10 September 2021

BWithout scarves, hats and hairpins – proven remedies from experts who can mask overgrown roots for a period of several days to a month.

Hair Concealer

The next generation of tinting products that do not need to stand on the hair and do not require any special preparation before applying. Most often presented in the form of sprays, hair concealers are used in emergency situations when there is no more than 15 minutes to style. You have to pay for speed with a short-term effect – all concealers tint the roots before the next shampoo and are washed off with shampoo.

Especially for BeautyHack, colorist Tanya Shark tested one of these products. Tanya chose a toning spray concealer from Kevin.Murphy:

“A great concealer that really tints even gray strands, giving them a light brown tint (just like the lid). In principle, the very shape of the bottle is very convenient: you can store it in your bag and use it at crucial moments. Shake, apply to the root zone and you’re done! For such an “ambulance” the product has a good covering capacity (about 60%)! Do not be afraid of getting concealer on the skin: it turns into the same light brown color and due to this, the hair looks thicker in the root zone. The product is easily washed off with water and shampoo, but does not flow from rain and sweat. The package states that concealer can be applied to length, but I would not do that. Due to the coloring pigments in the composition, the hair will become coarse and unruly – the effect will not be entirely natural. “

The Oribe brand has a similar tool. As with Kevin.Murphy, the Airbrush Root Touch Up Concealer is available in four shades, applied to both the hairline and the parting.

Colored shampoos and conditioners

Colored shampoos, masks, and conditioners generally do not contain hydrogen peroxide, ammonia, or lightening agents – those that make the shade last a professional color. But there is a lot of pigment in them, which is responsible for the temporary enhancement of the shade, giving it saturation and masking overgrown roots. This technique works great if your natural hair is lighter than colored hair. If you have gray hair (why does it appear at an early age, we told here), colored shampoo is unlikely to hide it qualitatively.

You can use such funds in the shower or pre-apply the composition to the roots so that it has time to gain a foothold. Don’t wait for salon results, color masks, conditioners and shampoos are designed to improve the shade, add shine to the hair and make the transition between regrown roots and length less clear.

Some of the most famous products in this category are produced by the Davines brand. There are six shampoos and six conditioners in the Alchemic series for all possible shades (including extremely bright ones). They are applied in the same way as usual treatments: you can immediately rinse off, or you can wait 10 minutes for the product to fix for a more intense result (but in this case it is important to apply the product evenly so that the color is even).

If you don’t like fiddling with brushes, try Evo Toning Balm or Schwarzkopf Professional’s Igora Expert Mousse. The first one needs to be kept for only three minutes, and the second one has a convenient dispenser and is presented in a huge range of colors. Such products are also good because they are able to replace the usual coloring for girls with weakened hair.

Stylist Alex Nagorskiy recommends using L’oreal Professionel’s Color Corrector: “This is a special pigment cream that corrects the shade of the hair. It is available in two shades: for blondes and brunettes. In the first case, the product removes unwanted yellow undertones, in the second – red and orange, so that the color remains cold longer. ” He will also cope with regrown roots and postpone your trip to the colorist.

Dry shampoo

The white bloom that appears after using dry shampoo can work for you blondes! The main thing is to evenly distribute the dry shampoo and comb the roots so that the shade becomes even. Of course, dry shampoo does not give the same result as after staining or even using a color mask, but it mattes and will be good if the shades of the roots and lengths do not differ dramatically. Brunettes should choose colored dry shampoos. The huge Batiste line includes Divine Dark shampoo for dark and dark brown hair.

Beach curls

Add volume at the roots with your favorite styling agent (we talked about how to do this here), then curl the curls using a styler or curling iron. Here it is not necessary to adhere to a certain order, you can twist your hair in different directions. Then beat them with your hands, giving a deliberate casualness to your hair. This will hide the unwanted ombre at the roots.

Change the parting

When you wear your hair in one part for a long time, it becomes smooth at the roots, the natural volume disappears and, as a result, the hair color appears darker. It will definitely not be good for regrown roots. If the haircut allows, change the parting. You will immediately freshen up your hair and visually hide the “heavy” dark shade at the roots.