How to improve the skin? Cosmetologist advises


TAsya Al-Arabi, an international cosmetologist of DIBI Milano in Russia, told how to properly care for the skin, what is the epidermal barrier and whether it is possible to enhance the effectiveness of the cream.

Tell us about proper skin care: how to choose products? Should a beautician do this or can you buy any for the type of skin?

If you decide to take care of yourself seriously, only a beautician! Not a salesperson in a store, not themselves, but a specialist with a higher medical education. Only he can take into account all the nuances: from type to sensitivity.

What is the epidermal barrier?

EB (lipid barrier) is the direct protection of our skin, preventing dehydration and the penetration of harmful substances into it.

Is it true that a molecule must be small to pass through the epidermal barrier?

One of the functions of the skin is to protect our body. She does not miss what she considers foreign. This also applies to cosmetic ingredients, despite their benefits. Many ingredients are needed by the skin to maintain youth and beauty, such as collagen. But it has a large molecule that is unable to penetrate the epidermal barrier. To do this, it is crushed using biotechnology. After that, the micromolecule can freely penetrate the skin and start the necessary recovery processes.

How does the structure of the skin change with age, and what components are needed to maintain youth?

With age, the subcutaneous fatty tissue that nourishes the upper layers of the epidermis becomes thinner. Because of this, the skin becomes drier, less elastic. Folds and wrinkles begin to appear on it. Muscles also weaken – there is a prolapse of the skin, the oval of the face is deformed.

To prevent and combat signs of age-related changes, the skin first of all needs powerful moisturizing components: hyaluronic acid, antioxidants, peptides (proteins with a small molecule size).

Is it possible to enhance the effect of the usual cream? How?

Frankly speaking, you will not be “full” with just one cream for home use. The older we get, the more we must pay attention to preserving beauty and youth. Home care must be combined with professional treatments from a beautician. If you don’t have the opportunity to visit it regularly, once every 10 days, deeply cleanse your skin with peeling or scrub, make masks, use serums that are applied under the cream.

How does Age Method Youth Concentrate capsules work? What is its main secret of efficiency?

The main “weapon” of the product is its active components: acmella flower extract is a natural muscle relaxant that has a botulinum-like effect and relieves muscle tension, which leads to smoothing of wrinkles.

A fast-acting unique ingredient for a lifting and firming effect acts on the mechanisms of natural skin tightening, restores collagen fibers,

increases the density and elasticity of the skin, smoothing the surface microrelief, significantly reducing age-related changes and improving the appearance of the skin. For the production of this extract, only flower buds from South Africa are used – it is there that the plants contain the maximum concentration of active ingredients.

Does it work in tandem with all the creams or just the cream from the brand’s line?

Works with creams from any DIBI MILANO line (except for PURE EQUALIZER products for oily and combination skin).

How to use the funds correctly: in the morning or in the evening? C what frequency?

Age Method Concentrate is used during the day and / or night under the cream. Muscle relaxants of plant origin work only when they are on the skin and do not have a cumulative effect. If there are a lot of wrinkles, the concentrate should be used constantly. Can be used in courses – 1 pack 1 time in three months.

What problems do concentrate and cream solve? Do they help fight wrinkles? When you can see the first results?

Uneven skin structure, presence of fine and deep wrinkles, loss of tissue density and elasticity.

The cycle of renewal of skin cells is 21-28 days. Therefore, the first stable and visible results must be expected after 3-4 weeks of constant use.

Is it true that the skin periodically needs to be given the opportunity to take a break from the cream and work on its own? How often do you need to arrange such “fasting” days?

Creams are not only intended to correct certain nuances in the skin. The very texture of the funds is a barrier that protects against aggressive environmental influences. Wipe the dust on any surface and see how quickly it gets covered in dust again. Our skin is the same surface. It needs to be “wiped” regularly.

Why are some cosmetics not sold in corners and can only be bought in salons? C what is it connected with?

Cosmetic brands, proudly bearing the title of professional, value their reputation, do not chase after momentary profit, investing efforts and huge funds in personnel training and think, first of all, about the consumer, not money. They guarantee both quality and results. In addition, this way the consumer can always get competent advice from a specialist in a clinic or salon, and not from an ordinary seller.

Where can you buy Age Method Youth Concentrate capsules?

The concentrate can be purchased at DIBI Milano partner salons throughout Russia. Follow the link to choose a salon that is convenient for you: