8 most beautiful roles of Angelina Jolie


V At the beginning of her career, the most beautiful woman in the world, according to Vanity Fair magazine, instead of Black tea dresses, walked leather pants on the red carpets. The roles in the movies were appropriate: Gia – a fashion model with an unstable psyche, aggressively beautiful Lara Croft, the kid Kate from “Hackers”. In the early 2000s, Angie was often invited to more sensual roles. The most feminine film images of Angelina Jolie are in our selection.

Cornelia, George Wallace

Participation in the biographical mini-series about the Governor of Alabama can be considered the starting point in the career of Angelina Jolie. For the role of George’s second wife, Cornelia, the actress received the prestigious Golden Globe Award.

The film covers the period from the 1950s to the early 60s. The theme of racism is especially well covered in the film – Wallace tried to legislatively prohibit the education of black students at the University of Alabama.

Jolie brilliantly coped with the role of a devoted, loving wife, ready to do anything for her husband. Now the 60s are at the peak of popularity: be sure to watch the picture for inspiration and to pick up a couple of beauty ideas.

Julia, “The Temptation”

In the film, based on the novel by Cornell Woolrich, Jolie played Julia, a delusional woman who decided to take over the fortune of a wealthy coffee merchant. The film about unbridled passion, love and fatal beauty received high marks from film critics and viewers. The duet of Jolie and Banderas is wonderful: the heroes of the film are so beautiful that it is impossible to take your eyes off them.

For her role in this film, Jolie did not receive any awards, but while working on the film, Angelina took the Oscar for Best Actress in Girl, Interrupted.

Jane, “Mr. and Mrs. Smith”

After the release of this picture, the duet “Brnajelina” did not leave their tongues. The story of a married couple of hired killers, who were “ordered” to each other, won the hearts of the audience. The roles of John and Jane became fateful for both actors – passions from the set smoothly flowed into real life.

Angelina turned out to be an atypical “mercenary”. Ideally thoughtful outfits, flexibility and great makeup – even with a gun in hand and a knife behind an elastic band, Jolie’s stockings look feminine.

Elise, “The Tourist”

In the 2010 film by Florian Henkel von Donnersmarck, Jolie plays the beloved woman of the thief Alexander Pearce, who robbed the boss of $ 1.5 billion.

At the first glance at Angelina, it becomes clear why men follow her heroine with a gaze and still cannot come to their senses for a long time: classic pumps, pencil skirts and elegant clutches are very suitable for the actress.

Despite the distance acquaintance, Jolie and Depp first saw each other on the set. The American audience did not like the film at all, but the image of Angelina in it was recognized as one of the sexiest in her entire career.

Olympiad, “Alexander”

In this film, the viewer saw Angelina in an atypical role for her – the actress played the mother of Alexander the Great. A well-defined cheekbone line, a drawn contour of the eyes, full lips and decorated tables (women’s clothing in Rome) – it seems that this is how the Olympics should have looked, inspiring for exploits.

In terms of visualization, the film is beautiful: the battles, costumes, decorations and splendor of the palaces are pleasing to the eye. Despite this, he was nominated in 6 Golden Raspberry nominations (Worst Film, Worst Actor, Worst Actress, Worst Supporting Actor (Val Kilmer), Worst Director ( Oliver Stone), “Worst Scenario”).

Christine, “Substitution”

Heartbroken mother Christine Collins, who lost her son, critics call one of the best roles of Angelina in recent years.

The film is based on a real story that took place in Los Angeles in the early 1920s. The American woman went to the police station with a statement about the disappearance of the child. After a while, her son was returned to her. Outwardly, he was perfectly similar, but the mother claimed that this was not her child. Instead of helping the heroine, Angie was offered a residence permit in an insane asylum, but even there she looks amazingly good.

Scarlet lips, elegant hats, classic suits, silk gloves and a square fashionable at that time – such a spectator remembered Angelina in this role.

Vanessa, Cote d’Azur

10 years after Mr. and Mrs. Smith, the now ex-spouses met again on set. Angie herself was the director and scriptwriter of Côte d’Azur herself – the film became the most anticipated premiere of 2016.

In the film, Jolie and Pitt play a childless married couple, exhausted after 14 years of marriage. In the hope of returning the former fire, the writer Ronald and his wife Vanessa come to the French coast, where they are trying to “revive” the marriage, looking at their serene neighbors.

There are many elegant shots and sophisticated outfits in the film. But critics made a negative review of the picture: they did not like the script or the acting. A scene in which Vanessa woke up with smoky eyes was vigorously discussed on the Internet – the edition of The Warp “savored” her for a long time. One of the critics said about the picture: “She plays a woman who has lost interest in life, but at the same time looks like a model from the cover!”. We strongly disagree! This is what a woman should look like when she decides to win her husband’s attention again.

Lanny, “Life or Something Like That”

One of the few roles where Angie is blonde. In Stephen Herek’s film, Jolie plays Lanny, an aspiring journalist who, in addition to work, has a fiancé and a lot of plans for the future. The girl’s life changes abruptly after meeting with a tramp, who predicted her early death.

“Life or Something Like That” is a film in which the director managed to put a deep philosophical meaning into the entertainment content.

Jolie is so organic in the role of Lanny that at some point you start to think: this is a real character in front of you. White pantsuit and nude makeup – this image seems to us to be one of the best in the picture.