7 wedding makeup trends for brides in 2019


HIndependent makeup artist Yulia Kupriy (@kupryimakeup) told which arrows are relevant in this wedding season, why every bride should have a highlighter and pink lip gloss in her purse.

Julia Kupriy

Julia Kupriy

Independent makeup artist

“Already today, future brides are looking at magazines in search of their perfect wedding makeup. Pastel shades and matte textures are still in trend. But there are also some innovations. All shades of pink, for example. Yes, yes, the one that used to be avoided so as not to create the image of an airy “cake”. I’ll tell you about the main trends in wedding makeup in 2019. Stock up on highlighters and pink glitters! “

Trend # 1: “metal” hands

Arrows will always be relevant: both in wedding and in everyday makeup. On one of the happiest days of your life, give preference to “metallic” shades. How about bronze? Owners of brown eyes are perfect. You will find such a shade in Giorgio Armani’s cruise collection 2017. It also has an option for light eyes – Eyes To Kill Proliner Eyeliner in shimmering sea blue.

Trend # 2: a lot of blush

Today, blush is a must-have for any makeup. Makeup artists apply them not only to the cheekbones. Blush is used to correct the face, replacing them with the “sculptor”. Stock up on bronze shades. Summer is coming – they will come in handy! Pay attention to the creamy textures and blush in the sticks. You will find delicate, “wedding” shades at Chanel.

Trend # 3: shine

The bigger, the better! Highlighters have long been the main “wedding” trend in makeup. They make it livelier and more festive. When choosing such products, give preference to cream with a delicate shine – do not forget that the main part of the ceremony takes place during the day. MAC Cream Color Base is perfect. It creates the effect of sleek, well-groomed skin – as if you just left the beautician’s office after a miracle procedure.

Trend # 4: pink

Earlier, makeup artists tried to avoid this shade in wedding makeup. And today it is everywhere: on the lips, eyelids and cheekbones. Don’t be afraid to be bright. A wedding is a great excuse to add color. Just make sure to sign up for a makeup test to avoid any unpleasant surprises on the day of the ceremony.
By the way, pink suits almost everyone – the main thing is to find the “right” shade.

Trend # 5: bright smoky

An option for brave and daring brides! If “pastel” and “nude” are not yours, pay attention to the bright “smoky”. The hit of this wedding season is all shades of blue. With this makeup, you can visually enlarge or reduce your eyes – it all depends on the technique. Discuss this with your makeup artist.

Trend # 6: red lips

Who said red lipstick is a party option, not a wedding option? Just make sure the tone is perfect. Red lipstick obliges you to do this.

Trend # 7: all shades of gold

This trend emerged in bridal fashion after model Gigi Hadid chose gold makeup for the Met Gala. With him, the Maybelline New York brand ambassador could not go unnoticed. The trend immediately fell into the “cosmetic bag” of makeup artists who do makeup for brides.