how I tested Achromin for two weeks


NSRemember the famous whitening cream in pink and beige packaging, which could be seen in the bathroom of any Soviet and post-Soviet apartment? Since then, the brand has improved its compositions, underwent a rebranding and appeared on store shelves in an updated (inside and outside) version. BeautyHack editor Yulia Kozoliy gave up her usual products for two weeks in favor of the Achromin series of treatments. What came out of this – in the BeautyHack material.

This is the story with Akhromin: the cream has been known since 1965 – it was then that the Bulgarian company Alen Mak released the first tube of bleaching agent. “Akhromin” won national love, but not without nuances. The “old” cream contained one controversial component – hydroquinone, which is responsible for skin whitening. In 2001, hydroquinone was banned from use in cosmetics in the EU countries and Switzerland – it turned out that the component has carcinogenic properties and increases skin sensitivity. By that time, “Akhromin” had left the stage and ended up only in collections like “N means that your mothers used.” But in 2015, the pharmaceutical company Dominanta bought the Achromin trademark and completely relaunched the line of care products (of course, without hydroquinone in the composition).

Now Achromin is three series of products designed to solve specific problems: Anti Pigment for lightening the skin and removing age spots, Anti Acne for fighting inflammation and acne and Anti Age for aging skin. Read about the last two here, I will tell you about the Anti Pigment products, which I regularly applied to the skin in the morning and in the evening for two weeks.

What did my grooming system look like?

I had six funds at my disposal. About each in order. Shower gel designed for all skin types and packed in a tube, from where it is extracted as a cream. For one time, you need two or three peas of funds, so it is spent very sparingly. I used the gel once in the evening to wash off my makeup or just cleanse my skin before going to bed. The manufacturer recommends first applying the cream with massage movements on a damp face and neck, wait 2-3 minutes and rinse with water. I washed it off almost immediately, because I noticed that the product matted the skin impressively – I have a normal type, which, in general, does not really need it, I did not see the need to leave the gel on the skin (the quality of cleansing did not suffer from this).

After washing, I applied whitening serum… It is important to explain here that instead of the infamous hydroquinone, arbutin appeared in all creams and serums of the “new” Achromin. This component wins in several ways: it is of plant origin, has a very mild effect on the skin, reducing the production of melanin, due to which whitening occurs (therefore, it is recommended to use products with arbutin continuously for at least two weeks for a noticeable effect). The serum is in a glass bottle with a pipette – I love this packaging format: it is aesthetically pleasing and convenient to collect the required amount of the product. In addition to arbutin, the serum contains lactic acid (evens skin tone) and niacinamide (moisturizes and soothes the skin). The product has a gel, viscous texture that spreads easily and is instantly absorbed without the effect of grease and stickiness.

The final stage of evening care – application night cream… It is intended for dry and sensitive skin, but it also suits my normal skin: it is not greasy and not dense, it gives visible hydration. In the composition of several types of oils: avocado and grape seed – I have long noticed that these components in 99% of cases work win-win on the skin without serious problems. All of the products described above have approximately the same neutral fresh scent, which is practically not felt on the skin.

Morning scheme is less ambitious: from the Achromin series I applied classic whitening cream and moisturizing BB cream Ideal Skin… The day cream seemed much denser than the night cream, it does not leave a greasy or sticky layer, but it takes time to fully absorb (it contains salicylic acid and grape seed oil). Therefore, on normal skin, the products work great in tandem: the classic cream nourishes and works as a makeup base, and the BB cream evens out the tone and visibly mattifies. That is, if you have oily skin, you can refuse the first treatment. The BB cream itself adjusts to the skin tone, can be easily shaded with both fingers and a beauty tool, if desired, it can be layered. The effect is so natural that the BB cream is simply not visible on the face.

Another remedy that I have used twice in these two weeks is 7% revitalizing peeling with ANA acids… I chose the most cloudy days according to the forecast and applied peeling the night before. For the first time I felt a slight tingling – otherwise there was no discomfort. The product contains lactic, glycolic, citric and salicylic acids, so it works in several directions – exfoliation of cells, sebum regulation, deep moisturizing.

Is there an effect?

After two weeks of testing, I noticed an important change: the skin became lighter (I had one small age spot – Arbutin coped with it), due to which the tone was noticeably evened out, and in the morning the fat content in the T-zone disappeared.

For me, one of the main advantages of the entire line was a real matting effect: that is, in the morning there is no fat content in the T-zone (even after applying, for a minute, three treatments the day before), and due to this, the makeup lasts longer throughout the day. Well, thanks to the peeling – skin peeling was not noticed in our changeable March.