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TOOreian plastic surgeons are considered the most experienced in the world. According to statistics, every fifth Asian woman has had at least one cosmetic operation. Putting aesthetics on the assembly line, the Korean specialists have perfected their skills, honing every movement. To date, Korea has performed the most operations in the world. Medical tourism in this country is developed like no other. More than 300,000 people a year visit Korea to become even more beautiful. The real story of one makeover in Seoul is in BeautyHack.

Why Korea?

The fact that medical tourism in the country is developing by leaps and bounds is a regularity. And it’s not just the number of operations performed. In terms of the equipment of clinics and the innovativeness of the methods used, Korea is ahead of the rest.

Plastic surgery in Seoul has an important feature – it is minimally invasive. This means that the time of the rehabilitation period is significantly reduced. In Korea, by the way, there are a lot of additional programs that allow you to recover much faster (without interrupting production, so to speak).

Many medical tourists have the second most popular question after the price: “If I don’t know the language, what should I do?” Enjoy. Seoul clinics will provide both a personal consultant and an interpreter – this is part of the service.

Another plus in Korea’s favor is anonymity. 90% of patients do not want to advertise the fact of surgery. Korean clinics guarantee complete confidentiality. And if necessary, they even provide housing.

A place where you want to be better

In 2004, another place appeared in Seoul where they make people more beautiful by helping to fight complexes – REGEN Plastic Surgery Gangnam. Today, the clinic is considered one of the best plastic surgery centers in South Korea according to the KAHF (Korea Medical Tourist Hospital Accreditation Program).

Its beauty menu includes a large number of procedures: from stem cell rejuvenation and cheekbone reduction to body shaping. The clinic employs more than 30 plastic surgeons, whose qualifications and professionalism are confirmed by numerous diplomas and awards.

The biggest plus of REGEN Plastic Surgery Gangnam is its focus on naturalness. Specialists take into account all the features of the face and figure, preserving the individuality of their patients.

People around you notice: the person began to look much better, but they do not understand that it is worth saying “thank you” for this not only to nature, but also to a plastic surgeon.

The professionalism of the clinic is confirmed by statistics: for 15 years, the center has not received a single complaint from patients – level! Among the medical tourists of REGEN Plastic Surgery Gangnam, you can often find celebrities and IT girls who are watched by hundreds of thousands of subscribers on social networks. It was there that our heroine went to emphasize the natural beauty.

15 floors of innovation in the most prestigious center of Seoul, the highest level of service, safety, quality control – strong arguments in favor of.

Better to see once

You can talk a lot and for a long time about the benefits of plastic surgery in Korea, but as they say, it is better to see once than hear 100 times. The real story of a real person who fell in love with himself after a visit to Korea.

A little over 20 years ago, an ordinary girl X was born in Russia (the author of the story shared a photo, but asked to keep her name a secret). Nature has awarded her with a pretty appearance. But the girl herself was embarrassed by the shape of the jaw.

“It’s amazing how nature works. My sister with the same set of genes turned out to be perfect. I got an unattractive smile that adds 10 years, and another “legacy” that I would like to get rid of, ”says H.

Since the girl now lives in the United States, she began the search for a surgeon and clinic there.

“I started looking for a clinic in the city where I live. I will say even more: I went to see several surgeons. At that time, I had no experience at all – I got all the knowledge on the forums. There I found information that the pre-selected clinics do not have a very good reputation. There were no problems with finances for visual transformation. Therefore, I decided to expand my horizons and look for surgeons in another country. “

A friend advised X to take a look at the Soompi forum – a resource where you can find reviews from real people about clinics around the world. After carefully studying the information, the girl went to Korea.

“I visited 3 places: ID, REGEN Gangnam and JK. The REGEN Gangnam specialists generated more confidence – the decision was made on the spot. Plastic surgery in Seoul is highly developed. The best spots are located in Gangnam, which reminded me of Beverly Hills. Some clinics look almost as luxurious as expensive hotels! Some are in 2–3 storey buildings, but most are 10 storeys.

To be honest, I have always considered South Korea a “third world country”. But after the first visit, she radically changed her mind. The clinics look like “hello” from the future: they even have trendy lobbies where you can order food! “

REGEN Gangnam Clinic has a version site in Russian – very convenient. An initial consultation can be obtained online – quickly and easily.

“The only thing that had to be done was to install the messaging application. Most likely, this was done for reasons of confidentiality, “- says X. -” I sent a few photos to the clinic and described in detail what I would like to fix. After that they sent me a price list. The amount suited me. But after a personal meeting with the surgeon, she became smaller, although as a result I decided to do more manipulations. ”

The REGEN Gangnam Clinic is located next door to one of the largest bookstores in Gangnam – no mistake. It is an office building with huge posters at the entrance.

“I was met at the clinic and taken to the waiting room. There I met several foreigners, with whom I exchanged several phrases in English. At REGEN Plastic Surgery Gangnam I have performed several operations: rhinoplasty, square jaw correction, mammoplasty, liposuction and cheekbone resection. Since the surgeons were different, I’ll tell you about the last jaw surgery performed by Dr. Myung Jun O. I was scared to meet him. He didn’t know me. I saw him on the Internet and in several programs on TV. One phrase and the tension subsided. I understood: everything will be fine! “

Dr. Myung Jun Oh talked with X for a long time, explaining what exactly he would do and what the consequences could be. It took quite a long time. But it was worth it – X received comprehensive answers to all questions. After that, the date and time were selected.

“The day before the operation, I underwent an extensive body examination: blood test, ECG and more. The check took a little over 30 minutes. I don’t remember the operation at all. They took me to the table, introduced me to the anesthesiologist and then – a failure. When I woke up, I was already in my room. I absolutely did not remember anything about the operation, my face was already bandaged. Yes, it was swollen, but not as swollen as in the photos of other people on the Internet. After discharge, I received detailed instructions on what to do. At first, you can not eat solid food – I adhered to the soup diet. To reduce the swelling, I periodically applied an ice pack to my face. Honestly? For a couple of days the pain was strong – I will not dissemble. But now, looking at myself in the mirror, I understand: everything is not in vain. My chin looks amazing and even some of my friends want the same. “

It took about 5 months to restore X in total. The swelling completely disappeared, there was no trace of pain. The girl feels much more confident and happier. And this is the main point!

Chief Surgeons of REGEN Plastic Surgery Gangnam:

– Dr. Myung Jun Oh (Double Jaw, Rhinoplasty, Maxillofacial, Face Lift)

– Dr. Seok Jun Lee (Mammoplasty, Rhinoplasty, Eye Surgery, Facelift – SMAS lifting / stem cell facelift, Liposuction, Lipofilling)

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