the best perfume in travel-size format


Arum, built on a sharp contrast between cotton candy and patchouli, simple but effective amber with a viscous spruce resin and a drop of orange juice and other scents that are convenient to take with you on vacation – look in the new selection of perfume critic Ksenia Golovanova.

Eau de parfum Bergamote & Rose Sauvage, 100Bon

Pay attention to the brand of perfumery that came to Cosmotek: natural (even organic alcohol), inexpensive (2,950 rubles per 50 ml), replenished – you can go to the store for refills. The compositions are collected by Robertet perfumers, a company whose weight in the natural fragrance industry is difficult to overestimate. All ten compositions are cute, and the most interesting is Myrrh and Frankincense, spicy and pungent like pepper, with rich balsamic notes and lemon tones.

Price: 990 rub. for 10 ml, Cosmotheca stores

Eau de parfum En Passant, Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle

Perfumers like to refer to the theme of rain, which is certainly very attractive, but difficult to work with: often the result is either something pale and inexpressive, or, on the contrary, harsh and unnatural. There are exceptions, for example, En Passant, Frédéric Malle – greenish-white disheveled hats, from which Edouard Manet collected his “Bouquet of lilacs”. The rain has just ended: warm steam is rising from the ground, pollen is nailed to the leaves and I want to take and enter the lilac bush, like in “Narnia” – maybe, at least on the other side, spring lasts a little longer.

Price: from 3 550 rubles. for a travel spray of 10 ml, Rive Gauche stores

Solid perfume Karma, Lush

They appeared in the mid-1990s, but still remain one of the main bestsellers in the Lush perfume line. Love “Karma” and perfume critics – for the fact that its whole is more than the sum of the parts: the perfumers took an orange, lavender and patchouli, and got – London of the 1960s (or Rishikesh 2018, where the store for kefir for – still walk with flowers in their hair). Lush recently changed the design of the bottles, and the old Karma can be purchased at a discount.

Price: 750 rub… apiece, Lush stores

Eau de parfum Lankaran Forest, Maria Candida Gentile

Lankaran Forest translates as “Lankaran Forest”: Lankaran is a picturesque stretch of the Caspian coast in Azerbaijan, a former Soviet resort. The Lankaran lowland is pressed to the coast by the Talyshinsky mountains, and the slopes of the mountains facing the sea are covered with forests – iron wood, oak and hornbeam. The iron tree, according to Gentile, is the main figurant of the fragrance, but not literally, but figuratively: it begins to branch almost at the very ground and intertwines with branches with neighboring trees – this is a ready-made metaphor that formed the basis of the structure of Lankaran Forest. All its notes – citruses, tea, wild herbs – are linked in a lace fabric with many air loops.

Price: 2 850 rub. for 15 ml, Cosmotheca stores

Eau de parfum This Is Not a Blue Bottle, Histoires de Parfums

Histoires de Parfums is known for its baroque, sophisticated opera-inspired fragrances. This Is Not a Blue Bottle, on the other hand, is a real “casual” perfume – a simple but effective ambergris with a viscous spruce resin and a drop of orange juice.

Price: 3 200 rub. for 15 ml, “TSUM”

Eau de parfum Yes I Do, Etat Libre d’Orange

Yes I Do is either a flanker or a bulkhead of 2007’s Don’t Get Me Wrong Baby, an aldehyde-floral bouquet of lilies of the valley and orange blossom squeezed with a baby’s hand sticking to sticky chocolate. In the new version, the flower section was strengthened – the lily of the valley just rang, but the cocoa with patchouli was muffled, leaving only an echo of wet spring earth.

Price: 1 950 rub. for 7.5 ml travel spray, Cosmotheca stores

Eau de parfum Tau, Onyrico

The Onyrico fragrances are like beautiful cards from a happy Italian childhood. Here you went out on the balcony in the morning, and behind the bars there are magnolias, figs and tangerines – green and sour, you are already flattered by one (Michelangelo). Here is the dry, dusty, wooden scent of an orchestra pit with rosin for bows, a trace of mother’s powder on her cheek and a solemn sip of adult champagne during intermission (Rossa Bohème). And here you are walking with your parents along the alley of the monastery in Assisi and picking off young sticky twigs of cypress – this is Tau ‘, one of the most soothing fragrances in modern perfumery.

Price: 2 250 rub. for 8 ml, Articoli

Eau de parfum Angel, Mugler

Last year Angel, and with it the whole perfumery genre, celebrated an important anniversary – a quarter of a century: it was with the release of Angel in 1992 that the so-called gourmet compositions were singled out into a separate family. The scent, built on the sharp contrast of cotton candy and patchouli, did not “shoot” right away – the company wisely let it rest on store shelves, and as a result, it not only provoked a gourmet boom, but also became the only scent in history that surpassed Chanel No. 5 in sales. …

Price: 1 800 rub. for a travel spray of 10 ml, L’Etoile stores

Perfume set for travel À la Rose, Maison Francis Kurkdjian

À la Rose resembles either a Dutch still life, which was illuminated with neon, or the work of the fashionable artist L.C. Armstrong: all its flowers and exotic fruits luminesce in the deep sea of ​​musk, like Glowsticks in the darkness of a nightclub.

Price: 15 550 rub. for a travel kit with an atomizer and five refills, Articoli stores