how I tried the Dermadrop procedure


WITHthe senior editor of BeautyHack went to clinic of innovative cosmetology Gen87to test the Dermadrop procedure. Who is it suitable for and can it be considered a painless analogue of biorevitalization?

The sun is hot, the wind is blowing, the batteries are drying up – not every skin can handle such a spring “landscape”. Hence the problems: a dull complexion, more noticeable wrinkles and peeling, leaving no chance to do normal makeup. In this case, many cosmetologists advise to take a course of biorevitalization, but what to do if the mere sight of a needle inspires panic?

I remember how at school, before each vaccination, I was caught by the whole class, and I resolutely sign up for the Dermadrop procedure – it promises to make my skin moisturized and elastic without pain and tears. Check it out!

The choice of the cosmetology clinic was obvious: only highly qualified specialists work in Gen87, who will put everything on the shelves for you – they will tell you about the procedure and warn about contraindications. Before visiting a doctor, each client fills out documents confirming consent to the procedure, and also solemnly vows (also on paper) to inform the beautician about all allergic reactions and side effects. You can see right away – here they take care that even such a simple and non-invasive procedure as Dermadrop goes as smoothly as possible.

Cosmetologist Ekaterina Gorokhova told in detail what the mysterious Dermadrop apparatus is. It has a special oxygen generator that purifies the air from the environment by 99%, removing unnecessary impurities.

A special serum made in Switzerland is applied to the skin using a stream of air. It literally hammers into your face, penetrating 3.5 millimeters and instantly transforming you from a haggard man with a gray face into a radiant ruddy diva.

By the way, there are different serums – they are selected according to the type of skin and based on the current problem (there are even separate ones for men). For example, HYAL N10 is a mix of low and medium molecular weight hyaluronic acid and a vitamin complex that intensely moisturizes dry and dehydrated skin, while DERMACOOL contains menthol and natural extracts that relieve redness and irritation. I will definitely try the second one after the summer vacation, but for now – a course for powerful hydration.

Ekaterina cleaned the skin and immediately proceeded to the procedure – she inserted a cartridge with a needle (my heart began to beat faster), but the doctor reassured her: “The needle does not interact with the skin, but a new and sterile one is inserted for each patient anyway.” All I felt was a slight chill and a stream of air – as if a frosty wind was blowing in my face. In 20 minutes of the procedure, I asked the doctor the maximum number of questions.

Is it true that Dermadrop is an analogue of biorevitalization?

Conditionally – yes. The period of hydration after the procedure is really decent, the result is similar (a lifting effect and a light massage of the skin with a stream of air are a bonus). The advantages of Dermadrop are that after the procedure, the skin does not need to recover – there will be no papules, bruises or redness.

Is Dermadrop suitable for girls with oily skin?

Dry, oily – it doesn’t matter, sometimes everyone lacks hydration. Moreover, a special serum is selected for oily skin. If there are those for whom Dermadrop is not suitable, then these are the owners of problem skin with rashes – the device can clog pores and worsen the situation.

Can Dermadrop be combined with other treatments?

It is possible and necessary – for example, with peeling. Often Dermadrop is prescribed after injections or laser procedures, but don’t worry, Botox or fillers will not dissolve faster – the device does not affect them in any way, on the contrary, it helps to prolong the effect. But it is not worth combining with cleaning, especially if it was not sparing.

Is Dermadrop effective for aged skin with wrinkles?

Yes, if you combine the procedure with massage. After Dermadrop, wrinkles are smoothed, the skin begins to glow, tightens, and the face looks rested. In addition, the device works not only this, but also other zones: neck, arms, décolleté – everything that first of all betrays our age.

How many procedures do you need to see the effect?

The effect of Dermadrop is cumulative – on average, it is recommended to undergo at least 3-4 procedures. But the result will be evident after the first one, which is why people sign up for it before important events – for the wow effect. Moreover, makeup can be applied immediately and without any fear.

And yet, are there any side effects and contraindications?

It is believed that Dermadrop has no contraindications – even pregnant and breastfeeding girls can come to the procedure. But, like any other cosmetic procedure, Dermadrop does not allow the presence of high fever or herpetic eruptions on the face.

While I was questioning the doctor, the procedure ended imperceptibly. In just half an hour, Ekaterina worked on the skin of the face and hands to the elbows, and then applied the cream. After Dermadrop, the nutritious cocktail lasts for four hours – if you were at the beautician in the evening and did not get home on the subway with three transfers, you don’t even need to wash your face. Let the serum do its good deed, and in the morning return to your usual beauty routine. And so I did: my face shone, and I finally became like a rested person. And why haven’t I tried Dermadrop before?

Text: Anastasia Speranskaya