Can’t forget to buy? Top 10 hot new products of the week


AParty rum, travel oil, tired legs spray and more in this week’s collection of new products.

Hair oil Tahitian Monoi, Alan Hadash

The Alan Khadash brand, which combines the traditions of Israel and modern technologies of Germany, appeared in Russia not so long ago, so we want to remind you about the collection of hair oils – in the spring they will come in handy. If you have not yet had time to get acquainted with the mysterious beakers, we correct the situation: “Tahitian monoi”, “Israeli avocado” (read about this oil here) and Brazilian Murumuru will not only save dehydrated and unruly hair, but also soothe the scalp.

In the case of Tahitian Monoi, the curls will also take on a warm coconut-vanilla aroma. Unsurprisingly, the flowers were soaked in refined coconut oil for the formula. Not without German innovations: the nano-allotrope of carbon C60, which fights against aging, free radicals and other adversities, was added to the product. The oil is lightweight and completely non-sticky – it is suitable for use on both dry and damp hair, and the convenient travel-format allows you to put it even in hand luggage.

Price: 999 rub.

Eau de parfum 212 VIP Rosé Extra, Carolina Herrera

At BeautyHack, 212 VIP fragrances have a loyal admirer – editorial assistant Arina Zarudko. She could not help falling in love with the new version of 212 VIP Rosé Extra from the limited collection – the bottle sprinkled with grains of rose gold and the dizzying aroma inspires to drop everything and go to a party. Here’s what Arina said about the new Carolina Herrera:

“Like all previous versions of the 212 VIP, this one smells sweet and luxurious. The composition opens with an incredible mix of cherry liqueur, lychee and Italian mandarin, while the heart of this intoxicating bouquet contains a delicate peony, bitter almond and violet root concrete. A riot of sweetness, embellished with floral and fruity notes. The base of the scent is royal wood intertwined with Madagascar vanilla.

I love bold, intense scents, so there is no doubt that 212 VIP Rosé Extra will take pride of place among my favorites. He is like a hymn to youth and style: bold, sweet and uncompromising. After listening to the scent, the first thing that revealed itself on my skin was a ripe cherry, as if bathing in vanilla. In short, a truly sensual, extravagant combination for vibrant urban Amazons who love to be the center of attention and stylish parties until the morning. ”

Price on request

Collection of varnishes Tokyo, OPI

The new OPI lacquer collection is inspired by Tokyo, a city that sets trends in nail art and bright colors. Co-founder and brand ambassador Susie Weiss-Fischmann says: “Tokyo is known for being at the forefront of nail trends and perfectly in line with the OPI spirit, which does not follow trends, but sets them.” Therefore, we are studying a new palette and thinking over manicure for the spring and next summer!

The collection includes 12 shades in different formulas – the classic Nail Lacquer, the long-lasting Infinite Shine and the GelColor. Here are the dusty pink Rice Rice Baby, the color of the spring sky Kanpai, and such different shades of green – the light green How Does Your Zen Garden Grow and the wasabi color I’m On a Sushi Roll (pictured). And for the most advanced beauty lovers (or just for those who like to shine and shimmer) in the Tokyo collection there are 6 limited edition shades with glitter and foil – in general, you will have every chance to merge with the inhabitants of the Harajuku quarter.

Price: 630 rub.

Trio of creams Benefiance, Shiseido

In more good news from Japan, Shiseido has unveiled a new collection of Benefiance creams for stressed skin. The newest anti-aging active ingredients were used in the formulas: for example, angelica cayeus, chlorella, Japanese soap tree extracts. Together they strengthen skin cells and normalize skin function.

You just have to make a choice – try a light anti-wrinkle cream or its nourishing version, as well as supplement the treatment with a day cream with SPF 25, which will form a protective barrier on the skin. The textures of the creams are very soft and velvety – they are not felt at all on the face, but at the same time they effectively prevent premature aging. A separate bonus is a floral scent with notes of greenery, which will additionally fight stress and bad mood.

Price on request

Hug Me Moisture Steam Cream Floral, Secret Key

The history of the Secret Key brand, originally from South Korea, began in 2006: having released a BB cream based on natural ingredients, it gained popularity all over the world, rapidly expanding. Today, the cosmetics company takes pride of place among Korean partners, taking care of the health of its consumers first and foremost. Secret Key selects natural oils and fruit extracts as the leading ingredients, which have a beneficial effect on the condition of the skin. The brand’s novelty was tried by BeautyHack editorial assistant Arina Zarudko:

“As a loyal fan of Korean cosmetics, I have heard a lot about the brand, but I was able to make sure of the quality and effectiveness of the products produced relatively recently. When choosing a moisturizer, the main criteria for me are: fast absorption, softening of the skin and even tone. Secret Key cream with a cute teddy bear on a jar does an excellent job with these tasks. The secret is in the aforementioned oils – in the composition of the product argan oil and sunflower oil, which eliminate dryness and dehydration of the skin. Also in the composition you can find phytosqualane – this is a component that penetrates into skin cells and moisturizes it at a deep cellular level. Panthenol provides fast skin regeneration, fights skin irritation and inflammation, and the cream also contains vitamin E.

