Maria Ginzburg and Rasida Lakoba – about the new project The-Face-Only


NSWhy start visiting a beautician but can’t find the time? Or are you afraid of doctors in lab coats and injections? Ditch your fears: a new project The-face-only created just for you – those who want to take care of their skin and save their time. Pop-up format does not imply traumatic procedures or “beauty injections” – only the most effective facial skin care. A convenient menu-constructor makes it easier to choose the required procedure – although we must admit that it is not so easy to choose between Nirvana Face, Red Carpet and Just Svet (these names are very attractive).

BeautyHack talked to the founders of the new beauty point, which will officially open its doors on April 5, – the co-founder of the Wax & Go hair removal salon chain Maria Ginzburg and the founder and creative director of the Rasario brand Rasida Lakoba.

BeautyHack: How the concept was born The-Face-Only?

Rasida: For all girls, ideas are born in the process of discussion – this is our case.

Maria: In fact, we discussed how difficult it is to find time to visit a beautician. Physically, there is no time for this: work, children. You need to make an appointment, get there, and before that you also need to find the very same beautician – to raise all your girlfriends to their ears.

Rasida: And then he will also say: “The nearest window is only in six months.”

Maria: Yes! This is all inconvenient. We built Wax & Go on the same principle – we wanted everything to be accessible and fast. Well, the increased love for injections is alarming. We would like to tell young girls that you can just take care of yourself effectively, without “beauty injections”.

BH: That is, you are against injections?

R: Of course not!

M: We are not against, and not for: we just want them not to forget about leaving.

BH: All procedures take a maximum of 50 minutes, but the result is immediately noticeable – how is this achieved?

R: We worked on this for a very long time, for eight months we only wrote the protocols. We hired a very competent chief cosmetologist, tested all procedures on ourselves. Sometimes they came out in the wrong color, which was needed, but we excluded these departures, do not worry! (laughs)

M: In each procedure, massage techniques are used – it was the chief cosmetologist Julia who taught everyone.

BH: How to understand the menu and understand what exactly the skin needs?

M: We have a constructor menu. This means that you can remove or add something, change the mask, replace it with Dermadrop, and so on. The menu clearly states how long it will take and how much it will cost – everything is fair. It will not happen that you come to the procedure, and at the end you will be given a huge amount.

R: As it usually happens: you run to us, say – “I have 15 minutes, and then I run out on a date” – and we already know what you need. The beautician will determine the condition of the skin and select the desired procedure.

BH: Are there procedures in the menu that will suit everyone, without exception?

M: Probably the most popular is On the Run. The beautician works with the muscle frame, evens out the contours of the face using massage techniques. This also includes myostimulation – as a result, the muscles of the face are strengthened, and the swelling immediately disappears.

R: There is also a Red Carpet – ideal before events, holidays. It includes the application of two IS CLINICAL masks and quickly restores the complexion and provides a lifting effect. But it is important, of course, to understand what result you need. Each has its own ideal procedure on the menu.

M: Not only for everyone, but for everyone! Men can also come to us – we have developed a separate menu for them. We even have interviews without gender bias – everything is clear and to the point.

BH: Can you already highlight your favorite treatments in The-Face-Only?

M: I honestly love deep massage. So I say: “Do whatever you want, just add massage.” I love the After Party procedure – I recommend it to everyone after a party or if you are simply prone to swelling. She works great.

R: And I really like Dermadrop – a hardware procedure, an analogue of biorevitalization, only you don’t need to do any injections. The device saturates cells with oxygen, and the client gets radiant skin in half an hour.

BH: Your whey bar is a special delight! Will each client receive a specially prepared serum with them?

R: Yes, we generally love to create something new. There has never been such a salon in Russia, and of course, we wanted to work with funds in which we are one hundred percent confident. And so that clients can take them home and prolong the effect of the procedure.

M: Moreover, finding the perfect remedy is as difficult as finding the perfect beautician. Therefore, we have developed all serums together with chemists at Skolkovo – they are suitable for different skin types with different problems.

R: And soon gadgets – rollers will go to serums. That is, it will be possible to buy a serum and a roller and massage at home.

BH: So far, there are only facial treatments on the menu – are there any plans to add body treatments?

R: Who knows? We will not reveal all the secrets, but we have a lot of ideas. The industry is huge, it is very interesting for us to be in it, to learn something and pass this knowledge on to our clients.

M: Come to us more often and find out everything!

Interview and text: Anastasia Speranskaya