10 September 2021

twenty years ago, on March 5, 1999, the fourth and most popular film adaptation of the novel “Dangerous Liaisons” by Choderlos de Laclos was released.

The action moved from the 18th century to the 20th, and instead of France, beautiful New York appeared on the screens. While you plan to re-watch Cruel Intentions, BeautyHack recalls the main and secondary characters in this movie.

Reese Witherspoon

Annette Hanggrove

Reese Witherspoon woke up famous after the role of the shy and excellent pupil Annette in Cruel Intentions. But the film brought not only fame – along with her, her husband, Ryan Philip, played the main role. Their marriage lasted nine years, but the couple broke up in 2008.

After the drama, Reese had a lot of high-profile roles – from “Legally Blonde”, who took two Golden Globes in 2002, to the movie “Wild”, based on a true story. Recently, she has been trying herself in the role of a producer – she is working on the series “Big Little Lies”, and in it she also plays one of the main roles. Reese devotes free time from work to children – Ave, Deacon (from his first marriage) and Tennessee (from her current husband Jim Toth). You can make sure that Ava looks like her mother as two peas in a pod. here

Ryan Philip

Sebastian Valmont

But the career of the handsome Ryan-Sebastian was not so successful – after “Cruel Intentions” he played mainly in episodes, not counting the main role in the film “Treason”. Someone is sure that it was the envy of his wife’s success that caused the divorce, others believe that Ryan cheated on Reese. Be that as it may, in a recent interview, the actor admitted that he has been suffering from depression for the past couple of years.

After the divorce, Ryan dated actress Alexis Knapp, who gave birth to his daughter after the breakup. Now in the actor’s Instagram there are only rare photos from parties, touching selfies with children and nostalgic shots from films in which he was once a real star.

Sarah Michelle Gellar

Catherine Murtey

The role of the bitchy Katherine Valmont was to the taste of the fans of the actress – it was very unusual to see a cute blonde fighting vampires (we are about Buffy) in such a role. It was the role in the 90s TV series that brought her wild popularity.

Now the actress appears less and less on the big screens, but she spends a lot of time with her children (Sarah has a son and daughter from actor Freddie Prinze Jr.) and colleagues in the shop – she supports Shannon Doherty, who had breast cancer and is proud of her friendship with Selma Blair, who also played in “Cruel games”.

Selma Blair

Cecile Caldwell

In Cruel Intentions, Selma played the naive girl Cecile, who became an innocent victim of Sebastian and Catherine’s “dirty deeds”. Literally a couple of years after the premiere, Selma will again play in the same film with Reese Witherspoon – she will play the role of the lover Vivian Kesington. Further filmography is full of gaps, and only recently did fans find out why.

In 2018, the actress admitted that doctors diagnosed her with multiple sclerosis. Most recently, she found the strength to go out and attended the Oscar ceremony (the best images of the stars – here), walking with a cane. Selma is raising her son Arthur and openly sharing information about her disease on Instagram to support those who also encountered it.

Sean Patrick Thomas

Ronald Clifford

The actor’s filmography cannot be called extensive, and despite the fact that after “Cruel Intentions” he played more significant roles in films, it was Ronald Clifford, in love with Cecile, that everyone remembered for a long time. Sean also starred in The Last Dance After Me, opposite Julia Styles.

Since 2006, he has been married to actress Aonika Laurent and has a daughter, Lola Jolie.

Joshua Jackson

Blaine Tuttle

In Cruel Intentions, Joshua played only a minor role (as a friend of the protagonist), and even shooting in fairly large projects like Dawson’s Creek and Battle of Seattle did not bring much popularity.

But the actor’s novels are discussed with pleasure: in the 2000s, he met with Katie Holmes, and then for ten years was in a relationship with Diana Kruger.

Eric Mabius

Greg McConnell

Eric was also destined to become an actor from the category of “somewhere I saw him.” He performed several cameo roles in films and played the editor-in-chief in the TV series Ugly.

Since 2011, almost nothing has been heard about him, except that since 2006 he has been married to Yves Sherman, with whom he studied at school. The couple have two sons – Maxwell and Rylan.

Text: Anastasia Speranskaya