10 September 2021

TOBeautifully defined and well-groomed eyebrows add expressiveness to facial features and draw attention to the eyes.

Wide well-groomed eyebrows are at the peak of popularity today! And their owners, probably, every woman envies. But BeautyHack knows that nothing is impossible.

We reveal 7 life hacks with which your eyebrows will become incredibly beautiful:

Grow your eyebrows

The first thing to do for eyebrow beauty is to throw out the tweezers! And this will be confirmed by every professional master eyebrow artist. But castor oil and patience will become assistants in the struggle for the thickness and width of the eyebrows – the eyebrows will grow back for about a month or two before it will be necessary to think about their correction. Apply castor oil to hairs overnight with a special brush or a clean mascara brush. You can read about other ways how to grow luxurious eyebrows. here.

Wide natural eyebrows are back in fashion, just style the growing hairs with clear gel for a neat look. The look will be even more stylish if you comb the hairs up a little.

Learn how to create the perfect eyebrow

Of course, only a professional beautician will help you to choose the ideal shape and correct your eyebrows. He will also tell you how to slightly change their natural line, if necessary.

But there is a scheme that is ideal for every woman: this shape will visually stretch the face, give it a rejuvenated and rested look.

An ordinary pencil will help to understand where the beginning, bend and tail should be.

If you place it vertically against the wing of the nose, you will know where the ideal eyebrow starts. Now draw the pencil diagonally from the wing of the nose through the outer edge of the iris – the point where this ray will cross the eyebrow and will be the perfect place to bend it. And to find the end of the eyebrow, draw a line from the wing of the nose to the outer corner of the eye – at the point of its intersection with the eyebrow, the tail should end.

Avoid red tones in your makeup

Make-up products help enhance the beauty and definition of eyebrows. But remember: when choosing eyeshadow, pencil or any other means for shaping your eyebrows, avoid red undertones. The ginger pigment looks unnatural and literally betrays the fact that you have painted on your eyebrows. Such shades are suitable only for owners of red hair, and everyone else should choose a colder shade. You can read about other makeup mistakes that you shouldn’t make. here.

Master a stylish, minimalist correction

Eyebrows should always look neat and well-groomed! Even if you prefer natural, wide eyebrows, be sure to regularly pluck excess hairs under, above, and on the bridge of your nose. Be sure to disinfect the tweezers before correcting and then wipe your eyebrows with a disinfectant – this way you will not bring an infection to the places where excess hairs are removed.

Use concealer to create the perfect brow shape

Another life hack if you are afraid to pull out extra hairs. A regular concealer or thick foundation will come to your rescue. Outline the desired eyebrow contour with it and remove only those hairs that have fallen into the area of ​​the foundation.

Learn to do eyebrow makeup

First, you have to experiment to find your remedy. Try different textures: lipstick, gel, eyeshadow. This is the only way you can determine with which product your eyebrows look perfect.

Before makeup, gently comb your eyebrows with a dry brush and style them so that the hairs lie in the direction you want. Apply the makeup with a beveled brush to help define every curve. Fix the mold with transparent gel.

Use multiple shades of products

Whichever tool you use to shape your eyebrows, do not use just one shade. To create the effect of natural bushy brows, paint over the base with a dark shade. But to the tail, the eyebrow should lighten, so use a shade lighter or thoroughly blend the first remedy. With this makeup, eyebrows will look very natural, and no one will guess about your little beauty secrets!

Text: Anna Sherstneva