how I did my haircut and makeup in the Art’Up salon


Gthe heroine of the BeautyHack project Katya spent several hours in Salon Art’Up at Patriarch’s Ponds, where she got a new haircut and unusual, in her feelings, makeup. Stylist Eldar Adraev and art director of Art’Up make-up artist Alena Lapina talk about their experiment.


Katya has a high hair edge, so she visually gives the impression that she has a wide forehead. To “soften” the corners, I suggested that the heroine cut her short bangs with an “arch” – it will make her face oval. Plus, such bangs, when properly styled, give additional volume to the face, which also creates the effect of a more elongated shape. Katya herself will be able to easily maintain this effect herself by putting her bangs on brushing.

The girl has well-groomed hair, not spoiled by paint, thick and dense, so she will need a minimum of money and time for proper styling. I used Davines Volu volumizing shampoo, Redken balm (you can use any nourishing balm in normal life), sea salt spray to give the hair a new texture – to make it slightly fluffy, like after the sea. Of the styling products – only Schwarzkopf fixing varnish, which was sprayed on the bangs.

As for the length, we decided to remove it to the shoulder blades. Such a haircut suits Katya, she visually adds several centimeters of growth to her. We made the cut dense and of the same length – this emphasizes the thickness of the hair, looks as natural and relevant as possible for many years. The heroine will not need to create additional volume in everyday life – a haircut makes her hair voluminous. The ideal styling for this length is light waves for brushing.

Alena Lapina

Alena Lapina

art director of the Art’Up beauty salon on Patriarshikh, star make-up artist

Katya has a bright appearance and expressive facial features. The girl has good taste and knows how to best emphasize the virtues of her appearance. During the experiment, I decided to create a slightly different, less familiar image for her, in order to show that by placing accents on the face in a different way, you can also get an excellent result.

Usually Katya focuses on her lips, but I transferred it to her eyes. I sculpted with Charlotte Tilbury to slightly change the geometry of the face, emphasized the cheekbones, and corrected the line of the nose. Tweaked and softened the brow line. I worked well on the skin, adding a beautiful radiance to it (I used the Luminous Silk Foundation from Giorgio Armani and Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter liquid highlighter). For eye makeup, we chose light smoky with a slight adjustment to the natural shape of the eye (shadows – from Urban Decay). And the lips were left gently nude, shading the Posh pencil.