Can’t forget to buy? Top 10 hot new products of the week


Fan uturistic device, floral water for the face, patches – keepers of moisture and other novelties of this week that deserve your attention.

Massager against wrinkles Massage Wrinkle Remover, MIZUHI

Effective, simple, budget – this is all about the new Japanese beauty gadgets MIZUHI, which can recently be purchased at L’Etoile. We talked about the Daenerys dragon egg (aka a backlit humidifier) here, and now we present you an anti-wrinkle massager.

The futuristic device can not only smooth the skin and restore its tone, but also improve the effect of caring agents. Apply your usual moisturizer and gently massage your face, moving from the center to the periphery. Light vibrations additionally relieve tension from the muscles around the eyes – feel free to take it to the office and “buzz” to your health and to the envy of your colleagues.

Price: 1 349 rub.

Sunscreen two-phase spray with antioxidants SPF 30 Capital Ideal Soleil, Vichy

Each new sunscreen makes the editors of BeautyHack an irresistible urge to pack a suitcase and dash off to the islands. But we stay, wrap ourselves up from the harsh March wind and apply sun protection with an unshakable face – yes, in Moscow realities this is also necessary. The editorial assistant at BeautyHack uses a new spray with SPF 30 from Vichy for these purposes:

“The warm season is for light lotions and moisturizing mysts. The same applies to sunscreens: for the body – milk, for the face – a new two-phase spray Capital Ideal Soleil, Vichy, smelling of citrus, freshness and summer.

This product must be sprayed on the body before going out in the sun. The secret is in a two-phase formula with blueberry polyphenols and Vichy mineralizing thermal water, due to which the skin’s protective barrier is strengthened. Thanks to the innovative texture of the water, the product is hardly felt on the skin, as if you had applied thermal water. And also the spray is waterproof – swimming in the sea and sand is not for him!

Price: 1 349 rub.

Sunscreen gel-cream for oily, problem skin Anthelios, La Roche-Posay

So BeautyHack editor Sofia Vorobyova is already thinking about the aggressive effects of sunlight on the skin and is choosing a sunscreen suitable for oily skin. This was found at La Roche-Posay:

“Note: the sun’s rays destroy collagen, cause pigmentation, dry out the skin and add wrinkles to it. Mine is naturally light, oily and problematic, and also prone to pigmentation – so as not to harm my skin, I apply a new Anthelios sunscreen gel. It is a water-resistant, sebum-regulating and mattifying agent, quite economical thanks to the dispenser that dispenses the perfect dose of cream. It works well with a moisturizing serum or make-up base, so your skin will be protected. “

Price: 1 600 rub.

Shower Gel “White Tea, Cumin and Tangerine”, Beauty Minimalist

The assortment of the new Moscow brand Beauty Minimalist contains everything a modern average beauty lover needs. Namely: natural and safe ingredients, simple and effective formulas of products, recyclable packaging and ascetic design. The founders of the brand Olga Garanina and Yulia Yeltsova were inspired by life in a hotel – when you only have everything you need with you, and not hundreds of unused jars. Anastasia Lyagushkina, the BeautyHack project manager, also immediately wanted to become a beauty minimalist – she started with a shower gel:

“The large matte white bottle immediately took pride of place on the shelf in the bathroom – minimalism is so minimalism. And the truth is, what else is needed if the shower gel does an excellent job of cleansing, softens the skin and smells magical. Every morning I am recharged with energy thanks to the composition of tangerine and caraway seeds (I feel them especially clearly). The composition contains extracts of grape seeds, alpine herbs and cucumber, so the gel does not tighten or dry out the skin. “

Price: 2 500 rubles.

Intensive night cream for visual correction of age-related changes Nordic Ageless Radiant Youth Night Cream, Lumene

“What they can think of,” says BeautyHack special correspondent Daria Mironova, unpacking a new night cream from the Finnish brand Lumene. Now the Nordic Ageless line is dominated by arctic lingonberries, which rejuvenate the skin. Daria tested the new product and shared her impressions:

“Baseline: youthful skin, but prone to oily and breakouts, so a good recovery at night will not hurt me. Lumene cream has an ideal consistency: rather dense, but not “heavy” – it is quickly absorbed, moisturizing the skin, not a pillowcase. I noticed that in the morning my face began to shine, the tone evened out – is it really lingonberry? Not only! She was accompanied by fermented cloudberries and arctic spring water. ”

Price: 4 274 rubles.