This jar has become my faithful friend – I apply the cream in the morning after tonic, it perfectly prepares the skin for make-up, softens and nourishes, and, which is fundamentally important for me, mattifies the skin and tightens pores. The product can be used in the evening as well, due to its rather light texture it is quickly absorbed, leaving a fresh, floral scent on the skin. ”

Price: 1 040 rub.

Cleansing shampoo The Purist and conditioner The Smoother Seb Man, Sebastian Professional

How can a cosmetic brand please a man? Release the product in a harsh package and include no less harsh ingredients – for example, zinc pyriotine and pepper (albeit pink). The Seb Man line fully meets the stated requirements: no bright colors – only khaki and black, and no sweet fragrances – only fresh brutal aromas.

For lovers of multifunctional products, there is a 3-in-1 shampoo, and for those with more shelf space in the bathroom, you should get a tandem of The Purist shampoo and The Smoother conditioner. The first deeply cleanses the scalp, restoring its pH balance, relieves dandruff and itching, and also gives a feeling of freshness. The second one is for aesthetes whose hair lacks moisture and softness. The extract of guarana and pink pepper, which are part of both products, cares for hair and skin and leaves a light woody-plant trail.

Price of each product: 1 980 rubles.

Mask-concentrate Hydrasource for deep restoration of dry hair, Biolage

The trend for superfoods is not losing ground, and therefore they “settled” even in cosmetics. So Biolage has released a mask with aloe and spirulina, packed in a convenient sachet – now you can thoroughly care for your hair even on trips, as they say, “not a drop by”. The novelty has already been tried by BeautyHack editor Sofia Vorobyova:

“I am a maniac in the matter of hair care, I always carefully approach the choice of shampoos, styling, sprays and everything else to make both myself and the curls happy. Concentrated mask from Biolage helps me to restore my hair. After applying it, they are easier to comb, and the formula itself is enriched with natural ingredients for hair care (aloe and spirulina extracts). Thanks to this composition, the structure of the damaged hair changes for the better. I apply the mask to the hair (without touching the roots), dried with a towel after using the shampoo, and leave it on for 5 minutes, after which I rinse thoroughly.

The mask smells like juicy apple juice, so don’t be surprised if it awakens your appetite. ”

Price: 1 020 rub.

Brume Jambes Légères, Payot Intensively Refresher Against Foot Fatigue

Spring has come, which means that soon it will be possible to take off your boots and jump into your favorite boats (although who are we kidding, long live the sneakers). Nevertheless, you will definitely need a refreshing remedy for leg fatigue – Payot spray will give you the long-awaited lightness.

In the composition of as many as six plant extracts – ivy, cross-lettuce, chamomile, St. John’s wort, Indian chestnut and red grapes. And, of course, menthol – it is he who gives freshness and the feeling that a cool sea breeze is blowing on you. The mist spray can be applied at any time of the day and even on tights, and if you use a special toning technique, it is easy to forget about leg fatigue forever: spray the novelty on the shin up to the thigh, do a light massage, patting the pads of your fingers on the surface of the legs and separately massage the ankles in a circular motion.

Price on request

Eau de toilette Power of Seduction Extreme, Antonio Banderas

BeautyHack editorial assistant Arina Zarudko admits that her passion for perfume was inherited from her father – he is just as sensitive to fragrances and collects the chosen ones on his shelf. Arina had no doubts that he would also appreciate the novelty from Antonio Banderas – a more sensual version of Power of Seduction:

“The eau de toilette opens with citrus notes (bergamot) and an accord of spicy black pepper and lavender. The aroma is quite “balanced”: despite such a rich combination of woody and citrus notes, it does not seem overloaded or cloying at all. Moderately calm, albeit slightly tart, it is based mainly on woody notes: sandalwood, vanilla and tonka beans, coexisting with dark cedar and patchouli. I would describe it as spicy and masculine, it suits energetic, active and confident men who are not afraid of risks. This brutal scent is enclosed in an equally brutal black bottle, which will be appreciated by true connoisseurs of elegance. ”

Price: 2 020 rub.

Multifunctional corrective CC Cream, pHformula

The more often the sun peeps out from behind the clouds, the more important protection from it is, – BeautyHack editor Sofia Vorobyova has already replaced the usual tonal foundation with the new CC Cream with SPF 30 and advises you to do the same:

“The sun protection factor (which SPF products are chosen by the stars, you will find out here), even out skin tone, moisturize and care – all this is within the power of the new product from pHformula. In general, CC-cream should become an indispensable tool in any girl’s cosmetic bag, especially in the coming of spring. Thanks to SPF 30, it can be used after cosmetic procedures such as peeling or laser resurfacing, but even if they were not in the plans, the product will do an excellent job of masking imperfections. The cream is available in three shades – light, medium and dark, but don’t worry – it adapts to your skin tone and is shaded once or twice. It contains vitamin C, retinol and rice bran oil, which is good news. ”

Price: 2 850 rub.

Text: Anastasia Speranskaya