Simply brilliant: a review of the best shimmering products


RBeautyHack editors test the finest eyeshadows, highlighters, powders and glitters with a delicate glow and shimmer that is visible from space.

Highlighter Skin Love Glow Glaze Stick, Becca

Choice of the senior editor of BeautyHack Anastasia Speranskaya

In March, Becca presented a new collection, Skin Love, which includes products labeled eco-friendly. It contains everything for the most natural makeup and radiant skin: an elixir with a melon scent (they wrote about it here), a weightless foundation and highlighter for the coveted glass skin effect. If you’ve been looking for a shimmery cream with no visible glitter and no sticky finish, you’ll love Glow Glaze.

Take the name literally – the stick really “glazes” the skin, making it glow like after a two-week vacation in the Maldives. The shine lasts all day without turning into an oily sheen, and very delicately emphasizes the protruding parts of the face. A separate plus is the composition rich in vitamin C, ginger and extracts from avocado and watermelon. These components will additionally moisturize the skin – really, skin love!

Price: 2 950 rub.

Cream eyeshadow Color Tattoo 24 hours, Maybelline New York

The choice of BeautyHack editorial assistant Arina Zarudko

The product spreads easily on the eyelids due to its plastic and soft texture. There are 13 shades in the line – even the most capricious lady will find her own in the damn dozen. I “laid eyes” on rose gold and white with a shimmer.

The eyeshadow is created using the technology of tattoo pigments – the color remains pure and rich. The creamy texture gives an even coverage and leaves a slightly damp finish: apply with your fingertips straight out of the package and blend lightly to the outer corner – your makeup is ready! Resilience will delight everyone – especially if you’re going to party until the morning!

Price: about 320 rubles.

Shadow pencil Sexy Eyeshadow Pencil, shade Sunset Party, Romanovamakeup

Editor’s Choice BeautyHack Julia Kozoliy

It’s great to use shadows to prepare for a real sunset party in the open air, but I’ll probably keep them for the spring. Now I apply it as an independent remedy on the upper and lower eyelids, blending with a brush (or finger) – this is what Olya Romanova herself does. Warm, delicate shimmer makes the look more expressive, the skin tone is fresher, and me – more rested.

The eyeshadow can only be applied to the corners of the eyes or used as a “backing” for loose products. Important: you need to apply and shade quickly. Do not be fooled by their softness, the instructions indicate that the shadows dry in 40 seconds, but it seems to me even less. But they (like all funds from Olya Romanova) have reinforced concrete resistance!

Price: 1 270 rub.

Multifunctional glitter Sparkles Red and multifunctional rich cream pigment Concrete Ruby, KRYGINA Cosmetics

The choice of special correspondent BeautyHack Maria Alferova

The most shimmery and long-lasting is in the KRYGINA Cosmetics line. I stocked up with a multifunctional pigment in the “correct” red shade, a scattering of red sparkles (which seems to be enough for the rest of my life) and went to create!

I applied the pigment to my lips as lipstick and, until it froze, hammered in glitter with the pads of my fingers. What is important – the glitter did not crumble, and the lipstick did not smudge even after eating, a glass of wine (there were no traces on it either) and did not even think about leaving my lips after returning home.

Pigment price: 1 650 rubles.
Sequins price: 650 rubles.

Shadow In Touch Dragonfly 3D Holo Eyeshadow, shade Dragonfly, L’etoile

The choice of BeautyHack editorial assistant Arina Zarudko

Futurism is still in trend, which means that the metallic and duochrome shine on the eyes and lips continues to dazzle passers-by. I am madly in love with shimmer for centuries! The cosmic glow was incorporated into the In Touch collection by L’Etoile, in which I especially liked the blush and fantastic shadows (especially the Jungle shade).

I apply them with my finger on the movable eyelid, thanks to the soft texture it is more than comfortable, and I get an incredible golden sheen. The shimmer of the shadows is finely dispersed, tiny glitters do not crumble, and 3D glitter creates the effect of flickering and color changes depending on the lighting. By the way, you can apply this crushed gold on your cheekbones, why not?

