Baking makeup – how to repeat


Vizagist Christina Novikova – about how (and whether it is worth) to do baking yourself and what products are suitable for such makeup.

What is baking?

Baking is, first of all, stage make-up, which is used in films, theaters and on the red carpet. Such a make-up is loved by the female half of the Kardashian-Jenner family and Dita von Teese. The technique allows you to correct absolutely all imperfections and get an even skin tone. For this, a large number of products are used: a moisturizing base, concealer, translucent powder, foundation. The main stage, from which the technique got its name, is “baking” the makeup with a wet sponge fixing powder. In simple words, the make-up artist “paints” you absolutely even skin.

How to make makeup using the baking technique?

Baking helps create perfect skin, but it is a dense coating that is visible on the face. A highlighter helps to visually hide the effect of the mask, which turns the attention to itself.

First, you need to cleanse and moisturize your face as much as possible, then apply a thick layer of concealer on it (under the eyes, you can also on the T-zone), fill the remaining areas with tone. “Seal” all this with a damp sponge, then apply a loose powder with a fluffy brush, wait a couple of seconds and apply the same powder with a thick layer of a sponge, wait a minute and gently brush off the remnants with a brush.

Can I make baking myself?

You can, but there are many nuances. Often, girls choose the wrong shades of concealer and foundation, apply powder at the wrong time, do not withstand all stages in time, do not make a dense enough tone and do not moisturize the skin before that. In baking, the main thing is not to overdo it and apply everything in portions, layering funds. You can’t rush either – it is important to let the tone and concealer dry.

What products to use for make-up using the baking technique?

For such a make-up, dense, waxy textures are suitable, which hide all skin irregularities as much as possible. For example, Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Foundation (it is available in seven shades), NYX Dark Circle Concealer, loose colorless powder. I recommend Ultra HD Powder from Make Up For Ever.

How to wash off such makeup?

In order not to injure the skin, I advise you to use hydrophilic oils or a two-phase liquid. Remember that you have an impressive number of layers of makeup on your face.