EIs your daily styling time consuming? Make it long lasting with hair carving. The procedure fixes volume and curls using a special composition, stylers or curlers. The perm will last from three to eight weeks! BeautyHack – about the pros and cons of hair carving.

What is hair carving?

Carving is the creation of a long-lasting styling that resembles the process of a perm. The difference between them is the composition of the cosmetic. For the carving procedure, do not use products that contain glycolic acid.

The essence of the procedure is that a fixing solution is applied to dry strands, wrapped with stylers or curlers (their diameter depends on your desire or the length of the curls), left to dry, then washed and finished with styling.

Carving can be done on your own at home. Just purchase the composition in a specialized store or salon, but it is better to use the services of professionals – they will carry out the procedure correctly, select a solution for the type of hair and protect them from damage.


Suitable for everyone. For each length, there is a specific technique for performing the procedure. For example, short strands are wound at the roots, and large curlers are used for medium ones. What devices to wind the curls with, read here

Carving is ideal for oily hair because long-term styling dries and lightens it slightly. But the procedure with a light chemical solution can be done on weakened curls – it will not damage the structure of the hair follicles. Products and styling for thin hair you will find here

Will add volume and shine. After the procedure, the hair acquires significant splendor and natural shine. Experiment with carving by choosing different degrees of curling. And special hair texturing products will help prolong the effect after carving. Super Shine Shampoos – here

Easy to straighten. It happens that girls get tired of walking with curled curls – after carving, they easily lend themselves to straightening. Remember, if you wash your hair, the perm will return.

Cutting the ends is optional. After the procedure, you can not grab the scissors to remove a couple of centimeters, but using nourishing masks and oils is necessary.

Hair coloring. A week after carving, you can safely dye your hair. How to do it without harm, read here


Chemical solution. Unfortunately, even a gentle chemical composition can weaken the health of the strands. Before long-term styling, consult a specialist, he should examine the condition of your curls and do tests for an allergic reaction.

Contraindications During pregnancy and breastfeeding, refrain from the procedure, also avoid long-term styling for diseases of the scalp or severely damaged strands (how to escape from split ends, read here).

Text: Diana Snetkova

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