Do not repeat! 25 disastrous celebrity hairstyles of all time


DJennifer Lopez came to the 2002 Oscars with a trapeze, and Kristen Stewart regularly provokes photographers and critics with her ridiculous hairstyles. BeautyHack had a lot of fun discussing star failures with top stylist Ivan Anisimov.

Jennifer Lopez

At first I thought the image was from 2010, but I was wrong for 8 years. This hairstyle was Jay Law at the 2002 Oscars. Today it is a sharp “No!” And even then, such a styling with curls and a strand pinned back made Jennifer’s head look like a trapezoid.

Angelina Jolie

If the hair is thin, black will only make the look cheaper and simpler. In general, I think that black on long hair is not the best solution.

Jennifer Love Hewitt

I would leave this coloring without comment, but to justify the master I will say that he probably did not have enough paint!

Jessica Chastain

I love Jessica’s hair color. The restrained redhead looks natural and noble, but the hairstyle is not the most successful. There is not enough shine, there is fluffiness, and the shape of the styling adds a couple of years to it.

Drew Barrymore

Some kind of nedo-creative! If this is not a stage image, then the master has no sense of color matching. A blonde with a yellow undertone and purple strands in the back isn’t the best reminder of 90s style.

Kate Hudson

There is a feeling that Kate got together in 5 minutes. That being said, we know that the actress naturally has beautiful shiny hair. Fine perm is definitely not her option! In general, the image is not from our days, of course.

Kelly Osbourne

Kelly has a trendy hair color, but braids are a problem! I would call the hairstyle “Plunge into Childhood”. Once I was at an unsuccessful event, and one stylist came up with the idea of ​​weaving the head of a baby doll into her hair. It was a real laugh! Looking at the image of Kelly, I remembered this incident.

Kristen Stewart

It looks ridiculous and stupid. It seems that Kristen did not wash her hair for a week, and then at random she pinned her hair in a spontaneous manner. An afterparty look after a 7-day party!

Cameron Diaz

With such a tan, it is taboo to paint in a platinum blonde. The color itself is good, but Cameron does not suit. Her skin tone needs a golden or beige blonde.

Katherine Heigl

The hairstyle itself is good and relevant even now. But she adds to Catherine’s age due to volume and not very good length.

Lindsey Lohan

Too light strands are knocked out of the general gamut. I would add chocolate shades and less gold. This coloring should be darker by a tone or two.

I don’t really like curls. They are suitable for the sea and the beach, but they look strange on the carpet.

Meena Suvari

A rock look with a strange bouffant effect. In life, I do not advise you to repeat, half of the hair will remain on the comb.

Mandy moore

Not bad, but could be better. Combined with dress and makeup, the hairstyle looks childish.

Nicole Kidman

Brownish-red tips are out of the general color range. I don’t understand the masters who lighten the top of the head and leave the “length” natural. The funniest excuse I’ve heard is that some of the hair won’t get damaged after dyeing!

Nicole Ricci

It looks like the coloring was done by a person without any education. Any creative should look expensive and appropriate. I want to send Nicole home and call her parents to school.

Rachel McAdams

Pink and blond are combined and relevant now, but the transitions should be smoother, and pink should be muted. In Rachel’s case, the shade seems out of place. I always say, if a child wants to dye their hair pink, let him play enough so as not to repeat the experience of the actress!

Sandra Bullock

I really love Sandra, but from the photo it seems that she is very tired! Too careless!

Scarlett Johansson

Here I talked about how not to get a haircut now. And Scarlett shows one of the unfortunate options. The split strands (short in the front and long in the back) look very old-school! If you want to do something similar, but beautiful – feel free to remove the length!

Tyra Banks

Another crazy creative: fleece and corrugation. In reality, I do not advise! Especially for women of an age for whom the corrugation does not suit at all.


There is clearly an overhead bang, the master wanted to make the image of a girl from the streets of Los Angeles. I call these bangs “curtains” and get very upset when I see them on girls.

Helena Bonham Carter

Despite the fact that Helena is known for such images, I would advise her to keep the line between stage and lifestyle.

Sharon Stone

Sharon overdid it with volume, lifting the strands in a chaotic manner. This hair can be shaped much more favorably.