Side-part styling: 15 best star examples


TOThe parting wasp is able to make practically any haircut relevant, and for the owners of thin hair it is completely irreplaceable. Here are the best stellar examples of side-parted hairstyles and how to repeat them and avoid mistakes.

Wavy bob

The side parting in combination with medium-length curls allows not only to beat the haircut in a new way, but also to add volume to the hair. If you have a cascade, like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, the hairstyle will add deliberate carelessness – the main thing is that the waves are light. Avoid using a curling iron with a small diameter – it is better to curl the curls with an iron and apply a texturizing spray to emphasize the strands. For a straight cut, go for smoothness like Mila Kunis and Emma Stone.

Smooth square

To prevent this styling from looking too old, do not try to add volume to your hair – the smoother it is, the better. The current option is a square with “ragged” ends, like Jenna Duan’s. The side parting will make this haircut more interesting. And if you have a classic square with elongated front strands, like Emma Roberts, this parting will help to visually narrow your face. Note for owners of rectangular faces!

Low tail

Diversify the usual ponytail with a side parting, but keep in mind the trends: collect the hair low, and make the parting perfectly even, smooth and deep. The ponytail on the side, like that of Jessica Alba, is suitable for office everyday life, and feel free to use the hairstyles of Gigi Hadid and Selena Gomez for going out. In this case, the parting should be at the level of the bend of the eyebrow or even deeper – a comb with a separator will help you. Other tail options – here

With a bang

A side parting bang is not a hindrance. Especially if it is elongated, like those of these actresses (the most fashionable options are here). This hairstyle will not only narrow the face and smooth out unnecessary corners, but also make the forehead more symmetrical. The main rule is that the hair should be long in order to contrast with the bangs and emphasize the side parting. If you have naturally thin curls, devoid of volume, this is ideal for you.


Remember – an even straight parting immediately emphasizes all the imperfections of the face, and the short length only enhances this. The way out is to part your hair in a side parting and not strive for a noticeable volume (if you don’t want to look ten years older). The smoothness of this styling is only good, but if you still want to make the strands more lush, stock up on texturizing spray and slightly curl your hair, as stylists Kate Mara did.

Text: Anastasia Speranskaya