Price: 999 rub.

Powder for the face Marbleized Rose Gold Highlighting Powder, Edward Bess

Choice of the senior editor of BeautyHack Anastasia Speranskaya

More than 10 years ago, makeup artist Edward Bess released a collection of lipsticks, calling his brand a beauty religion without a shadow of modesty. It is not difficult to “apply” to it – it is enough to get acquainted with the rich assortment (here you can find decorative products, a care series, and even hair styling), and also see who is behind its creation. Edward, with his elven appearance and thick flowing hair to the waist, exactly matches the concept of the brand – everything is luxurious and non-standard.

The brand was recently brought to Russia, and now we can also become a little bit elves. I tried it with a marbled highlighter in rose gold. It’s good when you can achieve different effects from the product: I type pink pigment on the brush and give the skin a slight glow, I walk over the golden one – and I get a radiance that is probably visible from space. And Edward himself advises mixing all three shades with a large fluffy brush – a fabulous glow is guaranteed. And even if this is too much for you in daytime makeup, use powder as shadows – emphasize the inner corner of the eye or highlight the space under the eyebrow.

Price: 5 250 rub.

Metallized pigment, shade Rose Silver, KRYGINA Cosmetics

Editor’s Choice BeautyHack Julia Kozoliy

The pigments that Elena Krygina invented are very loose, so you need to get used to them. They are removed from the package using a special pipette. The shade inside is the same rich as on the package, because there are no talcum powder or thinners in the composition.

If I want to get a bright eye makeup, then I apply the pigment to the base with a wet brush – it turns out a shade of rose gold, as in the photo. For a more casual look, the product can be shaded to a light haze effect. I also like to apply pigment on the cheekbones and collarbones, mixing with face and body cream. But for me it is 100% evening story: the product shines very expressively!

Price: 2 150 rub.

Top coat for eyelashes with a golden effect Mascara Top Coat, Clarins

Choice of the senior editor of BeautyHack Anastasia Speranskaya

Anyone who knows me personally knows my love for glitter. Even going to the office in the morning, no, no, and I will add a drop of glitter to the inner corner of the eye. Especially for these glitter lovers, Clarins have released a top lash coating that can be applied solo if a modest shine is required.

The mascara has a comfortable brush: long fibers allow you to evenly distribute the glitter on each lash, and the tip can add accents even to a hard-to-reach corner of the eye.

Most of all, I liked using the product as a top on top of the classic black mascara, applying glitter randomly, as if it accidentally crumbled on the eyelashes, and thanks to this, they shine beautifully.

Price: 820 rub.

Compact powder with shine effect Oh Darling Skinfinish Podre Lumiere, MAC

Editor’s Choice BeautyHack Natalia Kapitsa

I’m not a big fan of makeup. But highlighters and powders with reflective particles speed up the pulse, forcing the heart to tap dance. The tool conquered at first sight. The golden curly “ingot” will instantly make any makeup special.

There is no obvious shimmer in the product – only delicate reflective particles. The powder adheres perfectly and leaves the skin with a delicate glow.

When there is a holiday in my soul, I apply it on the cheekbone zone, lightly hammering in the product with my fingertips. If you have dark skin, the powder is perfect – it will accentuate the chocolate shade.

Price: 2 450 rubles.

Back Talk Palette, Urban Decay

Choice of BeautyHack Editor-in-Chief Karina Andreeva

I think many people are familiar with this situation when you need to leave the airport upon arrival not with a swollen face and bruises under your eyes, but almost “to the ball” (those who often fly on business trips, where every hour is scheduled, take note). The UrbanDecay palette will save a lot of space in your bag: it consists of eight shades of eyeshadow (there are both nude and bright) and four pigments for the face (two highlighters and two blush).

