10 September 2021

TOWhat hairstyles and styling should not be done every day? Dealing with stylists.

Artak Hayrapetyan, stylist at Beauty Stop26:

1. Combs

The principle of combing is to deliberately tangle the hair for volume. But due to this, the surface structure of the hair is just disturbed: the scales are separated from each other, as a result of which the hair becomes brittle and dull, and there can be no talk of any shine. The fleece effect can be done with one varnish: just put your head down and fix the roots with varnish – the volume is ready.

How to comb and not damage your hair: video

2. Ponytail and tufts

First of all, they are harmful to the blood circulation of the scalp – the hair does not receive nutrition. And because of the various elastic bands, hairpins and clips, they also begin to break. All this can lead to thinning hair and peeling of the scalp… In order to somehow restore them, for a while you need to take a break from hairstyles and walk around with loose hair, as well as make moisturizing and nourishing masks.

3. Afro-braids and extensions

Such hairstyles give an unnatural and sharp increase in the load on the hair roots, as a result of which the hair becomes thinner, loses strength and falls out. Another “side effect” is headaches, since the load is on the cervical back.

4. Perm

Acid-based curling has a catastrophic effect on hair – swollen hair subsequently begins to split and fade. There is a more gentle option – an alkaline perm, but it lasts, respectively, less.

Kristina Stolyarova, Beauty Corner stylist:

For the scalp and hair, some of the most harmful styling is tight tails, fleece, corrugation. And if you do them, then as rarely as possible, because the hair from them breaks down a lot. What styling does not harm your hair? 1) Braids, which are very fashionable today. 2) Light waves. But you need to remember that the interaction of hair with high temperatures from styling devices also spoils them. I advise you to do light brushing. 3) Low beams. Important: no flecks and not too tight. Such beams can be combined with braids

Dry shampoos, gels and powders are very harmful to the scalp – they “clog” the skin, dryness and dandruff appear, and the hair quickly becomes dirty. It is advisable to refuse such funds.

To add volume to your hair, it is best to use a light sea salt spray. And do not neglect hair care products. I recommend the nourishing Absolute Happiness and Cool Orange from Lebel – refreshes the scalp and nourishes the hair.