How to use dry shampoo: 7 important rules


WITHear shampoo is a truly magical remedy! It is indispensable in cases when you need to freshen up your hair and there is not even a minute to wash your hair. And, of course, dry shampoo is the best helper if you need to emphasize the structure of the hair and give it additional volume.

Only this magic tool will work if you use it correctly.

BeautyHack talks about seven important rules:

Spray dry shampoo from a distance of at least 20 cm

To distribute the dry shampoo evenly and not leave you with a white bloom, keep the bottle away from the hair roots – gently separate the hair with your hands and spray the desired areas with shampoo.

If you are using a dry, powder-based shampoo, lightly massage your scalp with your fingers after applying the product – this will work and will not be noticeable on your hair.

Always use the minimum amount of dry shampoo

Remember the saying: Bigger isn’t better? The same is the case with dry shampoo: a small amount of the product will revive stale styling, while excess shampoo will make the curls sticky and dull.

Remember: you can always apply a little more if necessary, and it will be much easier than removing the excess! Therefore, spread a little dry shampoo on your hair, beat the curls and wait a couple of minutes. If you still feel the strands look stale, spray your hair again. (The expert talks about how to wash your hair less often here.)

Apply dry shampoo only where needed

One of the biggest mistakes in using dry shampoo is applying it all over your hair and scalp. As a result, the strands are devoid of volume and shine. Believe me, it is enough to sprinkle dry shampoo on your hair only in a few places to make the curls shine with cleanliness again. Refresh with a product, for example, only the bangs or the parting line.

Massage your scalp after applying dry shampoo

If you simply spray your hair with dry shampoo, the miracle will not happen. To make the product work, try to apply it along the partings and always gently massage the scalp in these places – the dry shampoo will absorb excess sebum and refresh the curls.

Use a shampoo that matches your hair color

Today, the world of beauty pleases with dry shampoos of any shade! But do not take shampoo for blondes if you are brown-haired or brunette – the product will not put light accents on your hair, but white bloom is guaranteed. The same situation with shampoos of dark tones – they are not suitable for girls with blond hair. (You can find out which hair color suits you best using our test link.)

Fortunately, a wide selection of neutral-colored dry shampoos will help you find your product.

Do not rub dry shampoo into hair and scalp immediately after application

Many women make this mistake – they spray dry shampoo and immediately start rubbing it into their skin. So the tool will not work! Spray the desired areas of hair and scalp with shampoo and wait a minute or two for it to absorb the impurities. Only then gently massage your scalp and style your hair.

Use dry shampoo no more than twice a week

Thanks to the ability of dry shampoo to refresh hair and give it a beautiful volume, many people like to use it every day. For which the curls will definitely not say thanks!

Frequent application of dry shampoo can cause dry scalp and clog pores, which in turn can lead to weakened hair and slow hair growth. Try to adhere to the rule: everything should be in moderation!

Text: Anna Sherstneva