BeautyHack’s Tip of the Week: Take a Salt Bath


HDo not spare the time for such a whim (especially for residents of a metropolis)! If you are cold, tired, mired in stress, feel that the skin has become dry and flaky, overworked in training – take a bath and use your favorite salt. From the experts at BeautyHack – six proven options.

First, sea salt enhances perspiration, stimulates blood circulation and collagen synthesis. Secondly, a bath with salt (or aroma oils) can help reduce muscle soreness after exercise. “This is a sos remedy. Place a pillow or towel under your head and immerse yourself in a hot bath for half an hour. This way you warm up the muscles, helping them to come to their senses, and reduce the pain syndrome, ”advises Evgenia Ivanova, the founder of the Adria fitness camp project. For a detoxifying effect, use Epsom or Mediterranean salts – they help remove toxins from the body and relax. However, worrying about creating the right atmosphere in the bathroom (no one canceled candles and other Insta-entourage), do not forget about contraindications. “In the presence of varicose veins, hot water can worsen the condition of the blood vessels. Baths are contraindicated in diseases of the cardiovascular system, open skin lesions, in the early postoperative period and in the acute phase of chronic diseases. You can not take a bath at an elevated body temperature. Caution should also be observed for those who suffer from rosacea and rosacea, ”explains dermatocosmetologist Viktoria Goncharuk. The water temperature should be no more than 40 ° C.

Bath salt, Santa Maria Novella

Karina Andreeva, chief editor of BeautyHack

I remember how I felt the magical aroma of salt, just taking out of the gift bag this product in the package: from under the closed lid burst out the balsamic floral scent of Melorano brand cologne. The perfume itself was launched in 1965, and its key notes are bergamot, orange, patchouli, rose, pomegranate, amber and vanilla. It is no wonder that the fragrance is so many years old: the brand itself has existed for more than four centuries, and in 2012 it solemnly celebrated its 400th anniversary.

For a full spa treatment, you need five tablespoons of salt – add to hot water. The package is large – 500 grams, enough for more than 10 home spas. Recently, I have been arranging such a ritual after training – the aroma relieves tension, fatigue and is very relaxing.

Price: 4 160 rubles.

Aromatic salt Aroma Spa Bath Salt Asia, La Ric

Anastasia Speranskaya, Senior Editor at BeautyHack

La Ric has all the means as a selection! I use this salt when I want to relax. The iron argument in this case is the lotus scent that spreads throughout the bathroom. 20 minutes in warm water (more experts do not recommend) is enough to completely reboot. The product contains several oils: rose, lilac and lemon, and salt was mined in the Mediterranean. Conveniently, the set includes a special shell that serves as a measuring cup: one shell of salt – one bath!

Price: 4 680 rub.

Seaweed for bath Micronized Marines Algae, Thalgo

Yana Kovalenko, commercial director of BeautyHack

My introduction to Thalgo micronized seaweed took place about a year ago. At first I used them to moisturize the body, adding them to the bath. Delight! There are ten sachets of powder in the package. One is just enough for one bath – no need to measure the mixture with a measuring cup. You simply add the product to the water and be transported to the spa resort. The skin after application is smooth and silky. It contains kelp rich in iodine and fucus brown algae, which improve blood microcirculation.

But this is not the only use of algae. Thanks to iodine in Micronized Marines, Algae helps to improve contours and promote weight loss. It is necessary to dissolve the powder in water, apply the mixture to clean skin (I use a scrub before the procedure), wrap it with a film for 30 minutes, and then rinse. The product stimulates microcirculation, removes toxins and naturally improves the relief. I practice wrapping once a week!

Price: 430 rub. (for 1 sachet)

Spatouch aromatic salt

Maria Alferova, Special Correspondent of BeautyHack

For me, bath salt is not only a pleasant accessory, but a harsh necessity – in Moscow the quality of water is very poor, and after a bath my sensitive skin begins to peel off and dry out.

Spatouch has found a suitable remedy to solve this problem – the brand has released salt for pedicure and manicure baths, but it is perfect for a full procedure. You open the lid and immediately see large granules – it becomes clear that this is a natural remedy, not a chemical ersatz. The salt dissolves quickly, after a bath with it, the skin becomes soft and silky to the touch.

It contains essential oils of mandarin and mint with a bright aroma (after the bath, it accompanies me to the bedroom and stays with me until the morning).

Such aromatherapy helps to relax and fall asleep faster (and this is the main task of the home anti-stress program for the body).

Price: 680 rub.

Bath salt Stress-Fix Soaking Salts, Aveda

Natalia Kapitsa, editor of BeautyHack

Stress-Fix Soaking Salts have an excellent soothing effect thanks to the scent of organic French lavender. Add 2 tablespoons to a hot bath, relax and forget about all the problems. After the procedure, the skin becomes soft, swelling goes away, and most importantly, stress is relieved. If you add salt to the water regularly, you can say goodbye to those extra pounds.

Price: 4 400 rub.

Sea Salt Bath: Mint, L: A Bruket

Yulia Kozoliy, editor of BeautyHack

Swedish brand L: A Bruket was founded by Monika Kailin, a ceramic artist. When Monica was choosing a beautiful natural soap for filming her ceramic soap dishes, she did not find a single sample that could emphasize the beauty of the products – then the girl made the first soap by hand, from natural ingredients. This is how the L: A Bruket concept was born: natural composition, minimal design and efficiency.

Bath salt Mint confirms this: it contains only salt crystals, oil and peppermint. An invigorating scent spreads throughout the bathroom in a couple of minutes while the salt dissolves in the water. Polysaturated peppermint oil smoothes skin and heals cracks.

Price: 2 300 rub.