Top 5 love movies of 2019


NSAfter a tiring day at work, do you want to relax to the melodrama or to throw out your emotions by watching a movie about love? We invite you to familiarize yourself with our selection, which includes the best novelties of 2019.

Start from the beginning

The film stars the charming Jennifer Lopez (read about the beauty routine of the actress here) in the role of a purposeful woman who does not have a higher education, but is full of hopes for a brighter future – Maya.

The main character of the melodrama, who did not even go to college, is forced to work in a supermarket in a poor area of ​​New York as an assistant to the general manager. But one day her life changes when Maya is invited for an interview at a large corporation. How will she manage to combine love with the dream of her whole life – a career?

Romance 303

Melodrama and comedy is a great combination of genres in a film about a nascent love that arose by accident. And although its premiere took place in February last year, the Russian screens “Romantics 303” came out only this year.

The student Yulia decided to visit her lover, having traveled on an old Mercedes 303 bus almost through the whole of Europe. On the way, the heroine meets a nice student-political scientist, who becomes her fellow traveler. Young people, driving through the most beautiful cities and landscapes, gradually get closer to each other, which was not part of their plans.

One can only guess how the fateful meeting will end, but it is better to watch the film.


Adaptation of the film “Ideal Strangers” – Russian comedy “Loudspeaker” from “Quartet I”.

The action takes place in a large country house. Seven close friends decided to have a great time gathering for dinner. One of them suggests playing a harmless game: collect phones in the center of the table and put each call on speakerphone, and read messages aloud. During the game, many learned that the other halves are capable of treason (how to forgive her and maintain trust – here), and friends lie. Will the heroes be able to maintain love and friendship after the secrets they have exposed?

You can’t part with love

The premiere of the melodrama took place in Russia only at the beginning of this year, while the world premiere was held last year.

The plot of the film is that Marcos and Ana, who have been married for 25 years, decided to live separately when their grown-up son went to study in another country. Separation is an occasion to understand if love remains between them.

The heroes of the melodrama are trying to sort out their feelings, but the single life pushes them to new questions that they must solve in order to accept an important intention.

Britt-Marie was here

Britt-Marie is a movie heroine of a melodrama who has lived with her beloved husband for forty years and suddenly found him cheating on a young girl. Horrified, the woman did not listen to her husband’s excuses, but collected the necessary things and moved to live in another city.

An elegant age is not a hindrance to a desperate decision and a desire to improve her life, as well as open up to new romantic relationships – the heroine proved this.

The melodrama “Britt-Marie Was Here” is an example for those who cannot decide to change.

Text: Diana Snetkova