How to care for your skin in spring: advice from a dermatologist


TThorough care and the use of sensational products in the cold season do not guarantee that the skin will look flawless with the onset of warmth. What beauty secrets will help in caring for different skin types and how to choose the perfect product? The answers to these questions have already been found out by the customers of ILE DE BEAUTE last weekend – we are sharing the details.

On April 14, ILE DE BEAUTE on Leninsky Prospect celebrated its birthday – the store turned 12 years old. Anyone could feel the festive atmosphere – the customers not only enjoyed classical live music performed by a saxophonist, but were also able to ask all their questions to the famous dermatologist and candidate of medical sciences Galina Menshchikova.

Karina Andreeva
Tamuna Tsiklauri

The doctor held a public talk and talked about what problems our skin faces in spring and what products need to be included in our beauty routine to prevent them. And while shopping at ILE DE BEAUTE, guests participated in a lottery to win a set of bestsellers for all occasions.

Beauty experts could not miss the celebration of the birthday of ILE DE BEAUTE – the event was attended by Ekaterina Yanok, Marina Loiko, Elizaveta Erman, Natalya Skipalskaya, Maria Weber and many others. Bloggers, artists and it-girls did not leave empty-handed: each chose her own super-tool, in consultation with sellers. And after passing a special test from a dermatologist, all guests were able to determine their skin type and learn beauty secrets that will help them always look young and fresh.

There are four types of skin – normal, dry, oily and combination, and this list of symptoms helps determine which type is yours.

If your skin is of normal type, you will not notice any oily sheen or redness. The skin will be matte, there will be no feeling of tightness after washing, and acne and inflammation will be completely unfamiliar to you. Owners of dry skin also do not have acne, but dryness and tightness appear after washing. Such skin reacts to some food products with redness, and after prolonged exposure to the sun or in the wind, it begins to peel off.

Those with oily skin type know about acne and blackheads firsthand: all methods of dealing with oily sheen do not help, enlarged pores are visible to the naked eye, and even after cleansing, after a couple of hours, the skin starts to shine treacherously again. And the last type is combination skin: oily sheen in the T-zone (forehead, nose and chin) and frequent peeling on the temples and around the eyes. By the way, this type is considered the most common, but it is the most difficult to care for such skin.

Normal skin

Due to the absence of major problems, normal skin type requires good cleansing and hydration. For the first point, micellar water or an emulsion is recommended – they will help not only get rid of makeup marks, but also refresh the skin of the face. Moisturize normal skin twice a day, paying special attention to the skin around the eyes. Do not forget about sun protection using products with SPF, but remember an important rule – if you are not on vacation and do not live in a hot country, choose products with UV filters in the composition, and do not apply sunscreen separately. This will only create an unnecessary extra layer, weighing down the skin and preventing it from fully breathing.

Sheet mask BB Shot Mask, Erborian

Super-remedy – the world’s first sheet mask that combines complete care and BB pigments. Not only improves skin texture and moisturizes, but also evens out the tone for a subtle glow. The face is instantly refreshed and rested, so the mask will be indispensable in the morning – as a bonus, it prepares your skin for the application of the foundation.

Moisturizing cream Créme de la Mer, La Mer

The favorite cream of makeup artists and Hollywood stars is the legendary Créme de la Mer. The product with a non-greasy melting texture moisturizes the skin, penetrating into the deep layers of the skin. The universal cream is ideal for all skin types and ages – you can forget about dull complexion and peeling forever.

Dry skin

To cleanse dry skin, it is recommended to use not micellar water, but milk – its soft texture helps to break down makeup, but does not damage the hydrolipid mantle. And instead of the usual moisturizing creams, you should use nutritious ones – especially in the cold season, when the moisturizing components in the cream simply freeze and crystallize in the skin cells, leading to even greater peeling.

Mask for intensive moisturizing Hydra Filler Mask, Filorga

As part of the concentrated serum, which the mask is impregnated with, the formula with hyaluronic acid – therefore, the product perfectly helps to restore the lost volume. The mask is suitable for dry and dehydrated skin and will provide long-term hydration, and in addition to hyaluronic acid, aloe vera will also work on this, saturating the skin with vitamins and minerals.

Moisturizing mask with Kalanchoe extract SOS Hydra, Clarins

Clarins Gel Mask moisturizes even the driest skin in just 10 minutes. Thanks to this, it looks smooth, firm and radiant. The formula based on organic Kalanchoe extract and hyaluronic acid reliably and for a long time restores the optimal supply of moisture in all layers of the skin, eliminating premature wrinkles.

Oily skin

For oily skin, it is better to use those products that are responsible for the production of sebum and have antibacterial components. It is worth paying attention to the products that even out the skin tone, because this type is characterized by an earthy shade. But there is also a bonus – oily skin stays young longer and can withstand any means for cleansing. However, you do not need to overdo it – the active substances and alcohol in the composition will only enhance the secretion of sebum. Do not forget about nourishing masks – you need to use them once or twice a week.

Makeup remover wipes Green Tea, Sephora Collection

Sephora Matting Wipes are a great way to fight and prevent acne. The tool removes stubborn makeup in one stroke and does not require rinsing, and the compact package fits easily into your purse. Green tea in the composition mattifies and fights imperfections, and the fresh aroma invigorates and sets you in a positive mood.

Alginate cocktail “Radiance and detox” Shake & Shot, Dr. Jart

The bright shaker hides an alginate booster mask, an ampoule serum and a spatula, so now you don’t have to go to a beautician for such a procedure – just mix all the ingredients in a bright funny glass, shake and apply with a spatula. Among the active ingredients of the Radiance & Detox mask are glutathione, sea buckthorn and grapefruit.

Combination skin

Combination skin is the most difficult to care for, so feel free to use products for oily skin in the T-zone and products for dry or normal skin in the U-zone. Plus, if you have sensitive skin, it’s best to use proven, dermatologically tested products. And even in spite of the local oily sheen, do not forget about nourishing the skin – use cloth masks, study the composition of the moisturizer and apply thermal water to the skin throughout the day.

Serum-primer Instant Radiance Booster, Retinol

Retinol product – make-up and care in one product. Serum primer nourishes the skin, instantly illuminating it thanks to tiny reflective particles. It also acts as a base for makeup – moisturizes and gently renews the skin day after day, increasing its density.

Moisturizing Anti-Aging Eye Gel Patches, Retinol

It fights puffiness and refreshes the skin around the eyes. The patches quickly soothe the skin around the eyes and, as a bonus, visibly reduce the appearance of expression lines – ideal if you suffer from dryness and flaking in this area.

Photo: Eugene Sorbo
Text: Anastasia Speranskaya
Hair styling and makeup by Galina Menshchikova and Tamuna Tsiklauri – salon Jean Louis David Leninsky prospect 82/2