Tested by BeautyHack Editor Natalia Kapitsa

The fight for the length began last year. After two lightenings, the hair had to be cut off several times – not a single mask was able to “glue” the ends and turn the overdried hay into a beautiful waterfall. Having gone for a consultation with a trichologist and having handed over the hair for analysis of the mineral composition, I decided to approach the issue comprehensively, say goodbye to my own laziness and be patient. So biotin and Omega-3 appeared in the first-aid kit, and on the shelf in the bathroom – shampoo for deep cleaning and peeling (we wrote about the best shampoos here). In fact, they have the same effect: they cleanse the scalp, stimulate blood circulation, remove heavy metal salts and styling residues. The difference is the frequency of applications.

Kerastase Peeling Shampoo can be used every day (but not necessary). It was developed for those with sensitive scalp. I do not consider myself to be such, but I am always very happy when I do not find it in the composition of aggressive components.

These were not found in Kerastase: neither silicone nor aggressive surfactants. Shampoo with the consistency of raspberry jelly does an excellent job with its main function – cleansing. After use, the hair is soft and elastic even without the balm, and the scalp seems to begin to “breathe”.

Our friendship with Bain Riche Dermo-Calm is two weeks old, and she has every chance of developing into a long-term relationship.

Price on request

3-stage 3D System 1, Nioxin

Tested by BeautyHack editor Julia Kozoliy

My colleague Dasha Sizova told me about the miracle peeling Nioxin, who only with his help was able to grow her hair. Peeling is an obligatory part of Nioxin salon hair care. here). But at home, you can try more traditional brand treatments with the additional function of deep cleansing of the scalp.

3D System 1 consists of a cleansing shampoo, a peeling conditioner and a mask that cares for the scalp and hair lengthwise. To bring my thin fluffy hair to my senses, I use all the treatments only together, without being greedy (although the “babies” are very tiny: 150 and 40 ml each). Each product contains patented Nioxin complexes based on antioxidants, which are designed to thicken strands so that they can withstand any mechanical stress, and strengthen hair follicles – hair will grow faster and fall out much less.

I tested the product for a month, and here’s what I noticed: the shampoo is designed for natural hair, so if you, like mine, have colored hair, use it once a week. The tool perfectly cleans out the remnants of styling and adds volume to dry fine hair at the roots. The plus of this “stripping” is that after a month baby hair appears, and the hair begins to grow faster. After the shampoo, I apply the conditioner along the entire length for 10 minutes and rinse it off, and at the end of the treatment – an indelible mask only (!) On the scalp. It’s nice that the mask is non-greasy, that is, it is quickly absorbed, does not take away volume from thin hair and does not blind them. The result is a noticeable shine along the length and friable, but dense strands, which naturally increased in a month!

Bonus tip: if you want an even more perfect result, use an additional washable Nioxin nourishing mask (I talked about it here).

Price: 2 180 rub

Peeling for skin heads Tea Tree Hair & Scalp Treatment, Paul Mitchell

Tested by BeautyHack Senior Editor Anastasia Speranskaya

When I first went to see a trichologist and saw the scalp in tenfold magnification, I realized that it needs no less careful care than the skin of the face. Especially in my case: I wash my head every day and constantly use styling products – mousses, sprays and powders for volume, which are often impossible to completely wash off with shampoo.

Now I apply Paul Mitchel peeling from the Tea Tree line once a week – it can be used as a mask before shampooing and as a classic conditioner (I like the first option better). I rub it into the roots like a scrub (there are small abrasive particles in the composition), hold it for about five minutes and rinse it off. A pleasant chill is felt as this peppermint oil starts to work. The composition also included tea tree oil, lavender, ginger extract, salicylic acid and aloe. Despite the consistency of the cream, the product rinses off perfectly and gives volume – the roots become mobile, and the hair shines and remains clean longer.

Price: 2 160 rubles.

Gel for peeling the scalp Actyva Purezza Gel, Kemon

Tested by BeautyHack SMM manager Grishina Alexandra

If you have been reading us carefully and for a long time, you know that Kemon is not my first can. At a low price, the products of this brand work perfectly and fulfill the assigned tasks 100%. Therefore, if you have never used scrubs and peels for the scalp, I advise you to start your acquaintance with this gel. The Actyva line (developed in Italy) uses more than 40 natural ingredients that provide an effect along with the latest achievements in cosmeceuticals. Even the slogan of this line reads: “A thin line between science and nature.”

Delicately cleanses dead skin particles, removes the residues of styling products – all this is about Purezza Gel. The composition contains microgranules of rice bran, which gently scrub the skin.

It is most convenient to apply the product with a brush: dilute 25 ml of the product in a bowl and apply to dry scalp. I advise you to massage a little with your fingers, but not in a circular motion (hair may tangle). Leave it on for 5 minutes, rinse and start shampooing. For better cleansing, I rinse my hair twice. Due to the essential oils in the gel, you will feel a light spa effect. The product is suitable for owners of both oily and dry scalp – plus for its versatility.

Price on request

Natural regenerating essence Scalp Stimulating Essential Oils, Leonor Greyl

Tested by BeautyHack editorial assistant Karina Ilyasova

The appearance of the Leonor Greyl brand in the middle of the 20th century is a wildly romantic story of the union of the hairdresser Leonor and the pharmacist Jean-Marie Greyl. It is interesting that today the family brand is also managed by a married couple – the daughter of Leonor herself and Jean-Marie and her husband, biologist Tom Brooks. Therefore, for 50 years, the company’s focus has not changed: they continue to create products from herbal ingredients, using the most innovative technologies. Every third is a bestseller! Take this essence in a glass bottle with liquid gold inside! It fights dandruff, and also has tonic, stimulating and regenerating properties, acting specifically on the hair follicle. You need to apply it on dry scalp, dividing the hair into partings and doing a light massage. Leave it on for 15 minutes, rinse it off with shampoo – and you get fresh, dense, smooth hair at the roots. The main working components are oils (Chilean rose, borage, jojoba, etc.). For a long-term effect, the manufacturer advises to take the full course, which I will do in the near future!

Price: 3274 rub.

Scrub for scalp, Yves Rocher

Tested by Beautyhack special correspondent Daria Mironova

Large particles of salt are responsible for scrubbing in this tool. They massage the scalp very gently while washing, without irritating it. I apply the scrub before using the shampoo. The product has a thick and fairly dense gel consistency. It foams a little, providing a cleansing effect – don’t be alarmed, this is the norm. Sometimes I use oils before washing my hair. And even their scrub removes two times – you can do without shampoo if it was not at hand.

Price: 490 rub.

Cleansing emulsion before using shampoo Scalp Detox, Londa Professional

Tested by BeautyHack editorial assistant Arina Zarudko

As a person with an oily scalp, I have tried a lot of products that are designed to eliminate this problem. They used salicylic acid shampoos, refreshing conditioners, and so on.

Once a familiar stylist recommended looking in the direction of the peelings. I decided to start with Londa – I have been very familiar with this brand for a long time.

On the packaging of the emulsion it is written: provides an instant detox effect. And, lo and behold, the promise turned out to be pure truth. This result is achieved due to the presence in the composition of the extract of cucumber and hazel. They also regulate the activity of the sebaceous glands. I use the product twice a week and am very satisfied. The strands are shinier, more manageable and less fluffy. Trichologists are right: hair care begins with scalp care.

Price: 650 rub.