Zand that we love the warm season? Of course, for the opportunity to experiment with your hair and try on the most extravagant hairstyles! Moreover, this season designers and stylists only support the most daring flights of fantasy.

A particularly nice moment is that the hairstyles of the new spring-summer season are not only stylish, but also very practical. BeautyHack has selected some of the most creative options that will suit owners of all hair types.

Voluminous boho braids

The braid, by right, is one of the most beloved women’s hairstyles! And every summer, braids return to the charts of fashionable hairstyles in a variety of ways.

This season, at the peak of popularity, slight negligence, so the heads of fashionistas were decorated with voluminous, as if a little disheveled, boho-style braids.

Despite this, such an imperfect braid is the perfect hairstyle for both everyday life and for going out.

Large hairpins and invisible hairpins

Large hairpins on the hair just blew up the trends of this year! Large hairpins-clips decorated with pearls and mother-of-pearl look especially impressive in women’s hairstyles. For a more daring look, you can choose invisible hairpins with words lined with rhinestones. This option is ideal for all hair types and lengths. Hairpins will add grace to long curls, and flirty elegance to short ones and girls with a bob haircut. (You can read about other stylish women’s hairstyles for long hair here.)


From the moment models showcased this hairstyle at the Prada show, velvet or textile headbands have won the hearts of fashionistas and have become a highlight of streetstyle fashion photos. Why, it’s so convenient! You can wear headbands with loose hair, or complement them with a tail, bob or a careless bun – this women’s accessory will look stylish on a girl with any type of hair.

Bundle knot

From the gym to a social reception? Why not! A knot tightly twisted at the very top or at the back of the head has long been appreciated by many famous women of fashion. Moreover, such a woman’s hairstyle will help out when there is almost no time for styling. And to make the bun-loop showiness, release a couple of strands along the face – a note of negligence will only decorate the hairstyle.

Bow in hair

Another fashionable trend that many designers and famous divas have adopted is ribbons in their hair. You can wear ribbons as you like – this is a very feminine and romantic accessory. The most common way is to tie your hair at the back or crown of your head and tie a neat bow. Ideal for women with short hair and bob hair.

Very high tail

If a high ponytail is the perfect hairstyle for any occasion, then you are absolutely right! Indeed, this season stylists believe that a high ponytail is ideal for hair of any type and texture. In addition, the tail looks very stylish, due to the fact that it visually lengthens the face and makes its features more graceful. An interesting point: the more disheveled your hair, the more spectacular the tail looks and the more stylish the image is. (How to create perfect light waves – read here.)

Malvinka beam

Stylish and comfortable hairstyle for spring and summer, which has long become a favorite of many fashionistas. And it is not surprising, because to create it, you just need to twist half of the hair into knots or braid it into braids and fix it high on the back of the head. The rest of the curls will fall freely and beautifully over the shoulders. This hairstyle will also appeal to owners of short hair or bob haircuts.

Text: Anna Sherstneva

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