Roman Moiseenko – about six styling mistakes that you make


ROman Moiseenko is one of the most famous hairdressers and stylists in Russia. He worked on such major projects as “Star Factory”, “People’s Artist”, was the co-host of the “Take It Off Immediately” program on STS. Roman told BeautyHack how to properly dry your hair, why you need to change the parting and what curls are in fashion today.

Roman Moiseenko

Roman Moiseenko

Independent hairdresser-stylist

You dry your hair against its growth pattern with your head down

Often, girls want to add volume already at the drying stage – they lower their head down, the hairdryer inflates the hair in different directions, their scales open and the lipid layer is disturbed. It turns out the effect of “porous cotton wool” – the styling looks untidy.

Dry your hair from top to bottom, from roots to ends. Use your fingers to straighten each strand: you don’t need a comb, and the styling will look natural.

You don’t change the parting

If you wear the same parting for a long time, in this place the hair begins to weaken and fall out: there is a constant tension in one direction. Yes, there are people who do not have a side parting. But it’s not about a cardinal change: move 2-5 millimeters to one side or the other every six months.

You curl the ends of your hair

Today, curls with straight ends are not in fashion, like those of Marilyn Monroe. After blow-drying, comb – hair should be straight. Then take a cone, tongs or iron. Part it straight and part your hair into two ponytails. In each, you need to select 3-4 segments from the strands. Twist them counterclockwise, away from the face, pulling the hair onto the tool from top to bottom and leaving the ends intact (you can go over them with an iron at the end of styling).

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You “iron” your hair for the second day in a row

If you went all day with straight hair and want to prolong the styling effect, you cannot “finish” it the next day by repeating the procedure with hot tools on dry strands. Either leave it as it is, or wash your hair and re-lay them.

During washing, the hair gets hydrated – this effect will remain even after the hair dryer draws out the moisture during drying. Repeated styling without washing will dry out your hair – otherwise it may fall out.

You sleep with a fleece and wash your hair with it

Many girls like to do bouffants – so that the volume at the roots is visible. Remember: going to bed with a fleece, as well as washing your hair with it, is a bad idea. It is necessary immediately, neatly, strand by strand, to comb your hair, otherwise it will be almost impossible to do this later.

You style wet hair

You risk burning them. It’s like sticking your hand into a boiling pot. They can only be damp if you style with a brush and hair dryer. Tongs, iron and curling iron burn wet hair: it must be dried.

Text: Karina Andreeva