Shades 3Sheets (soft pink), Bare (soft beige with shimmer), Curve (ash rose color, also with shimmer) I use solo – when I need to distribute the product on the eyelids on the run (fortunately, they are shaded perfectly). Shade (purple with glitter), Attitude (fiery with shimmer), WTF (matte brown) and 180 (dark brown with shimmer) – such bright and saturated colors are enough for unusual eye makeup.

My favorite technique is to apply Curve to the entire movable eyelid and create a fiery haze at the outer corners with Attitude, emphasize the mucous membrane with a 180th, and distribute the PartyFoul highlighter under the eyebrow.

Now let’s talk about pigments for the face. I really liked CheapShot’s cool pink – it gives a blush, like after an hour’s walk in a winter forest. But DoubleTake is warmer, ideally accentuates your tan. There are two highlighters in the palette – LowKey (peach) and PartyFoul (cold pink).

Persistent, does not crumble, is applied “on the run” – great! And the set includes a mirror, which is magnetically attached to the palette. It is convenient to detach it so as not to keep the whole package hanging on the weight during the make-up process. The novelty is thought out to the smallest detail – now it is my irreplaceable travel companion.

Price: 4 580 rub.

Glitter Diamond Crushers, Unicorn, Lime Crime

The choice of the BeautyHack project manager Anastasia Lyagushkina

If my soul asks for sparkle and spectacles, I always choose Lime Crime – durability, comfort and pleasant impressions are guaranteed.

Shade Unicorn – pale pink with lilac undertone. Glitter lies flat on the eyelid with a weightless layer. It can be mixed with eyeshadow for a softer, fuller look, or it can be applied in two coats for maximum radiance.

I chose the second option: I applied shadows, a little mascara, concealer, made light beach curls and went to a party – I received a lot of compliments and questions “what did you put on your eyes?”.

Price: about 2,000 rubles.

Shimmer for eyes, lips and face Aura Dew, 03 Cosmic, Shiseido

Editor’s Choice BeautyHack Natalia Kapitsa

I am absolutely indifferent to shadows, but I have tender feelings for multifunctional products that, if necessary, will replace lip gloss, highlighter, and an eye palette.

The shade is truly cosmic – it provides a delicate radiance, as if “highlighting” the skin from the inside. The product has a pleasant, silky texture – it lays down with an even, thin veil. I apply with the pads of my fingers, hammering in slightly – I don’t like brushes.

On the eyelids, the shimmer looks very elegant. A great “pair” for him is a “bronze” pencil or eyeliner.

As a highlighter, the product also behaves well – it does not roll, it crumbles, and does not create the “too much” effect (the reflective particles are small enough). And Shiseido shimmer is the perfect match for glossy lipsticks. Be sure to put it in your purse to transform your daytime makeup into an evening one.

Price: 2 200 rubles.

Lipstick Velvetines, Seashell Bra, Lime Crime

Choice of editorial assistant Anya Khobotova

The shade is reminiscent of mermaids and unicorns. The light holographic looks uniform on the lips, shimmering in the rays of the spring sun and in the light of spotlights. There are legends about the durability of Lime Crime lipsticks – the products can withstand even the most severe test drive, they are not afraid of food, water, heat, or kisses (I checked!).

The brand added vitamin E and UV protection to the formula – you can safely apply the product and not be afraid that your lips will dry out.

Price: about 2,000 rubles.

Highlighter Soft Sparkler shade 53, Inglot

Editor’s Choice BeautyHack Julia Kozoliy

The highlighter is very compact, easy to apply with your fingertips and will help out when you need to mask signs of fatigue.

It is dry but hard, so it does not crumble. I apply it in the morning when I am going to work in a hurry, and in the evening when I want to refresh the image. The product leaves a pronounced radiant finish with the smallest shimmer, but do not be afraid to use it during the day – your friends will definitely notice how beautifully your skin shines. A huge plus of the product: you can apply it on the face, body and even eyelids instead of shadows!

Price: 2 100 rubles.