10 September 2021

FUrnalist and father of three children Alexei Belyakov talks about the nuances of a girl’s upbringing.

From her father, the girl should hear only gentle and enthusiastic words. No matter what stupid skirt she wears and what ridiculous tail she winds up – fine, clever, sweetheart! And to avoid obvious aesthetic failures – the next point.

2) Show beautiful

The girl should be taken to museums and galleries from an early age. Not imposing, not forcing, easy. It is best if the father reads something the day before and can tell about a couple of works. What an actress on the canvas of Renoir, why did Saint Teresa have an ecstasy, why Deineka loved athletic bodies so much. The girl absorbs everything. Having received a powerful aesthetic base, she will develop her own taste.

3) Read books together

Fathers always have no time, either they work or they are tired. The most valuable thing for a girl is when her dad reads aloud to her in the evening. Let’s say about the Mummies. When he is around, caring and gentle. The girl will remember these moments for life as the happiest (favorite books for the children of the founder of BeautyHack Katya Domankova can be found here).

4) be a gentleman

Any exit – to visit, to an exhibition or to a movie – must be turned into a small, beautiful ritual. Stretch out your hand to your daughter when she gets out of the car, give her a coat or jacket. Even if the girl is seven years old, it doesn’t matter. The model of such male behavior should become the norm for her. In the future, this will save her from unnecessary boyfriends. Did you give your coat? Didn’t you see me home? Dosvidos.

5) Travel

Girls love to travel with their fathers if they are building a trip for their daughter only. There is no need to invent complicated and long routes. There is no need to draw up an exhausting schedule: five museums in one day, six cities in a week (we wrote about how to travel with children correctly here). This will only scare the girl away. The purpose of such a trip is impressions and communication. You can spend the whole day wandering aimlessly around a small town in France. Turning anywhere. It’s also a little adventure. Men should make life a fun adventure, otherwise what’s the use of them?

6) Play!

Mandatory item. Disable all internal controllers, sit next to your daughter and play heartily. Anything she wants. The father has an important function here: in the game it is best to educate, teach, instruct. The daughter herself does not notice, but learns. Playing with dolls or Peppa’s pig family, the girl learns the rules of life.

7) Don’t scream

Conflicts with children are inevitable. But you should never yell at your daughters. You can speak in a stern voice, frown, even declare a short five-minute boycott. But don’t raise your voice. First, a screaming man is a disgusting sight in itself. Secondly, a screaming father is a small tragedy, drama, stress. Mom is allowed, but not father.

8) pamper

A very important point. Fathers are made to pamper their daughters. Buy what they want, give what they secretly dream about. Be generous, never talk about money. Limiting and teaching is the role of a mother. Father – he is for joy and happiness. You and your daughter do not have much time at all, only some 12-14 years, then she will begin her own stormy life. A life of loss and drama. But the years when a cheerful and kind dad was around should be very happy. The years when the girl was admired, when she was spoiled. A father can save his daughter from many sorrows if he showed how a man should be around her.

Text: Alexey Belyakov