The funniest quotes from the cult TV series of the 90s


V In the early 90s, watching TV shows in the evening was actually a tradition in every family. Some of them were forced to cry and empathize with the heroes, and some to laugh, receiving a “portion” of endorphins in the blood. And since laughter prolongs life, BeautyHack has compiled the best quotes to keep you in a good mood all day.


Throughout all ten seasons of the series, we saw Rachel turn from a spoiled naughty girl into a successful and self-confident lady, but to become the idol of millions, one appearance in the first episode was enough for her (about the stars from the 90s TV series, on which you dreamed of being similar, we told you here). “Friends” is a treasure trove of witty jokes and phrases, disassembled into quotes. Spoiler alert: a great “cure” for a bad mood.

Michelle: “Call me”
Ross: “Okay”
Michelle: “You didn’t write down my number”
Ross: “You know what: if this is fate, then I’ll guess”
Monica: “Welcome to real life! She’s lousy enough, but you’ll be sucked in! “
Rachel: “I am not yelling at you, I am yelling next to you”

Helen and the Boys

An uncomplicated song in the credits, a romantic relationship between the main characters, offscreen laughter and beautiful French rock musicians – what else is needed for the series to become popular? Teenagers in the early 90s wanted to be like sophomore friends Helen, Katie and Joanna, but now their “serial” life seems unrealistic – students of the sociology faculty at the institute itself appear only to sit in a cafe and discuss who cheated on whom …

Jose: “You know, Christian, Natalie is basically not that bad at all.”
Christian: “You have to write this on it, because you just can’t guess!”
Christian: “Bye, Jose!”
Jose: “Bye! Guys! Where is the switch here? It’s dark in the corridor … “.
Christian: “Pull your sleeve! Maybe the light will come on! “
Joanna: “So which one is mine? Helene chose Nicolas, Katy Etienne, so my … what’s his name there? Christian”.
Etienne: “You are extraordinarily beautiful.”
Katy: “I wasted a lot of time on makeup.”
Joanna: “Kri-Kri, why can’t I hear that I’m beautiful?”
Christian: “My parents taught me that it is sinful to lie.”
Joanna: “So you don’t even ask how I feel?”
Helen: “What do you feel?”
Joanna: “This is my own business”.
Joanna: “Christian, I’m crazy about you!”
Christian: “Not funny, Joanna.”

“Wild Angel”

If you gravitated towards denim overalls and red caps, and also collected all the stickers with Natalia Oreiro, then Wild Angel did not leave you indifferent either. Everyone followed the love story of the orphan Millie and the wealthy heir Ivo, and the wedding in the last episode even caused skeptics to cry (read about the most popular Brazilian TV shows here).

Ivo: “You will have a fabulous life, Millie.”
Milagros: “Of course, you know how to tell fairy tales”
Gloria: “What are you doing?”
Milli: “Think”.
Gloria: “Can I help you?”
Rocky: “If the booze gets in the way of work, you have to quit your job.”
Milli: “Do you know what the difference is between us?”
Ivo: “Which?”
Milli: “You want me to be your bride, and I want to be your widow.”


The series about the “domestic” alien was released in 1986 and was shown in 80 countries around the world. 4 seasons of 120 episodes – a whole box with phrases that have already become legendary. The series ended a long time ago, and Alpha is still cited today!

Alf: “I’m armed! I’m dangerous! And the drugs are running out! “
Alf: “I don’t understand how it happened! I sat quietly, then … decided to have a snack and then, as in a fog … “
Willie: “You are a member of the family, Alf …”
Alf: “Well, of course! Just like Arnold Schwarzenegger is a member of the Kennedy family. “
Alf: “She had the stupidest idea that she no longer loves me.”
Alf: “Willie, look: President Kennedy! Oh, no, this is “Miss Bulgaria …”.
Alf: “Fire department? Come quickly! I was attacked by a giant cockroach! Will you come? Then I am a cat, and I cannot get off the tree. “
Willie: “Alf, where did you get this lightning?”
Alf: “Willie, remember your old jacket that you wanted to throw away – don’t throw it away … I cut this zipper off your new coat.”
Alf: “The fat is burning! The fat is burning! Throw away the curtains, extinguish me! “