test drive of a painless body shaping procedure


GBeautyHack Master Editor Karina Andreeva went to a beauty salon “Millefeuille»On Frunzenskaya, tested a course of ten body procedures on the Italian Icoon Laser apparatus and shared her impressions.

I won’t be lying if I say that almost every woman today dreams of a toned figure and healthy skin. Someone is lucky with genetics, while someone is lucky to lose weight. Having survived youthful experiments with weight loss (I wrote about them here and here), having made the right conclusions and eventually reaching the “plus or minus” of the desired weight, I faced another problem: how to make the skin more toned, somewhere – get rid of excess fluid, somewhere – from irregularities? And here, alas, “sports + nutrition” does not work. We need additional artillery in the form of cosmetology. I don’t want to torment the skin with injections and even more so with operations at the age of 23: I do not have such global problems for drastic measures. Fortunately, there are a large number of non-invasive procedures on the market for aesthetic problems.

When I was offered to try the Icoone apparatus massage on the Italian Icoon Laser apparatus, I was immediately scared by the word “laser” in the name. But in the case of this procedure, there is not a single hint of pain here. The device combines vacuum-roller massage and the effect of a low-intensity diode laser: their “work” is connected in the Robosolo handpiece.

Specialist Marina Cherkasova applied a gel to the body, after which she began to drive the maniple through the problem areas, setting one of 36 possible programs. We decided to focus on the glutes, inner and outer thighs.

During the procedure, I did not feel any pain: just intense pressure on the skin, but rather pleasant. At the same time, Marina always asked how I felt, so that, if necessary, adjust the intensity of the pressure and the work of the laser.

In parallel, Marina commented on the process: “The 915 nm diode laser begins to penetrate deep into tissues and have a selective heating effect on fat cells. As a result of this impact, they are split. The 650nm LED laser affects fibroblasts: this stimulates collagen production and changes the permeability of cell membranes (temporary pores open in them, through which fluid and fat are excreted into the lymphatic system). In this case, the cells are not damaged. “

The procedure takes about an hour. It’s safe and even allowed twice a day (especially if you’re going on vacation and don’t have time to wait). But in general, experts recommend a course of ten procedures 2 times a week.

I saw the first results after three procedures. I would like to remind you right away that the question of “speed of effect” is always individual and depends on many indicators, including the problem – we are all different. Nevertheless, after the third session, I saw that my body seemed to be “blown away”, the puffiness disappeared, excess fluid began to rapidly go away, and the skin turgor began to level out. By the eighth visit, it was more and more pleasant for me to look at the mirror: the skin became tighter, smoother and more pleasant to the touch (this was very important for me before the vacation).

What other problems can Icoon Laser solve?

In addition to aesthetic (such as local fatty deposits, edema, fibrous cellulite, sagging skin and stretch marks), Icoon helps in the treatment of inflammation and neuralgia, traces of wounds and burns, lymphostasis and stage 1 varicose veins. It is often recommended as a preventive measure before and after plastic surgery.

Marina also told me that the Icoon Laser procedure is also done for the face. It is suitable for dealing with puffiness and for getting rid of such problems as tissue ptosis, double chin, “Venus rings”, premature signs of aging. The device has several interchangeable attachments that allow you to work in the area around the eyes and lips, getting rid of expression lines. According to the expert, the procedure gives an instant lifting effect after the first session, tightens the skin and restores its tone.

It’s too early for me to work with the face, but I am more than satisfied with the effect of the apparatus on the body: now you can safely go to the beach!

Price for one procedure (60 minutes): 6,000 rubles.

Text: Karina Andreeva