How to quickly get rid of a cold on the lips: advises a dermatologist


HLet’s start with the disappointing news: only 4% of the world’s population does not carry the herpes virus. And the likelihood that you are the exception, not the rule, is negligible. So, the question of getting rid of a cold on the lips can become relevant at any time. Dermato-cosmetologist Viktoria Britko told how to quickly cover up the traces of the “virus” and what ointments will help to cope with this difficult task.

Destroying legends

The first thing I want to start with is debunking myths. It is believed that hypothermia is the main cause of “colds” on the lips (cold – received). This is not entirely true. The main danger of hypothermia is a decrease in the immune status and barrier functions of the mucous membranes. The body cannot withstand the danger with the same force and surrenders to viruses.

Herpes is about the same story. On our planet, only 4% of the inhabitants do not carry this “baggage”. So, sooner or later, he will make itself felt. Especially if you forgot to put on a hat and are chilled to the bone.

Herpes viruses are divided into 8 types: 1 – herpes simplex, 2 – genital herpes, 3 – varicella-zoster virus, 4 – Epstein-Barr virus, 5 – cytomegalovirus, 6 – HHV-6.
The significance of viruses of 7 and 8 types is not fully known. One of the versions: they are the cause of the sudden appearance of a rash on the body.

Herpes is very tenacious! At normal air temperature and humidity, it calmly exists in the external environment for more than a day.

And only if the temperature is over 50 degrees (this does not happen in our latitudes), herpes dies in 30 minutes. Minus, by the way, this virus adores. At -70 he lives for five days.

On metal surfaces (coins, doorknobs, water taps), the virus survives for 2 hours, on wet sterile medical cotton and gauze – during the entire drying time (up to 6 hours). And if, for example, you put an unfinished mug of tea on the windowsill, it will quickly die under the influence of ultraviolet radiation – you cannot get infected. Another thing is that all family members quickly establish a single microflora – during the day, the virus will be transmitted to everyone with almost 100% probability.

The virus multiplies, penetrating into a healthy cell, rebuilding the DNA synthesis mechanism in it and turning it into a “factory” for self-reproduction.

Cmethods of fighting the herpes virus

All drugs that are used to treat the herpes virus are aimed at disrupting the self-production process in the infected cell. This task is best performed by nucleotide group preparations. I want to draw your attention to the fact that there are no drugs that completely destroy the herpes virus in the body. Once infected, you will periodically suffer from his “vital activity”.

Bubble rash on the lips provokes HSV-1. As a rule, herpes is localized in the same place. And the nasolabial triangle is a favorite habitat. The virus enters the lips through the mucous membrane – the danger of getting a “flower garden” increases when it is damaged. If the “cold” occurs more than three times a year, you need to check the state of the immune system! Relapses most often occur in conditions of immunodeficiency.

And now about the main thing – treatment.

The external manifestations of herpes can be removed in a couple of days. The most effective is combined treatment. Taking drugs inside must be combined with the use of ointments and creams.

I want to draw your attention: antibiotics are useless in the fight against viruses. Antiviral drugs are needed for treatment, for example, Valtrex, Ribavirin and others.

Of the ointments, experts most often prescribe Acyclovir, Zovirax or Virolex. They act at the molecular level, integrating into the polynucleotide DNA chain of the virus and blocking its synthesis. The standard dose of Acyclovir is 200 mg 4 times a day. Choose the second option between ointment and cream – it is better absorbed and has a lighter texture.

It will not be possible to get rid of a “cold” in one day. We’ll have to be patient. The herpes virus has several stages. The first is the formation of bubbles with serous fluid. After they burst, crusts form. It takes a week for them to disappear completely. When the crusts come off, a pale pink stain remains on the skin. Over time, it fades and disappears completely.

The only thing that can be done is to prevent the blister stage. As soon as there is a burning sensation and itching on the lips, you do not need to wait, but immediately apply antiviral creams. In this case, ointments and tablets must have the same active ingredient.

If you are an adherent of natural treatment, give preference to preparations based on St. John’s wort or licorice. Avoid folk and unconventional methods of dealing with colds on the lips. This can aggravate the situation and give no result!