NSA pleasant trail will not leave others indifferent, and will give you self-confidence. When using eau de toilette, it must be remembered that the sound and duration of a fragrance is held together by several aspects. The main one is the correct application of perfume to body parts and clothing. BeautyHack is about how to do it right.


Perfume should be applied to clean skin, avoiding mixing the fragrance with other scents. If you have dry skin, then use a moisturizer before applying – this way the perfume will last longer.

It is not recommended to use a scent immediately after a shower: detergents will cleanse the body of sebum (and microscopic grease enhances the scent).

Wait a while, then apply perfume. Fragrances to try this spring – here


You should not apply perfume on synthetic clothes, otherwise the aroma will be distorted. Only natural fabrics can preserve the true perfume composition. Avoid getting in oil-based perfume (which perfumes are chosen by the stars, you will find out – here), on clothes – it will definitely leave stains on it. Also, eau de toilette lasts a long time on products made of wool and fur.


Each season has a different scent of perfume, for example, in summer, use light and transparent aromas with fruity, citrus or floral notes – they will add freshness in hot weather.

For colder seasons, a long-lasting perfume with oriental and woody notes is suitable.

Where should you apply perfume?

Wrists. The best option for the perfume to reveal its notes and stay on the body for a long time. In the place where the vessels are located close to the skin and the pulse is well felt, the sound of the aroma becomes “louder”.

If you are spraying perfume on your wrist, do not forget to remove watches and jewelry from your hands – they can neutralize the scent.

Hair. The porous structure of the hair perfectly retains the aroma and leaves behind an unobtrusive trail.

Spray the perfume once per style, or spray onto a comb, then comb through your hair.

Neck… Experts recommend applying a couple of drops to the neck near the back of the head – this is where the smell will last longer than usual.

Elbow bend. At the bend of the elbow, the vessels are close to the skin, just like at the wrist, so use this spot. But before applying, lubricate the skin with lotion or cream, prolonging the longevity of the scent.

Rib cage. The groove between the bust or collarbones is the perfect place for a light sound throughout the day, but don’t forget about a moderate amount of eau de toilette. A couple of taps on the dispenser are enough to keep the perfume throughout the day.

Text: Diana Snetkova

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