Tint balm Color Booster, shade “Caramel”, Wella Color Perfect

Tint hair products are a salvation for those who do not want to visit the colorist too often, but still want to keep the result of dyeing for a long time. When toning treacherously leaves the hair, revealing unnecessary “yellowness”, grab a new product from the Wella Color Perfect series.

The product does not require the use of gloves, plastic caps and bowls with brushes – apply it as an ordinary conditioner balm, leave it on for 3-5 minutes and rinse it off. Argan, coconut and macadamia oils were added to the composition, so the balm also takes on the function of thoroughly moisturizing colored hair. The novelty can be used every day, you can also admire your light caramel curls.

Price: 289 rub.

Kerate-regulating shampoo DS Hair Anti-Dandruff Treatment Shampoo, Uriage

The healing power of Uriage thermal water from a natural alpine spring can now be appreciated not only by the skin, but also by the hair – the brand has presented three new shampoos. Each has a serious composition and a special formula aimed at solving the problem – restoring the balance of the scalp, eliminating dandruff or reducing sensitivity. BeautyHack special correspondent Daria Mironova tried a kerat-regulating shampoo and delivered her verdict:

“Recently I began to notice that the scalp reacts violently to new cleansers – itching and discomfort appear. I decided to give her a “holiday in the Alps” with the new Uriage shampoo based on thermal water. I immediately noticed the herbal aroma and good composition: salicylic acid reduces flaking, the patented TLR-2 Regular complex reduces inflammation, and the thermal water itself heals and strengthens the scalp. The sensitivity has passed, but it did not affect the beauty of the hair in any way – and still I advise you to use it as a course as a treatment. “

Price: 1 441 rub.

Hydrogel face patches “Keeper of moisture” with aloe, Avon

Since Avon began producing Korean-made products, among their customers there have been those who simply cannot pass by the bright packaging. So the BeautyHack project manager Anastasia Lyagushkina could not resist the cute penguin on the patches with the promising name “Keeper of Moisture” and decided to check if they really work:

“Hydrogel patches are an indispensable tool for those who want to moisturize the skin around the eyes (we wrote about the best here). But the “Keeper of Moisture” calls for applying the product to any area – for example, on the nasolabial folds. The aloe extract in the composition evens out the tone, smoothes the skin – I see the effect immediately. The patches themselves are generously infused with essence and are quite slippery, so you can’t do household chores with them. But I arrange for myself an additional 15 minutes of relaxation – the result is worth it! “

Price: 160 rub.

Milk for removing makeup Purity Make-up Remover Milk, L’etoile

“Even the perfect makeup needs to be washed off,” – L’Etoile speaks the truth and produces three products for cleansing the skin, including micellar water, a two-phase remedy and milk (for the most sensitive). The latter has already been tried by BeautyHack special correspondent Ana Lipartia:

“All my life I have suffered from incredibly dry skin. Removing makeup in my case is tantamount to torture. Micellar water requires rinsing, and as you know, daily contact of dry skin with water does not go unnoticed. But the “life buoy” for me was the makeup remover milk from the Purity line. The velvety consistency and formula with almond oil provides delicate care. The novelty very thoroughly cleanses the skin from impurities, removes cosmetics without any problems and, most importantly, prevents dehydration! “

Price: 600 rub.

Witch hazel flower water for sensitive skin, Botavicos

Did you know that witch hazel has powerful antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties? BeautyHack editorial assistant Arina Zarudko was convinced of this in practice, having tried Botavicos flower water:

“It is ideal for sensitive skin, relieves redness and reduces inflammation (if any). Witch hazel perfectly regenerates and tones the skin, and the convenient spray format allows you to distribute the product evenly and even over makeup! Floral water will delight connoisseurs of natural cosmetics: it contains only biologically active substances, no fragrances – a light herbal aroma. I carry the spray with me like a healing elixir: I apply it on cleansed face in the morning and moisturize it throughout the day – fortunately, the makeup from the spray does not deteriorate in any way. “

Price: 280 rub.

Text: Anastasia Speranskaya