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Aallergies, household chemicals and other unexpected reasons why nails exfoliate.

Lack of vitamins

The causes of split nails can be both internal and external. The palm tree belongs to the deficiency of vitamins and microelements: calcium, vitamin D, phosphorus, silicon, iron. With their lack, not only nails suffer, but also hair and skin. In most cases, correction of the diet (including green beans, tomatoes, whole grains, herbs, liver), taking vitamin complexes very quickly gives a positive result.


Hands and nails most often suffer from aggressive environmental influences: detergents and cleaning agents, washing powders, temperature extremes. Virtually all household chemicals contain substances that irritate the mucous membranes and skin. If your nails start to peel, look into the cabinet under the sink and scrutinize its contents. The reason for the violation of the integrity of the nail plate may be an allergy to household chemicals. It is not necessarily accompanied by a red rash and watery eyes. Fixing the problem is simple: train yourself to clean up and wash the dishes with rubber gloves. Well, or just observe the “behavior” of your nails, try to calculate the remedy that caused the allergy, and give it up.

Disturbances in the work of the cardiovascular system

If the nails are actively exfoliating and have acquired a slightly bluish tint, this is a reason to consult a specialist and conduct a complete diagnosis of the body. This phenomenon may indicate pathological processes in the respiratory and cardiovascular systems, or a violation of metabolic processes. In these diseases, the nail plate does not receive sufficient nutrition due to impaired blood flow.

Sometimes fragility, brittleness and discoloration are accompanied by excessive dryness of the skin around the nail plate and the appearance of burrs. In this case, to eliminate pathological processes in the body, you need to resort to serious drug treatment.

The presence of an infectious disease

If the nails exfoliate and at the same time become slightly “wavy”, this is a sure sign of the presence of mycosis (a fungal disease of the nail plate) and the need to visit a dermatologist in the near future. A discoloration of the nail plate may also indicate the presence of a fungus.

Today, experts count several dozen types and subspecies of mycoses (diseases caused by parasitic fungi), and only after laboratory research can the pathogen be identified and the correct treatment prescribed. However, in addition to mycoses, there are many other pathogenic microbes. In this case, an infectious disease can proceed completely unnoticed (not counting the separation of the nails, of course). Just as in the situation with mycoses, only a dermatologist can help here.


Flaky nails are one of the main symptoms of a lack of iron in the body. And if you do not take any measures, this will lead to the development of anemia. A possible cause of iron deficiency is the lack of a proper balanced diet, which urgently needs to be corrected. In addition to peeling nails, anemia is manifested by drowsiness, decreased performance, apathy and lethargy for no apparent reason. If you suspect you have the first signs of iron deficiency, urgently include in the menu foods that contain it, for example, liver, porcini mushrooms, pumpkin seeds, lentils, cocoa, sesame seeds.